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  1. Not many out on deck for a peak summer sailing!
  2. Very interesting answers there. BF passengers who complain about the loading process should be given this option...It could be called Brittany Ferries Express Boarding...
  3. Over this summer, there have been a few online reports of the PAs issues affecting ARMs departure and arrival times. This got me thinking about the limitations of ports with just one deep-water berth. How comes even on really small Greek islands you have 30000+ton ro-ro ferries that just seem to back into quayside, lower the ramp and the cars/trucks just drive off? (Sorry, if I'm making this sound too simplistic!)
  4. The holidaying Dutch in France are fascinating to watch. Typically they arrive in a Mazda or some PSA-made car. Setup Tent. Put chairs outside tent. Then it's chocolate sprinkles in the morning. Sit outside tent for whole day. Heineken or Amstel in the evening. Rinse, wash, repeat for two weeks. The said tent is taken down and it's back on autoroute back home to Utrecht. Hup Holland...
  5. Something has definitely changed in BF...Where are the days of BF taking ugly-looking ships like the Nils Holgerson and turning them in sleek ships like the Val gone to?
  6. Could not agree with you more. They did not want to be seen as directly competing with BF and attracting the attention of the competition authorities for this deal to pass. These short-term investors always have an "exit strategy". It's all unraveling now just like at the end of a Scooby Doo episode.
  7. I fear that also. If not a giant turtle or dolphin, I fear it could be a Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny. No ship, especially a ship like the Bretagne, should have to endure that indignity I really hope she does to Jadrolinija in Croatia. They do look after their ships there.
  8. Well that tells us that particular issue must of flew off the shelves. Usually when their is an extra-ordinary amount of interest in a topic, magazine editors will have no hesitation in running with that headline topic again. It just shows you the amount love out there for the M/V Bretagne.
  9. I don't know...maybe DFDS have it written in their culinary operations manual that all their rolls must be to Danish specification i.e. they must be designer rolls with clean-lines and light-muted colours.
  10. Always liked Calder's articles. He always finds some unusual angles on stories. And yeah it is a pity that so many short sea freight routes don't accept ordinary passengers. Altough companies like CMA CSM and Grimaldi do take freighter cruise passengers on some of their transoceanic routes.
  11. Great report Ryan. You should email that to The Guardian they might publish it "An alternative way to Sweden..." Or "Slow Boat to Sweden" Dig that menu btw....refreshingly non-corporate!
  12. Infrequent trains run between the two towns so a bus would probably be a better option!
  13. Wexford is a nice little town. But it's more famous for its beaches than its main town. About 5km just outside the town, there is teh Irish National Heritage park which is a real gem. https://www.irishheritage.ie/?lang=en_ie
  14. Indeed. BF know the importance of having proximity to their catchment area. Look what the move from Plymouth to Portsmouth did for them (no offense Plymouth fans...). The population of Ireland (and affluence) of Ireland is skewed towards the eastern seaboard. Moreover, in recent years BF seem to be heavily promoting their Irish services to French customers and Cherbourg is much closer to the Paris agglomeration than Roscoff. Taking into account all these factors, and as you mention, the future port investment plans of Rosslare, things could drastically change. It could well mean that if BF get an attractive offer from Rosslare, it could easily be au revoir Cork.
  15. Already happening from Dub to Z.Brugge with two RoRo behemoths MV Celine and MV Delphine. http://www.cldn.com/sailing_schedules_html/sailing_zee_dublin.html
  16. I was actually more thinking more of Rosslare to Cherbourg, as BF already have operations at Cherbourg. If Rosslare are desperate for more traffic (cheaper charges) and BF want to lower their Brexit exposure...it could be mutually beneficial.
  17. In today's Sunday Independent (Ireland,28/04/19) it reports how Rosslare Port is "actively looking to replace the vacuum left by Irish Ferries" . Their interview with Glen Carr, Port Manager quotes him as saying: "We need to find an operator to take up the vacancy left by Irish Ferries but we need to find that now. I am actively looking at the moment for that. There is nothing from Rosslare to Cherbourg on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday" It will be interesting to see if an operator moves in to fill this vacuum.
