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  1. I think many a hotel and pension owner in Northern Spain would also agree about economics benefits which BF brings to their regions in tourism revenue judging by the amount of UK-registered motorbikes parked outside during the summer months. But Roué seems to be downplaying the benefits Spain gets from BF operations!
  2. The way BF handled this was egregious. I'm sure these winter-sun motor home tourists help BF ticking over out of high-season. For BF to go incommunicado by closing their phones lines leaves a very bad impression. Customers always remember the way a business makes them feel, and in this case I'm sure the feeling was a of a massive let down. I'd imagine these same customers have probably been BF loyalists for years. I can understand the health and safety concerns of crews but they could have easily worked something out. For example, from what I read here and on Tripadvisor, for the sa
  3. A preview of the what the the N.EX might look like next year perhaps? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/04/21/coronavirus-positive-good-news-round-up-future-safe-air-travel/
  4. Does anyone else here think that the "new normal" might mean people staying away from airports while the ferry industry sees a lift in tourist business?
  5. Interesting comment. The ferry travel scenario like you've just described could be one of the few ways (excluding the Chunnel of course) people could still holiday abroad whilst still maintaining social distancing. (I'm sure operators could come up with a system to avoid the scrum for the car decks...)
  6. Thanks Jonno! The placement of it does seem rather odd. PS: I hope you're on the mend...
  7. zuludelta

    What is this?

    This is a clip taken from a YouTube video of Armorique. But can anyone explain the "piping" across the lettering?
  8. @Cabin-boy, If you liked "All the Stations", this makes for some interesting watching. Behind the scenes on the Trans-Siberian Express from Vladivostok to Moscow. Portrays a microcosm of Russian culture too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTE04hyCRBw Get well soon @jonno and @nick hall!
  9. GNV's "Splendid" converts into hospital ship. These really are unprecedented times... https://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/genes-le-ferry-splendid-de-gnv-transforme-en-navire-hopital
  10. But is that not the whole charm of BF? Up until now, they have eschewed boring cookie-cutter-off-shelf builds but instead commissioned custom ships which are a little different. This sort of thinking was the genesis of MV Bretagne after all...
  11. Extremely interesting and elucidating hypothesis @jonno. Certainly helps explains BF's recent investments despite Brexit uncertainty.
  12. Saw the video. Standard cabins "designed as metaphor for beach hut"...Blimey, I don't want my cabin to look to a beach hut. I thought this was meant to be a cruise ferry.
  13. Interesting comments from Stena's head honcho.
  14. Its probably their yield management software at play here. Airlines use this software to allocate X number of first-class seats, Y number of business class seats and Z number of economy class seats to maximise profit on any given route using a particular type of aircraft. Ferry operators are probably using the same revenue maximisation techniques. Its not that BF have anything against footies but they might not just bring in enough revenue or use up cabin space which could be allocated to higher-paying vehicle passengers. As for Etretat having availability in summer, the algorit
  15. you could be like this guy, who gets all his work done on planes... https://www.shankman.com/wrote-28482-words-one-flight-yesterday/
  16. Yes, it will be attached with a tube of Pritt Stick...
  17. Ideally, the ship needs a new fit-out of it's main public areas in the next 2-3 years. Executed right, the WB Yeats could easily be brought up to Viking Grace quality standards!
  18. Structurally, the WB Yeats is a fine ship and she sails very smoothly. However, as you have probably read there are a lot of niggles with this ship. 1) The whole feel of the ship is open plan almost everywhere. There are no nooks and crannies just to chill out, read a book, listen to your iPod or whatever. There is a relatively quiet observation lounge on one of the upper decks, but it feels like it was put in there as an afterthought. 2) In June, July and August the ship feels like a floating creche - screaming kids everywhere. So May is a wise choice. 3) Unfortunately, th
  19. Great and very salient example. The home fitness company Nordic Track nearly went bankrupt for the same reason - their products were too good.
  20. Is the government involved in everything in France Colin?
  21. I don't know. But I was listening to a podcast recently where, upon the introduction of plastic kettles....a lot of people said they would never use one. And today its probably difficult to find a metal one...
  22. Came across this. Large Ro-pax ferries could, in the future, be made of fibreglass. A very interesting concept. I would be interested to hear opinions on this. http://www.fibreship.eu/
  23. Interesting content here on shipbreaking... https://qz.com/emails/quartz-obsession/1752606/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=quartz-obsession
  24. If traveling on the Mont St Michel, may I suggest a hot air vent you can stand beside just under the port side funnel on Deck 9 (?). Not ideal but a close substitute to a hair dryer
  25. I can't understand why ferry companies do this. Their reliable profit comes from freight, surely these drivers should get their own cabins. And I'm sure that these drivers have ways of gaming the system in some way or another in deciding what ferry company to use.
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