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  1. 1 hour ago, jonno said:

    Wont do her much harm either, aluminium doesn't rust and as she runs on standard diesel fuel she can be re commissioned far quicker than the conventional ferries.


    so what extra steps have to be taken to re-commission conventional ferries after they've been tied up jonno?

  2. 1 hour ago, Choucan said:

    Brittany Ferries head of communications, Nigel Wanncott, said new bookings for summer 2021 are already 50% down on pre-Covid years, and those who have booked in advance are starting to cancel. “We’ve already written off spring. Now people who have booked for summer are beginning to wobble – it’s not an exodus yet but we are worried. A disastrous summer where people are discouraged from travelling would put us in a serious situation.”

    I totally admire the honesty of this statement but he really shouldn't be saying stuff this to a mass media publication....Most tourists are like sheep, they like to follow the crowd. A statement like this could accelerate even more postponements or cancellations. 

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  3. 17 minutes ago, Gareth said:

    The call at Ouistreham still mysterious though

    They're probably picking up you-know-who - that Bear.

    Just the passengers are mainly truck drivers does not mean to say they don't have to be entertained on board.



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  4. 1 minute ago, lg12 said:

    I don't have the impression there is much price competition for the moment (might change soon enough).

    DFDS seems to be the most expensive by about 30%, followed by Stena (same pricing from Dublin or Rosslare), and IF the cheapest (5-10% cheaper than Stena). 

    and BF?

  5. Blimey, operators seem to be lining up to serve Ireland-France now. This could end up being a nasty price war in a few months time. Before we know it, maybe even Moby Lines might be throwing their hat into the ring with a Daffy Duck themed ship.


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  6. On 07/12/2020 at 15:23, Northern_Si said:

    I've just received an e-mail regarding my cross to Spain on Thursday and read the following...

    "To minimise movement across the ship, we ask that you remain in your cabin as much as possible throughout your sailing. No seating will be available in the public areas or on deck."

    Now I might be a bit thick, but you cannot board the ferry to Spain without evidence of a negative PCR COVID-19 test... so technically (I know you can get infected 2 minutes after taking the test), everyone should be clear.  So why not simply implement the rules of Spain that unless you are eating or drinking you wear a mask?  I going to be rather annoyed in the C-Club lounge is closed.

    Unfortunately, in terms of corona virus propagation, a ship has a more elevated risk level than you public spaces on land. Look what happened some of the cruise lines.

    At the same time though, it's still a a lot safer than being ensconced in a metal tube at 35,000 feet!

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  7. 3 hours ago, scarlton said:

    The brand is now more about discovering the destinations served. I'd add a few more fancy words but frankly can't be arsed.


    Yes, basically BF are going to culturally appropriate some Spanish culture and give us a version of Spain onboard that they think the British traveling public want.

    Not a fan of this approach TBH. The Breton theme was much more authentic seeing that the company is from Brittany.


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  8. 13 minutes ago, Ryan_H said:

    I sailed on Pride of Bilbao for the one and only time back in 2009, and would agree with many of the comments about her condition by that stage; she looked very tired and dated compared to any of the BF ships at that time. I would also very much agree that the mini-cruises she did (most of the other passengers seemed to be on mini-cruises) were definitely something to sample with your mates, rather than your significant other. She remains the only ship on which I witnessed a full-blown brawl on the dance floor, in 'Silverstones', complete with beer glasses being thrown around - not even on my 5 Newcastle-Amsterdam trips to date have I seen anything quite like that on any other ferry. 

    She was quite unique in terms of atmosphere alright.

    I remember visiting Silverstones at around 10pm one night and had to make a hasty retreat. It was like a crowded working mans club at sea. However, the nice thing about the ship it's choice and size. Going up to the "Posh Bar" - atmosphere totally different. In fact, it was like being on another ship. During the daytime, Silverstones was just like a normal pub albeit some fantastic stern views of Bay of Biscay. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, jonno said:

    I loved sailing on her to Spain as I did Bretagne & VDL too. For me the difference was the onboard vibe. PoB was the ship you sailed on with your mates, Bretagne, VDL & Pont Aven were the ships you sailed on with the girlfriend/Wife & the kids.

    Whatever the PoB lacked in modernity, she certainly made up for in atmosphere. Likewise, with MV Fortuny a very chill atmosphere onboard.


  10. 1 hour ago, Solo said:

    What everyone is missing is the money BF's customers bring to Brittany and Normandy, if the local Governments subsidise them they are bringing money to the region, ask Chris how much he makes from BF indirectly.  It's off topic but an example from the past, on paper Cornish Tin mines did not make any money but the mine owners also supplied the mines with Coal etc and ran the transport of materials in and Tin ore out, so the profit wasn't in mining but owning the subsidiary businesses.  Remember BF started to transport the farmers produce, not to make money as a ferry company, the profit was in the produce carried.

    Last summer, I stopped at a town in N. Spain called in Jaca, on the foothills of Pyrenees. It was a Thursday night, the town was heaving with tourists who were filling up the cafes, bars, pensions and hotels. A lot of the tourists were English speaking who from earshot we also mentioning words like "boat" "Santander" and "Bilbao". Of course, these were BF customers...

    I remember thinking to myself, some of these autonomous regions of Northern Spain should be giving Brittany Ferries a subvention for landing all these tourists on their doorstep. It's probably not going to happen. But the economic of benefits which BF bring to France and Spain far outweigh any revenue earned by ticket prices.


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  11. 1 hour ago, hhvferry said:

    It was pretty common in the '70s; Finnlines, Gotlandsbolaget, DFDS, Jahre etc all sent their ships cruising, Stena even had a dedicated cruise ship (the current Astoria) which they sent out on long cruises from Gothenburg for years. The divergence between ferry and cruise operators and ferry design and cruise ship design hadn't really got into full swing by then - ships like the Southward and Sunward, Spirit of London, Cunard Ambassador etc were basically modified car ferry designs (if not actual car ferries in some instances).

    The Armorique came from the same design stable as all of those and was built as a two class ship - her first class accommodations were quite good, with en-suite bathrooms in the cabins where most legacy liners which were serving as cruise ships didn't have in huge numbers. I could imagine she would have been quite an effective little cruise ship - and would certainly have looked the part with her superstructure profile using the plans of the Southward as a starting point.

    I remember Sealink used to promote their "Orient Express" (their ship not the train) cruise in their brochures.

  12. 2 minutes ago, cvabishop said:

    I think there are a lot of relatively affluent pensioners who if conditions suddenly returned to normal would be off to France like a shot.

    Yes, BF seem to have tapped into this "affluent pensioner" market very well. Seeing that they are taking a car / campervan to a foreign land with funny road signs, tt is possible they are already a little more braver in their travel decisions.  


  13. There was a travel survey* done recently where car ferries came out on top as one of the most trusted means of public transport.

    So, there is some hope that those displaced air travelers will start to use continental ferry services like BF. And of course, there has been record sales of camper vans this summer, another glimmer of hope for the sector. 


    *( do not have source as it was mentioned on tail-end of radio show)



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