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  1. But the Delta Variant is starting to increase??
  2. After a few hopeful months I have now accepted defeat and moved our Family Brittany holiday onto to July 2022. The Camp site have kindly given me a full voucher credit and the 3 Ferry crossings have actually worked out at a total saving of £80 over this year's prices for same crossings and cabins. I now have a booking in Cornwall for July so lets all have a good Summer. Of course it may be possible to have a trip in September/October but I will book that the week before depending how things go. We really enjoy our BF crossings so will not let all this trouble put us off using them in the future.
  3. I did look at a quote for a Spanish crossing in case our St Malo is a no-go in July. Portsmouth to Santander in commodore back and club cabin out is quoted at £1547. This compares to my cancelled Spanish trip last year in Commodore cabins both ways at £1309, so on a like-for-like basis this is an increase of £350 or about 25%. Is this about right for BF price increases?
  4. We prefer starboard going out for the sunset and a better view of Santander on arrival. The port side is better in the mornings although the sun shining on the water can be a tad bright after a great evening in the Restaurant.
  5. I can endorse this sentiment as I know that I will not persuade my family to spend two nights and I assume over 36 hours on a ferry, particularly without a Balcony which we have always found very appealing. The Buffet has also always been a great favourite of ours and would be sorely missed. You can hear barking from the balconies, but not to worry over, and occasionally get water spraying down when the deck above is washed.
  6. As Richard Gere says in "Pretty Woman" when asked by Julia Roberts why he rents the Penthouse Suite when he is afraid of heights, because it is the best!
  7. Looking at crossing to Santander I am not impressed by a 2 night crossing from Portsmouth on Galicia when I can have a 1 night crossing from Plymouth on the Pont Aven in a cabin with a balcony.
  8. I think that this must be the most scenic WC in France??? Also connected to BF
  9. I renewed in March 2020 to expire 31.3.21 I then received an email in May 2020 thanking me for renewing and now it runs to 31st August 2021. I am quite happy with that as many other organisations have only given an extra 3 months.
  10. If they cruise clockwise will the cabins on the port side be less than half price?
  11. Has the Bretagne ever done a Spanish run?
  12. This is my Brittany Ferries memorabilia, a wallet which they sent me with tickets many years ago. I have used it ever since as a passport/ticket holder whenever we travel. Of no value except sentimental
  13. As this thread is "roadmap for optimism" I am clinging to the hope for a Brittany holiday in July. I did think that I could change to Spain if that looks more likely to happen in a month or two. I have recently amended a couple of crossings and each time have received two emails with 2 version numbers, say number 3 & 4, one after the other. Is this a known glitch?
  14. I have had an email back telling me my balance and saying :-"you can take out money in Bank ATM in uk if your card is still valid and not expired." I may try tomorrow.
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