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  1. It leaves Helsinki at 1830 every night. Docks back into Helsinki at 1530
  2. The trip to tallink takes you 2 hrs however the ship stays overnight in Tallinn and you have a cabin to use for the whole cruise. The ship doesn’t leave until Midday the following day allowing you to see Tallinn in the am.
  3. I recently flew to Helsinki for a few days and did the following : Turku - Åland Islands day trip on Tallink Helsinki - Stockholm 2 nights cruse on Silja Line (tallink) Helsinki - Tallinn on Silja Europa (21 hr cruise) im a member of the Tallink club one scheme and through that I was able to get the Stockholm cruise for 59 euro. The Tallinn cruise was 39 Euro, Åland Day cruise was 25 euro. The club one membership was free to join. Well worth it
  4. We did the same crossings over the weekend and agree with the comments . Ouisterham was a shambles. We did feel uncomfortable with the illegal immigrants trying to look for any possible space to hide in a vehicle. Initially we tried to work out why 2 trucks were sounding their horns- it was to get the attention of the gendarmes. The experience is going to put me off from ouisterham for a while. We saw many immigrants sleeping on the grass and wandering through the town. As for arriving back into Pompey. We got home at 2300 despite living in Southsea. It was very disorganised. Bf should allowed all MSM car passengers to leave the ship first before allowing the Le Havre passengers off.
  5. I saw the Bretagne did a 360 degrees circle in the Solent this evening before entering Portsmouth harbour . Does anybody know why she did this?
  6. This also might help https://www.lonelyplanet.com/scandinavia/travel-tips-and-articles/sailing-from-denmark-to-iceland
  7. there is also an airport at Aalborg - 30 mins from Hirtshals which has daily flights to LGW.
  8. Hey Pegpilot, you are spot on with your summary. It was a good trip home via Billund. glad you guys got home ok.
  9. I am due to do the Viking Cruise next month on the Norrona- (Smryil Line). Has anybody been on the route? Any recommendations? Thanks
  10. Are there any new 24hr trip offers going to be released soon? Thanks
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