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  1. Thanks... i guess the french site is slightly out of date then as it suggests that Normandie does not have pet friendly cabins..... James
  2. The BF website used to list how many of each type of cabin on each ferry. This seems to have gone with the migration to a new site. Is this available anywhere now?
  3. Thanks for all this... any idea how fast it sells out? I am after 2 x 2 birth outside cabins for the new year trip. James
  4. Hi, Given the trouble with the Pont Aven this year and the remedial work still required, does anyone have any idea whether the mini cruises will be running? Thanks, James
  5. I am coming home on the morning departure from St Malo in September. Is breakfast on offer from when we board or do we have to wait for lunch if we want to eat?
  6. Hi, I am travelling to the IoW from Portsmouth to Fishborne next month. Fri 26th Apr at 13:00 returning a week later at 12:00 Is there a way to work out which vessel I will be on? Was hoping to get VoW on one of the journeys. Thanks James
  7. jamess

    Pont Aven Commodore

    Apologies, previous cabin was 8414 Thanks for the link to the layout. Yes, it shows a more spacious balcony. Are all the layouts within the commodore cabins the same? James
  8. jamess

    Pont Aven Commodore

    Hi, It has been a while since I have travelled with BF and never before on the Pont Aven. I have booked Commodore Cabins and was offered cabin 8314. I was then advised that 8401 was available and that was a better cabin. Can anyone explain the difference? Thanks, James
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