  18. Same shipbuilder as Pont Aven... From an exterior / superstructure vantage, the two ships actually look quite similar.
  19. Changes on the Horizon for Brittany Ferries as they Adopt a Fleet-Wide No-Frills Model The Breton shipping company which operates freight and passenger services to France, Spain and Ireland is now adopting a “no-frills” service for their entire fleet. The company once admired for the gourmet food offerings on-board are now set to completely outsource their on-board catering and bar services to a US-based international outsourcing firm. The global outsourced catering firm will now look after restaurants and bars of the entire fleet. It is expected the new firm will replace the Breton company’s deluxe Commodore in-cabin breakfast service with a more slimmed down offering while still “delighting customers with the premium service which they have been accustomed to”. A “long-life” croissant, a soft drink (Coke, Sprite or Dr Pepper) and a complimentary bag of peanuts and / or travel-size tube of Pringles will now supplant the waiter-delivered service. According to Sally Jefferson spokesperson for Global Catering Solutions, Inc the breakfast will now be left in passenger cabins the night before in a new “foil packed” solution which “locks in the freshness”. On-board bars and restaurants will no longer bear unique names like Les Abers or La Flora. Their names will be now be standardised to “Le Bar” and “Le Restaurant”. Jefferson speaking from GCS headquarters in Kansas City, MO claims this new stardardised approach will meet the demands of the modern traveler better “while maintaining a distinctive French flavor”. And it’s not only on-board where passengers are going to notice changes on the horizon. The company’s former flagship the MV Bretagne will be sold to EasyCruise. It’s expected that get full EasyCruise branding treatment - a bright orange colour. She will be converted to a party-ship plying the Carribean catering primarily to North American Spring Break party market. It is expected that her orange glow will be seen for many miles. In order to meet new emissions regulations from Brussels, the company’s current flagship the MV Pont Aven will need her funnel vertically extended by another 5 meters. The MV Normandie will be sold as an offshore accommodation block for oil workers. She will now mainly be a “static” vessel moored off the southern coast of Guandong, China. As part of the companies drive for increased onboard sales, lottery tickets will now be sold on board and advertisements for the tickets will be frequently broadcast during crossings. To further streamline and standardise operations at BF, it is expected that on-board art collections are to be replaced with stock photography and “generic art pieces”. Works from the Scottish artist Alexander Goudie will be replaced with more contemporary images of France such as the Eiffel Tower, man-with-beret carrying a baguette and pictures of a café called “Café du Provence”. For the new Spanish-themed “E-Flexer” class of ship coming onstream next year, passengers will be able to enjoy “contemporary stock art” which, according to the company enables them to enjoy the delights of Spain the moment they step aboard. It is expected these art pieces will include pictures of the Alhambra at sunset, the Guggenheim, a large paella and a sunny beach. Jefferson of Global Catering Solutions, Inc said their on-board catering solutions would reflect the “cuisine of the holiday destination”. She stated “paella would now be offered to those passengers travelling to Spain” while “fish and chips, curry and Shepards Pie” would be offered to passengers traveling to British ports from the Iberian Peninsula. Interesting times ahead for the Breton firm.
  20. Watched that clip - not a great endorsement for sea travel... "It's not even boring...it's just complete nothingness...there is only so many times you wash you pants..."
  21. Some great videos here, from an American perspective, of the Pont Aven experience to Spain. Quite complementary but the guy was disappointed to haul himself up to Deck 10 only to discover there was no bar there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRJpESKki18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxN-rEmn9_k
  22. Are BF's Spanish routes normally this busy in January / Feb?
  23. I noticed this too. This guy posted up a recent Bilbao to Portsmouth crossing on BDS. Go to 9:50 - that car deck is chock-o-block. Looks like a crossing in early August not late January. Is there some sort of last-trip-to-Europe-before-Brexit trend going on?
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