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  1. Decided to accept a voucher to "help" BF out in these challenging times. Already renewed my club voyage for 2020 so had the 30% reduction. Just received an email saying voucher holders 20% off tried to input with my refund code for a 2021 booking and there no additional discount oh but wait i'll have to pay another years member with four months extension for free. So Im paying £150 to get a saving of £60 so in effect being a club voyage member means i'm £90 worse off. I've now asked for my cash refund and will take to from there.
  2. See you onboard. You can’t miss us hopefully lol
  3. Thanks. Coming from Cheshire and have sadly had journeys to Exeter that have taken from four to nearly eight hours!
  4. Thanks. Going down Sunday 1st sept. Diversions aren’t good with a caravan
  5. I noted this thread and wondered if those with local knowledge could help. We are sailing from Plymouth at the end of the month. we will be travelling from Exeter m5/a38 with a large caravan for the 16:30 Sunday sailing. Which is the best approach route bearing in mind our length. Tight streets and rat runs are out
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