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  1. Thanks for the photos....will pay a visit Anyone any idea as to how full Saturdays northbound sailing will be?
  2. Hi, I am travelling back on Bretagne on Saturday. Is this facility still in use? Thanks, James
  3. One inside 2 berth and one inside large 2/4 berth is available...best be quick!! I considered moving our Plymouth Roscoff crossing tonight, but as we booked early and got it for £125, it was going to budge the orice up almost £50, even when downgrading from Commodore to an inside cabin according to the website when I tried to change it last night....Will stick to Plymouth
  4. Just got on the berth in Santander. lets see how quick a turnaround they do
  5. Twitter response to me via DM... Hello James, we're expecting Pont-Aven to arrive at 20:30 and then depart from Plymouth at 23:15. I'll check and confirm with regards to La Flora. Kind regards, Jame
  6. ahh OK, hadn't though of DM'ing them, I will do that. I have been advised that the 2045 Roscoff departure is already pretty full, so little chance of a quick turn around.......
  7. Hi David, Thanks for confirming that. Given that it will be earlier, will la flora be open still?
  8. When can I expect a text from BF with an official estimated departure time? Will that be tomorrow or Thursday
  9. So if it is that late, will there still be dinner in la Flora?
  10. So Pont Aven sailed from Plymouth at around 22:55, seems that Armorique will be berthed for around 23:115 Any one got any sensible guesses as to what time Thursday evenings Roscoff sailing will depart, which I am on? Thanks
  11. Technical issues in Santander last night is what I was advised on the phone an hour or two ago
  12. We were hoping to be on-board for 7pm and in the buffet..... Guess the best thing to do now is to keep an eye on her via marinetraffic and see what time is made up
  13. I am on the 20:45 from Plymouth on Thursday Is it likely to be late now?
  14. I to am in commodore on that very evening. 8401 on the Pont for me that night.. The bride likes the idea of breakfast in the cabin, so we will go for it that way son this occasion,
  15. jamess

    New Look Revealed

    Great to see the new branding in use at the ports. How much has been done at the other ports?
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