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  1. If I remember rightly, the C lounge is closed overnight, so I think this may be the reason they show it as full, to avoid people buying it and then finding out that it's closed on the Cherbourg crossings.
  2. However for airlines, a situation such as this would be deemed extraordinary circumstances and as such outside of their control. As it's the authorities that are testing for the breakdown of common sense what if scenario of Brexit, it's not a failing on P&O's part. Enjoyed reading your report though.
  3. But the real question is, can she fit on the berth at Ouistreham?! 😈
  4. A couple of things spring to mind. Zeebrugge - it may be that a lack of border force personnel or facilities from the UK would prevent crossings to Dover. Ditto for Boulogne, also the lack of available (or sympathetic) shore staff suitably qualified for the job, plus any logistics for the port (dredging etc.). It's been a while since I've been at either (Zeebrugge in 2016 heading to 'Ull, Boulogne whenever it was that LD operated by Transmanche did a Dover-Boulogne season).
  5. One would imagine a call at Galle to pick up some "reinforcements" for the trip through the Gulf of Aden...
  6. This is the website that gives the current cases per 100k: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/cases-2019-ncov-eueea
  7. To me it reads that they (BF) are interested at buying/chartering her from whoever owns her now, probably at a much reduced rate and in a time-frame that suits them.
  8. The Connemara rotations to Cherbourg and Le Havre have been removed from the timetable from the beginning of September onwards.
  9. The whole issue with when the plane/vessel arrives is ridiculous. If a quarantine is imposed, it should be based on the departure time of the vessel from the country that has had a quarantine imposed on it. In the case here, it would be theoretically possible to leave on the overnight Caen-Portsmouth ferry and arrive after the quarantine has been imposed, yet those that chose to go by tunnel could leave at say 4am French time and beat the quarantine. Madness. In addition, I read this morning that those travelling by tunnel from France that have driven non-stop from the German border do
  10. From the first of those images it looks like her port of registry is currently Portsmouth
  11. Thanks for sharing. Does make me laugh that the Captain said that the ship currently in Dover had decided not to sail "and rightly so". So what does that mean about his own decision to sail?
  12. Lapper

    2021 Timetables

    Perhaps it's the cabins at the back of the ship that some on here were speculating about having direct deck access.
  13. Lapper

    CV Renewal

    Not to worry, didn't realise they had extended for another 2 months so panic over. That must be why there's not a renewal link!
  14. Lapper

    CV Renewal

    Evening, Does anyone know where the link to renew CV membership is in the account page. Can't see it anywhere...
  15. I was on Normandie last night. A very light load with only 10 cars. The rest of deck 5 was taken up with crew cars. The crew were busy packing up last night but still had a couple of bottles of red available. It looks like there’s going to be some work done on deck 9 as they were putting covers over the glass of Le Kiosk. this morning was a bit of a palaver though. It seemed they hadn’t taken into account the visor gate on Normandie’s now and count lower the link span with a bit of head scratching and deciding to let the lorries off the lower deck first to perhaps let the level rise
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