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  1. My last 2 sailings on Bretagne have been with a cabin on deck 2 and most recently on deck 1.  Granted it's a bit of a rabbit warren down there when you first go down, navigating the maze of stairs (which can be a little steep).  There are some benefits to being down there, it's only a couple of flights down from the car deck and in return only a couple of flights up in the morning.  As others have mentioned, it's quiet and can be a smoother sailing in rougher seas.  In the corridors, there are a few watertight doors rather than the long, flat corridors further up.  Once in your cabin, it's much the same as any other 2/4 berth inside cabin up on the higher decks that you wouldn't notice the difference aside from the TV on the wall.

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  2. In my experience, no regard has been paid upon check-in for any passengers on the booking not being with me.  I've been asked by the check-in agent if there was only one of me now as opposed to 2, but apart from that nothing.  I would guess that they would prefer if it is a busy crossing or if the passenger load was high, they would prefer to be advised so that they could sell more space (albeit only to foot passengers if the car load was full).

  3. If there were sufficient numbers to pay for it then I am sure that a fast track at Portsmouth would be in place.

    It is in place at airports because 1,000s of passengers are flying business class, First or through frequent flyer status.


    Don't forget that you're comparing immigration (arrival) to security (departure). Only premium cabin passengers on non EU passports have the ability to fast track through immigration at most UK airports. Gatwick has just introduced "Premium" immigration that is limited to a certain number of passengers per hour and is at an extra charge.


    Security at departures has fast track facilities for the passengers stated above but to be honest at Heathrow Terminal 5 it can still be a mess in the mornings and not much quicker than standard security. This is one problem that the ports don't seem to have.


    What would I like to see? Maybe to pay extra to guarantee being off first, something that is not guaranteed even if you are on first and plonked on a mezzanine deck!

  4. Having recently been over on the Barfleur, I have a question about the cabin numbers. All the cabins on deck 8 start with an 8. Most of the cabins on deck 6 start with a 6 but 3 of them and all of the cabins in deck 5 start with a 0 and then the deck number, 0601, 0511 etc. Why is this? And why do those 3 cabins on deck 6 that start with a 0 not follow on with consecutive numbers from the rest of deck 6 like they all follow consecutively on deck 5.


    On another, slightly different topic, what are the 2 cabins on the right of deck 8 as you walk along to the main accommodation area? One of them has the sign Armateur next to it.



  5. The route for the Tour de France 2016 has been announced, with Le Grand Depart taking place in Normandy. The route starts from Mont St Michel on 2 July and heads over towards Utah Beach. On Sunday 3 July, the route heads from St Lo up towards Cherbourg and on 4 July heads South from Granville:


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  6. The problem now is that it isn't a strike, as they have no jobs. Now it is a grievance against Eurotunnel and DFDS. Unfortunately it has a wider impact on other operations (P&O, Eurostar).


    Whilst I support a workers right to strike (within reason), it is time for some workers to realise that their actions can have a detrimental effect on the company they are striking against and lead that company into financial difficulty, particularly if they are striking against cost cutting. The French have a tendency to go on strike if the wind changes, and whilst it is unfortunate that some people have lost their jobs, I have very little sympathy for strikers who cause the company they work for to go out of business (although in this case it isn't so), and in fact serves them right.

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