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  1. Here are full details of the plans for the near future........ Andy Necessary Changes, a message from our CEO Dear All, With a heavy heart, I write today to confirm that further necessary, and regrettable, changes must be made to our schedules for the coming months. In the face of a terrible summer season and faced with weak forward demand for services this autumn, we simply must take further decisive action. This latest round of scheduled changes will be confirmed and implemented within the next week. The aim is to reduce costs as part of the company’s fi
  2. After the news regarding quarantine yesterday I decided to cancel ( was due to sail next week ) , actually they would not let me cancel as they are still running to schedule but have re-booked at no charge to December for now and will see how things pan out. To be honest I was beginning to get quite concerned as I had been reading the information regarding the Amsterdam bus transfer on the DFDS website...........it says that only 1 bus will be running per day "at 100% capacity according to Dutch regulations" - I really can't see the point of all of the social distancing measures onboard only t
  3. I have just treated myself to a mini-cruise in August, have paid by credit card which should give some protection if there is another lockdown. I travelled on a heritage stem railway this week ( my other passion after travelling by sea ) and was very impressed by how it was run and all of the social distancing measures in place....which provided protection without spoiling the experience. This seems to be the only option open for foot passenger sea travel at the moment. Even though I have faith in DFDS to provide safe measures for travelling ( otherwise I would not book ) I will definitely be
  4. Indeed, and important to note that this is a complete and permanent closure, not a suspension. Andy
  5. Stena Line Closes the Oslo-Frederikshavn Route Permanently Coronavirus and travel restrictions imposed by Norway and Denmark created a drastic decline in travel bookings on the Stena Line Oslo - Frederikshavn route. On Thursday 19 March the decision was made to permanently close the route after more than 40 years in operation. The decision means Stena Line will close their office in Oslo which will affect 30 shore-based employees. The 1981-built ferry STENA SAGA is currently in lay up in its port of registry, G
  6. Just heard that DFDS have temporarily suspended the Oslo - Copenhagen service due to coronovirus, probably due to the new border restrictions imposed by both Norway and Denmark. Andy
  7. Stunning video showing the recent life extension refit - well worth a watch. Andy
  8. Honestly, this is the best news that I have read for some time - I took a mini-cruise last week on the King thinking it would be the last time......I was enjoying walking around the decks and sitting at the stern watching the prop-wash and thinking what a shame that I would not be able to experience this in the future, the deck space on the Moby ships looked much more limited with far fewer places to shelter from cold breezes - I am probably in the minority but I see no reason to change the ships, they suit the route perfectly. Andy
  9. New ships on Newcastle Ijmuiden from early next year, press release below - New Amsterdam-Newcastle Ferries To Create More Value For Passengers And Freight Customers DFDS has entered into an agreement with Moby to acquire the two ro-pax ferries MOBY WONDER and MOBY AKI, for the purpose of raising the customer experience and the capacity for both passengers and freight customers on the Amsterdam-Newcastle route. The ferries are built in 2001 and 2005, respectively. Moby will in turn a
  10. Crumbs, did not intend commenting on the bread roll situation again as I was afraid of coming up with a half-baked joke, so now back to loafing around on my PC and trying to forget that the triangular rolls are now toast. Andy
  11. I was on MSM from Caen last night, she arrived just ahead of us ( we turned at the port entrance ( near to where QE berthed ) to save time while she was turning into the berth), we had to wait for the shore crew to finish with the Cap before they could take of us, we were around 15 - 20 minutes late berthing due to this - glad I was a foot passenger, with Etretat having just arrived from Le Havre, Cap arriving late and MSM all arriving with minutes of each other it was utter chaos for the poor car drivers, just a mass of queuing traffic. Andy
  12. I was a on a day return from Portsmouth to Caen yesterday......the weather changed quite dramatically about an hour or so from Caen, and remained so until about an hour out on the return journey - a strong breeze and quite choppy seas ( remainder of the journey almost flat calm ) Oustreham town was almost obscured by flying sand - perhaps the conditions were similar in Cherbourg, hence the need for tug assistance. Andy
  13. I really think that you should post a video of you singing it to the original tune 😀 Andy
  14. Yesterday on arrival at Oustreham on Normandie there was a tug standing by, waited for us to turn and was then helped to nudge us up to the berth.......I was out on deck and it did seem that the bow thruster did not have the same level of thrust when pushing to port, but it was definitely running while the tug was pushing - I am only basing this by comparing the level of wash that I could see when the thruster was used in the initial turn, when pushing to starboard, to what I could see when the thruster was being used to push to port to bring us against the berth. There was quite a strong wind
  15. I was on Normandie for a day return to Caen yesterday ( has to be the best day out possible, £24.00 for a whole day at sea! ) - at breakfast there were round rolls, at lunch triangular and at dinner back to the round ones ( this was in the self-service restaurant ), I tried one of the round ones with my steak at dinner time and it was delicious...AND the raspberry tart was back to it's original quality, still the reduced size though 😀 Andy
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