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  1. Yes, I was wondering if more ma6 be added during the winter absence…
  2. Hi all, https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ships/cruise-ferries/pont-aven/accommodation/commodore-cabin is this a mistake or does the PA now have a C Club lounge? Thanks james
  3. Timetable indicates that Pont Aven is now on St Malo for most of March https://www.brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk/19902
  4. I have been advised that that is what is happening by BF
  5. Not quite for the whole winter period....looking on the BF freight website, it seems to be 8 Nov to 7 Feb.....
  6. do i read that as it being more likely that we will be on Armorique than Pont Aven then? Mrs James has offered to pay for the full restaurant dinner and I may well be disappointed!
  7. I am booked to go on the PA to St Malo in February...I see its St Malo rotations start in November. What's the reckoning that these will happen, or will I get moved onto Armorique, or St Malo be dropped totally over the winter and be passed to the Caen route? Thanks
  8. I tweeted BF yesterday, regarding my trip in Feb. Jane responded to say that it was to early to confirm definitive winter cancellations.
  9. I’ve read reviews that state no meals are available on the first evening on the 2300 departure. The commodore lounge is also not available until the next day.
  10. Of course, she is the relief vessel this winter, so just dropping her in on St Malo all winter isn’t an option as it stands. I will keep an eye out over the next few weeks. Thanks
  11. Or Armorique keeps going over the winter on St Malo and there is no Roscoff option? we are staying in Dinan in February, so St Malo suits us both for timings and proximity. If it were pulled, would they just put me on the Caen crossing.
  12. I’m booked on the PA to St Malo in February next year, out on 11th, back 14th. Do you think there is a reasonable chance that those sailings won’t happen?
  13. Sailings on Normandie also showing as full until mid July Are we due another announcement from his lordship ?
  14. Looking at the timings on a Sunday out and Monday back, it will be dark as we pass through Ushant won't it?
  15. Hi, Booked down to Spain late August next year. Been given 8403 out and 8411 on the way back. Are these the better sides to be on each way? Thanks, James
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