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  1. mjturner


    I have just discovered that my Plymouth to Santander fare has reduced due to a decrease in the Cabin cost. They say that it will be refunded.
  2. I also referred to this in the thread "Club Voyage Members" as it is ridiculous that you have to queue even if you are booked in.
  3. That is why I rely on the Fleet finder page on this site. It is right up to date.
  4. mjturner


    As long as it doesn't give you the hump.. Another plaice, another time...
  5. mjturner


    We would only ever consider a 20 hour cruise to Spain in a Commodore Cabin with a balcony. Even if you do not sit outside, it is great to have the door open and the fresh air coming in. The Balcony also comes into its own on departing Plymouth and entering Santander. Breakfast outside looking out for dolphins is also lovely. I hope that our trip in August will be lovely and smooth ( and that PA is working OK!)
  6. Back working this morning thank goodness. I needed to upload some cash as I find it the best way to take money abroad and you can load some a bit at a time to suit the budget!
  7. The nearest butter that we have found to the Beurre D'Isigny is Brittany butter from M & S. Spread that on your bread and imagine that you are at Sea!
  8. We travelled on the PA to Santander last August and reserved a table at the Commodore Desk on check-in. When we went to dinner there was a long queue and were told to join it and wait as were others who had booked. We weren't very happy to do this and went forward to the entrance. Luckily I spied a waiter who I recognised and he told us to come through. Does anyone know what the correct procedure is if you have reserved a table? Should they have a second queue for those that have booked?
  9. mjturner

    Pont Aven Commodore

    The only problem that we found with 8401 was in the morning there was a lot of water spraying down off the upper deck where they were washing down the pet area. Otherwise it is a great cabin and balcony. you can also use the Commodore lounge with free tea and coffee.
  10. Just looked to amend a booking and this comes up :- Future Bookings Amend an Existing Booking Amend or view your booking online. Please select the item from the following list. There are currently no existing bookings I hope that the whole system has not crashed????
  11. I have always booked ASA the itineraries come out so as to get the best cabins. The £40 did not seem to much of a deposit especially as there is no charge for amendments if dates have to change. 25% deposit is a different matter but I wonder whether it may stop a lot of block bookings and therefore make it easier to book nearer the time?
  12. Thank you for all your advice. I will certainly try this in August when we travel.
  13. For the last two years we have been stuck in traffic in Plymouth once through the lengthy passport control. Can someone please give us any tips for a alternative route to and from the Ferry.
  14. I agree, but wait until after they have gone. It is a different world!
  15. Mont St Michel has to be the winner as the most magical place in Northern France. Pont Aven next.
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