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  1. Whilst this seems to be Positive news and I'm glad to see more Ferries and more routes springing up. However, how much of a Negative effect is it likely to have on the UK-Ireland routes? Surely a good proportion of the Freight passing through Holyhead, Liverpool, Pembroke and Fishguard will have been using it as a Landbridge? I'm sure Stena would adapt accordingly whereas P&O would probably just close the route
  2. chid679

    2021 Timetables

    So are we expecting Le Havre to remain Freight only? At least for the whole of 2021?
  3. When does the charter for Etretat end? It must have had a high Penalty attached for early termination as BF have deemed it cheaper to keep her laid up than to try and hand her back to her owners
  4. I've found the Burgundy laid up in Legoland Windsor next to the last remaining Stena HSS , unfortunately soon she will probably discover the same fate as the HSS
  5. The last 2 occasions being 2017 and 2018
  6. I first went on her in 2002, I happened to think at the time she was quite smart inside and modern. I've always sat in the Bar at the rear of the Ship. The next time I think was 2006, a cold wet stormy December night sat in the car on the docks at Dover with no ships in sight for 2 hours and the wind shaking the car and the Lorries next to us, we were grateful for any ship that turned up and it happened to be the Burgundy. Fast forward to the last 2 occasions and you start to realise how much the Maintenance has slipped- cracked and peeling laminate floor tiles, torn seat coverings
  7. I stand corrected, just found a ticket and there was a sticker on it, my bad 🤭
  8. I was on the corresponding overnight back from Caen. My text from BF said departure would be "around 23.30". We moved off the Berth at 23:55. Arrived in Portsmouth at 6.30 so overall crossing time was an hour shorter so less Sleep than I'd originally hoped for. More disappointing was the lack of evidence that the delay was due to Covid-19 restrictions. If I've been kept waiting on the dockside for extra cleaning I expected my Cabin to have been thoroughly cleaned. We unclipped the Upper Bunk from its fixings to find an empty Crisp packet in the little storage net. I appreciate that the C
  9. We booked our holiday last year and booked our Campsite and Ferry Crossings separately. Then Covid arrived and Lockdown happened there were times when we thought our holiday would not happen and we looked into what would happen should it not be able to go ahead. The message from both the Campsite and BF was Consistent... if the site is Open/ferry is operating and YOU cancel then you will be subject to our T's & C's and it will cost you whereas if THEY cancel we'd get a Voucher/Credit Note so we paid our balances sat and waited and watched it all unfold and to our relief everything was bac
  10. If it's in Boulogne could it be Calais Seaways? Though she could've been known as Norman Spirit or Ostend Spirit at the time
  11. Back on topic, even if Barleur did fit the harbours at Newhaven or Dieppe I would have thought she would offer too much capacity for the route or be too expensive to run. The current service is only 2-ships for half the year then they spend the rest of the time paid-up. Personally I'd like BF to find a use for her such as supplementing the NEX and offering a year round Portsmouth-Cherbourg route or making Le Havre a 2-Ship service as I wouldn't like to see any of the current fleet leave (Visentini's excluded). However if there isn't a market for it then I guess she's For Sale to the highe
  12. I hadn't thought of them, I only remembered the Stena Londoner/ Varseilles and Parisien/ Chartres plus the Stena Cambria. Plus I seem to remember a P&O Stena brochure suggesting that the POSL Picardy (Pride of Bruges) was going to run on the Dieppe route although I'm not sure if that ever actually happened.
  13. Maybe because they were purpose built for the route as opposed to just being cast-off's from Dover-Calais
  14. Maybe TransEuropa will rise from the dead 😂 Would the Pride of Burgundy fit in Ramsgate? 🤔
  15. Ive booked for next year and the Cabin prices are the same as they were this year? Or has there been an increase on the Ireland/Spain route?
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