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  1. I thought the requirement for a breathalyser was introduced and then quickly dropped?
  2. I have, 3 times. Whilst the cabins are comfortable, I've aired my criticism of the public areas and quality before, so I won't do it again.
  3. All we need now is reciprocity. The situation in the EU is as confusing as it is here. The EU has an entry ban for UK citizens but France, Spain etc. do allow entry whereas Netherlands, Denmark etc. don't. It's crazy.
  4. A situation I have faced when the phone rang from the inspectors: Me: "Hello" (deep male voice) Voice: "Am I speaking with [Mrs] Lapper?" Me (in my head): "Does it sound like it?" Me (in reality): "No, I'll get her for you"
  5. Is it possible to work out the pattern of rotations for DFDS on the Calais and Dunkerque routes? Their timetables and booking engine don't give anything away in terms of what vessel is likely to be on what sailing.
  6. I don't think it will be long before Europe closes its borders to us again anyway, Denmark has added us to their "red list"
  7. Got to be able to go out and get bread and pastis of course!
  8. That's a similar situation to mine, heading towards Poland first and then down to France to take mini-Lapper to meet the Grandparents. Our trip is currently planned for the back end of August, so all being well things should be a bit clearer by then.
  9. I'm confused. France is open to those from the UK that have been double vaccinated, Germany is lifting restrictions similarly however the Netherlands still has restrictions to those that are double vaccinated if travelling from the UK, with their government website stating that we aren't allowed into the EU: From 1 July 2021, if you are fully vaccinated, you can be exempted from the EU entry ban unless you are travelling from a country that has been designated as a very high-risk area due to the presence of a variant of concern. Under this exemption you can enter the Netherlands from 1 July 2021 if you: are a resident of a country that is not on the list of safe countries; and have proof of vaccination showing that you have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the World Health Organization (WHO); and are not coming from a country that has been designated as a very high-risk area due to the presence of a variant of concern. https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/visiting-the-netherlands-from-abroad/exemptions-to-the-entry-ban/eu-entry-ban-exemption-categories
  10. "Those staying aboard the MS Silja Europa can look forward to visiting its several restaurants, a spa, beauty salon, discos and nightclubs" Yes, I'm sure the extra police that have been hired will be looking forward to using those facilities... 🙄 I see the Daily Fail has also upgraded it to a luxury cruise ship!
  11. Definitely not possible now. Check in need to see the form to ensure they're not at risk of being fined for transporting someone that should not be entering the country "illegally".
  12. Interesting, when I questioned the caller on their harassment tactics last month they told me it was "legislation from February" to call every day...
  13. What sort of questioning did you get from check in and Douanes when leaving France?
  14. Having been on her 3 times, I have to say I'm a bit "meh" about the whole thing really. The lack of a show lounge detracts from the cruise ferry feel of the BF product. They also don't have traditional wake up music 🤬. I have concerns over how she's going to look long term due to the quality of materials used, but that remains to be seen and will depend on how much is spent on her. I did notice that the safety bars on all berths except the fixed lower berth had been removed (at least in the cabin I was in last in January), which is a good move as they were quite difficult to clamber over for me so god knows what they would be like for older passengers. In this or another thread, there was a question about electric car charging. On one of my crossings in December I saw a Tesla on charge: This was forward, starboard, deck 5.
  15. Actually, nothing to hide, I'll post here what I sent to BZH29: I went through this process last week. You need to book the tests through CTM. You get the reference number by email that you have to add to the Passenger Locator Form, BF check in staff will check your form at check in now rather than leaving it to the last minute before arriving, if that's what you used to do (I did!) I booked the CTM tests after I'd had the negative result back on my pre departure test, they arrived on Sunday after booking on Friday. They are DIY tests, you get both sent to you at the same time with the instructions on how to carry out the test and how to send (via a priority post box). I can't comment on if you're allowed out to send it if you are isolating (due to my own circumstances), but if there's no other way if sending the test back then you'll have to leave the house!
