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  1. For shipbuilders are Ro-Ro ships a complex build? (compared to, lets day, a cruise ship or an oil tanker)
  2. Sound advice. You will no sooner have had one bite of your croissant when you will hear the vacate-your-cabin announcement. I'm sure there must be one cafe open in Ouistreham open at that hour.
  3. Great informative post Jonno. Makes one look at the emissions issue in a whole new light. re: the fumes issue I can only imagine the hyperbole if this gets traction on Trip Advisor..."my cabin smelt like an Esso station" blah blah
  4. And what about the wall seating behind these cartoonish chairs - crikey it looks like seating out of a military cargo plane. BF definitely got a designer who failed the "Ergonomics" module of his / her design course. Or possibly their designer attended the Akademie fur Stiffnecken Design.
  5. Seriously weird problem here... On my desktop PC this photos shows Cap Finistere and Bretagne. But when I check on my smartphone...it shows the Cap Finistere and Bretagne BUT when I go to zoom in (on smartphone) the Bretagne mysteriously turns into the Pont Aven! Try it for yourself.
  6. Do you think BF have lost a lot of business due to the indirect competition from the cruise ship market? For example, if you have a retired couple in their sixties planning to do a mini-cruise to Spain. They look at prices for a commodore cabin (because, let's say, a standard cabin is too uncomfortable for them). They then look at the website of MSC (or some other operator) and discover a cruise out of Southhampton for not that much more money. They might then decide that a cruise might be altogether more comfortable, more relaxing and more value. What do you think? Do you think budg
  7. Nice website. I'm sure if they promote it on-board they will get even more input...captive audience and all that. I think it was was Starbucks which started this whole trend of customer idea websites with "My Starbucks Idea". But, for Lego (which has had a Lazarus-like resurrection) their best quality ideas came from their online enthusiast forums. BF take note.
  8. Great photography there. First time I've ever even looked at the atrium roof-light of the Bretagne and it appears to have cloud and bird icons. Will we get a ferry with the same attention to detail as the Bretagne ever again?
  9. This is a business-to-business service. So, who knows what sort of contracts BF have signed with customers agreeing to carry X amount of trailers a year. In fact, theoretically BF could not advertise this service at all and it would still be known about because logistics managers who work for "big fish" (not in the food sense btw...) companies / organisations who deal with the UK / Iberian market won't be long finding out about it. It is, after all, their job.
  10. Yeah there will always be options which for operational reasons cannot scale or are simply not practical for a busy bar on a ferry but Stella...surely BF could have come up with something a little bit better than tasteless fizzy Stella. Their UK-brewed San Miguel offering is not much better - a pale imitation of the original.
  11. The BF English breakfast is top notch. Quality low-salt lean rashers, quality pork sausages and tasty scrambled egg. I guess it's no surprise seeing that BF is owned by farmers co-ops. (and the price extremely fair too)
  12. And rightly so! Simple solution which I'm sure works well for them. Sometimes you have to "train" customers to behave in a certain way and applying charges can really help them make clear decisions.
  13. Not a bad script 8410Commodore! And you're right many of things shown in the advert can be got from a fly-drive holiday as well. Key differentiator missing... I would of have used a little bit of the Stena advertising formula: Picture of a full loaded car on a drive way. Then picture of car driving off or on ferry... It missed the "throw everything in car and go" factor. One difference I notice from last year, is the emphasis on all-inclusive holiday rather than just a ferry passage.
  14. Exactly. Ever notice at 4* or 5* star hotel they will usually have a good selection of premium beers? They know that customers paying a premium rate for their stay will also want a premium beer. BF having Stella as their main draught beer onboard is more Butlins than "cruise-ferry".
  15. Never knew the Cap was like that! Georgem >> Some sort of 'uniqueness' Valid point Georgem...Look at lengths that Royal Carribean went to design a Bionic Bar for their ships. Even the utilitarian Ryanair now talks about the need to make the travel experience "exciting" 18:25 But as has been said on this forum before, it is the cruise lines have set the bar for BF now not their competition. Swimming pool on a ferry...so what...Beauty salon...done before...GPS screens showing position of ship...nah...got one on my phone.... One Trip Advisor poster "Michelle"
  16. Wish list for "Project Pagasus" build 1) Comfortable and atmospheric public seating areas / chill-out zones which are not part of a bar or restaurant. 2) Spacious cabins with more comfortable beds. As alluded to already, Stena Hollandica or Britannia offer good examples. BF cabins are a little bit too small and their beds are more mobile-home than cruise-ferry. 3) Plenty of outdoor deck space with outdoor cafe-bar. They nearly got the latter bit right on the Cap. but for the metal seating. 4) BF need to play up their Breton heritage. Yes, the do this already on the PA +
  17. Yeah, its really down to pot luck. Some winter crossings on the Biscay can be just like a crossing in the summer. Others can be a lot rougher. But the position of your cabin can really help. If on the PA, I would go for a mid-ship cabin on deck 8 or 7. If the weather is bad, deck 5 and 6 cabins on the Pont near the bow can suffer from an awful lot of metallic banging noises as she plys through the water. Not a nice sound to lull you to sleep.
  18. That's a lovely well-crafted PR statement from Stena! Consolidation of operations is of course a major driver behind this historic move. But, in reality, it has been reported in the Irish media for a number of years that the relationship between Stena and Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company has become increasingly fractious over port fees. I don't think that DLHC took Stena's threats to leave Dun Laoghaire seriously. A compromise could have been reached. Alas, it is sad to see another historic ferry route to close.
  19. Re: Who are you?... (Introduce yourself) People talk about Singapore Airlines and Virgin but the BF experience is a gem
  20. Re: Introducing myself.... Very true...it does sum up the BF brand very well. You could say that BF are the Apple of the ferry world.
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