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  1. Hi, so around 20 minutes ago I heard what sounded like a small twin engined turboprop flying over my house. Looked it up on flightradar24 and it was an unusual Piaggio flying from Paris to Morlaix but presumably wanting to fly via Portsmouth to take a look from 8000 feet. What's really interesting is the reg: F-HBAI and a very prominent Brittany Ferries logo on the tail. Does anybody know about this? Sorry if it's been discussed before. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/f-hbai Cheers
  2. Thanks all for the kind words. It wasn't a great photo given the device; my personal Galaxy S7 Edge would've yielded a much better result! All this talk of passing in the channel by Southsea reminds me of something very unique. I remember being with my parents at the Still and West in Old Portsmouth as a kid and seeing the Pride of Winchester and Duchesse Anne passing each other in the harbour entrance itself- in between Old Portsmouth and the Gosport side! I'll never forget that
  3. A beautiful morning today and whilst out for a run, I may have been the only person lucky enough to capture a rare sight of Armorique & Cap Finistere passing off Southsea seafront. Most vessels seem to pass further out in the Solent. Thought I'd share. Please excuse the terrible photo quality taken with my work phone.
  4. In my opinion, the entire operating model is wrong, not helped by very poor (and indirect, flaky) information - for example, today's Clipper sailing departed Portsmouth around midday - just look at the sailing updates section on the website - no information at all relating to the late departure. Let's also focus on the workhorse that is the Clipper, as mentioned elsewhere on here - it is reliable and underpins the very existence of this business. It is also overworked. In my opinion, the decision of Condor's board and investors to think that the Liberation would provide a decent margin, satisfied customer base business is beyond me. Invested well in an average rebranding and marketing exercise, sure, but the operating model seems to frustrate. For most of the winter, look at BF - could they not have considered the disposal of the Goodwill and one of the old fastcraft to partially invest in another Clipper-like acquisition, providing a twice daily, year round rotation (using Goodwill's old timetable), with seasonal fastcraft support? I suppose I don't know enough about Condor's decision making or reasons for the current operating model, but to me it simply does not work, and frustrates its core customer base on an almost daily basis.
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