  16. A couple of points to add: If you come directly from a red zone country, there are only certain entry points you can use for the UK, none of the ports is one of those entry points. You can stay in another country for 10 days ebtween Portugal and the UK, providing it's not a red zone country and come back into one of the channel ports. Spain and France are non-red zone countries. I'm unsure about the border crossings between Portugal/Spain and Spain/France, you need to check the websites of each country for information. Hotels are open in France, bear in mind there is currently a curfew operating 6pm-6am in France unless you're travelling for permitted reasons (again check on the government websites for information). Before entering the UK you need a PCR test for each of you within 3 days of travel, if you've done the stay in a non red zone country for 10 days things after Portugal, then you won't need to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days, but you will still need to quarantine at home for 10 days, and each of you will need to have pre-booked the post travel PCR test packages (at £210 per person thank you very much). As others have mentioned, there are passengers permitted on some crossings.
  17. The side railings are usually laid flat when the ramps are being raised and lowered if I remember.
  18. Galicia definitely has internal ramps, it was used on the Portsmouth-Cherbourg 20/12 sailing to get from deck 5 to deck 4 for disembarkation.
  19. Speculation: It's probably easier to reflag from Cyprus to France now that the UK is not in the EU any more.
  20. All the 2 berth Commodore Suite cabins are at the rear of deck 9 providing access directly to the rear deck. IIRC 858 and 801 are disabled cabins. IMO the direct deck access is a meh feature, you don't get anything special outside your door, there are also no signs on the doors outside, so people in those cabins may find other passengers trying the doors to get back inside from the deck. The interior of the cabins does look nice though.
  21. I slept really well actually, didn't wake up at all during the night which is rare for me on a ferry. The ship itself is also very quiet. Agreed, she does look modern compared to others in the fleet. The jury's out here though as to how she'll hold up and what she'll look like in a few years time once a few thousand people have passed through.
  22. No, this is a standard 4-berth inside. I've got the outside 2 berth commodore on Sunday to compare! Happy sailings, I'm on the outbound from Portsmouth on the Sunday. You'll definitely need to smuggle something, or get a meal on board to be able to have a drink.
  23. Public areas are comfortable. More "Stena" signage: There are however a few things that let it down. The "wooden" railings are in fact plastic. Some of them are also not flush fitting giving a non-straight finish There's also the odd touch of rust coming through, but it's a ship at sea, so to be expected. In addition I noticed that the speakers toward the inside rear of deck 9 had problems so announcements couldn't be heard. I noticed that although there's a large bar area, there's no show lounge or area that I could see for live entertainment which is a surprise considering the longer nature of the crossings on this vessel. Outdoor children's play area: Exercise area: C-Lounge Childrens Explorer Area: A reasonably good nights sleep. Woken up at 5am by an announcement for breakfast, no Troellenn this morning (🤓). Announcement for Green stickered passengers to join their cars at 5.45, then no other announcements until a knock on the door just after 6 to vacate the cabin. Disembarking took an age and didn't get off until around 6.30, but then quickly through immigration before Normandie had a chance to disgorge her hoard.
  24. Having just travelled on Galica I thought it would be useful to share some pictures and experiences. I was booked on the 2145 Cherbourg-Portsmouth service on 14/12. Despite the advice for checkin to be 90 minutes before, I arrived approximately 75 minutes before and it looked like they had only just started checking people in. There were around 20-25 cars on the crossing. Car were loaded onto deck 5 starboard. Lorries were towards the front. Headed up to deck 7 to find my cabin for the night. I'm back over on Galicia later in the month in a 2 berth Commodore, so this time I went for one of the 4 berth inside to compare wheat they mean by the "superior mattress, bed linen and towels". As no guides were given out at check in it was a case of having to follow the signs to locate the cabin. The signage used is familiar to those that have been on Stena vessels The cabin itself was clean, one fixed bed on display, the rest of the bunks tucked away. The matresses are of a memory foam type, supportive pillows and the usual bedsheets etc. There was a pull out shelf under the bed, not sure what it was for, maybe to assist with putting shoes on, perhaps someone can enlighten me. I was able to have a look around the vessel which was extremely quiet. Some areas have doors to identify the cabin types: Unfortunately the bar was closed: (contd.)
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