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  1. I was on Normandie last night. A very light load with only 10 cars. The rest of deck 5 was taken up with crew cars. The crew were busy packing up last night but still had a couple of bottles of red available. It looks like there’s going to be some work done on deck 9 as they were putting covers over the glass of Le Kiosk. this morning was a bit of a palaver though. It seemed they hadn’t taken into account the visor gate on Normandie’s now and count lower the link span with a bit of head scratching and deciding to let the lorries off the lower deck first to perhaps let the level rise a bit. 35 minutes later and we were off!
  2. Thanks all, much appreciated.
  3. I’m thinking of buying my parents a DAB radio for Christmas. Has anyone had experience of picking up English radio stations on them in France? Thinking particularly in the Cherbourg area. TIA
  4. I've been on one of those overnight that was delayed from an evening crossing. Didn't have a cabin and spent the 4 hours trying to sleep in a recliner with people slamming the toilet doors every 5 minutes. What I would have given for a berth in a shared cabin!
  5. I get that. That's why I said they looked welded shut and had an emoji at the end. I didn't get as close to Otta as I did to Corse (I was right on the quayside until they moved me off as she came onto the berth over 2 hours late!) so I couldn't see clearly and was not aware they didn't feature in the first place. For me it was a step back in time to go on Moby Corse as I went on her as the Dana Anglia when I was 8 years old. Still has the red hand rails that I remembered from then and Triangle!
  6. That's why they looked welded shut then! 😉
  7. Certainly when I did a trip on Moby Corse last year, it looked like all the ferries in the region stern load only. Moby Corse and Moby Otta had their bows welded shut.
  8. Looks like a flare been set off by the collision.
  9. My last 2 sailings on Bretagne have been with a cabin on deck 2 and most recently on deck 1. Granted it's a bit of a rabbit warren down there when you first go down, navigating the maze of stairs (which can be a little steep). There are some benefits to being down there, it's only a couple of flights down from the car deck and in return only a couple of flights up in the morning. As others have mentioned, it's quiet and can be a smoother sailing in rougher seas. In the corridors, there are a few watertight doors rather than the long, flat corridors further up. Once in your cabin, it's much the same as any other 2/4 berth inside cabin up on the higher decks that you wouldn't notice the difference aside from the TV on the wall.
  10. I'd imagine that this is due to the fact that in Greece, most vessels berth stern in with nothing on either side, everything boards through the rear doors.
  11. Embarassing maybe but asked with dignity. There seems to be an organisation based in Switzerland that operates the Eurokey: https://www.proinfirmis.ch/subseiten/eurokey-benutzer/eurokey-englisch.html This key appears to operate in France as well, but it may well be worth seeing what other members come up with, and also seeing if there is anything on the Angloinfo discussion forums.
  12. In my experience, no regard has been paid upon check-in for any passengers on the booking not being with me. I've been asked by the check-in agent if there was only one of me now as opposed to 2, but apart from that nothing. I would guess that they would prefer if it is a busy crossing or if the passenger load was high, they would prefer to be advised so that they could sell more space (albeit only to foot passengers if the car load was full).
  13. Coastal voyages would be out of the question due to the sips being flagged in France (any ship operating port to port in the US without visiting a foreign country in between needs to be US flagged due to the Jones act).
  14. If you have an Accor card (their free loyalty program), you can get 5% off accor chain hotel bookings, plus access the site through Quidco or other cashback site for anything between 5-10% cashback as well.
  15. So dogs aren't allowed in public areas, but the inside cabins on deck 9 are not pet friendly cabins, so that means that to get to the pet friendly cabins, the dogs need to be in a "public" area...
  16. I hope there were no animals being transported, either in cars or in trailers...
  17. An intersting interview with A captain of Epsilon (I am in no way saying this is the Captain of the vessel for the above mentioned crossing). He talks about delays due to weather and sometimes having to wait for storms to pass. Reading this, I don't think it was him!
  18. A great photo of Modern Express moored in Bilbao:
  19. MSM sailed from Portsmouth 3 hours late last night.
  20. My first thought was that she looks very long, but in fact is 3 metres shorter than Barfleur. Obviously the lack of superstructure is deceiving!
  21. No need to apologise. I'm glad to have started some discussion even if it comes from an article that's 2 years old!
  22. I've just realised this is nearly 2 years old, so apologies if it's a repost!
  23. The Captain of Queen Mary 2 has been photographed on standing on the bulbous bow while at anchor in Bali. Some great shots!
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