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  1. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold A link to an internet article with a picture of the Stena Discovery in her new livery: http://www.irish-ferries-enthusiasts.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1235050343/15
  2. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold It was written at: www.irish-ferries-enthusiasts.com On the first of october her fuel bunkers where filled. Via the Bahamas and Bermuda her trip was to Venezuela. She must have been arrived there, if she is not catched in the Bermuda triangel... YaBB Newbies Offline Posts: 12 Re: Stena Discovery rumours Reply #27 - 10/19/09 at 23:36:35 Collision-course wrote on 10/01/09 at 14:41:39: Stena Discovery on fuel bunkers in the UK for the trans-Atlantic trip. Carolanne wrote: wooohoo
  3. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold The former Stena Discovery has been arrived at the Bahama's.
  4. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold It is almost September. Is she still at Belfast?
  5. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold Some news, now one week later?8-)(K)
  6. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold A new article about the STENA DISCOVERY: Any one some other news about her?8-) Best regards, Robert
  7. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold Can't they simply dock on the beach..?:o:o
  8. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold Also an articla at the Dutch news says that the STENA DISCOVERY has been handed over on 8th june. The link to the article: http://www.nieuwsbladtransport.nl/nieuws/id26116-Stena_verkoopt_schepen.html Translated: Stena sells ships. The article: 8 juni 2009 Stena verkoopt schepen De Italiaanse rederij Stradeblu heeft de vrachter Stena Transporter gekocht. Dit ro/ro-schip voer tot begin dit jaar voor Stena Line tussen Europoort en Harwich, maar werd per 1 maart uit de vaart genomen wegens tegenvallende ladingvolumes op dez
  9. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV On Youtube there is a short movie with the OLAU HOLLANDIA -now as SNAV SARDEGNA-. Look HERE Best regards, Robert
  10. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV There are some new nice pics about the two OLAU-twins on the internet. Look here: The link is HERE After a bad period at P&O Ferries they have now a owner who takes care for these great ships. Best regards, Robert
  11. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV Does any one have some news about the OLAU twins and how they run at SNAV? Next week I will travel a return trip with one of their sisters, the NILS HOLGERSSON (now KING OF SCANDINAVIA, or bether know as the VAL THE LOIRE). Any one some news? Best regards from Holland, Robert
  12. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV A recent picure of the OLAU Britannia (Pride of Portsmouth), you can see at: http://www.faktaomfartyg.com/snav_lazio_1990_b_3.htm Greetings from Holland, Robert
  13. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV For me it is not strange that they are mentioned OLAU-twins in stead of P&O-twins. The ships where owned by OLAU/TT-line since 1989/1990 and where chartered out in "bare boat charter" to P&O. P&O has never owned the OLAU-twins; the ships where owned all the time by OLAU/TT-line till 2006. I hope you can find you in this explanation.
  14. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV Press item with PICTURE of the SNAV LAZIO in the SNAV livery: http://www.trasportiweb.it/archivio_news/archivio_news.htm Some other press news about the POP and POLH: http://www.ttgitalia.com/newsletter/news_dettaglio.asp?IDNews=51976 and: http://www.turismomagazine.com/news_page.php?news=1684 Greetings from Holland, Robert
  15. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV When we take a short look to the Pride of Portsmouth, we can see the results of the MANAGEMENT of P&O. Thats a shame to P&O.:'( I think, the crew is no doubt about, but when the managment not supplies te money and facilities, the state of the ships is decreasing. Don't understand me wrong: no doubt about the crew, which was positive until the bitter end and despite their loss of job.
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