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  1. Garth, I can well imagine how a ship or boat could run aground there. I don't think that massive sand spit in Santander bay has any such markers?
  2. Thank Gareth - glad you enjoyed it. So, those "fixed posts" in Portsmouth harbour - they don't illuminate at night do they?
  3. My apologies to everyone who said it was the PA. This was actually the PA! This was taken with an old phone which ( I only remember now) had wrong date/time settings on it! (Massive face palm) Thank you to Giloine for pointing this out!
  4. Giloine - You're right - I might be getting this mixed up. Please let me double check this. STOP PRESS: This might not be the MsM after all...
  5. Thanks for all the responses. But can't believe nobody got it right! It was the Mont St Michel (23:00 Caen - Portsmouth) sailing taken last June! The photo was taken just after I got up - so it would have been around 6am. Here is a photo taken of her the night before in Ouistreham.
  6. Ok, answer will be revealed in 30 minutes. And yes, Gareth is right - it is Portsmouth. But anybody know what ship? (Jonno, it's not BDS!)
  7. Can anyone identify this BF ship and it's approximate location? I hope this is not too easy! A little light relief from all the Brexit talk....
  8. Did'nt know France were into that pepper pot confusion business too...all done to annoy Johnny-Foreigner of course!
  9. Interesting article from the pre-budget airline era of ferry travel. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/travel-big-boats-battle-for-the-bay-of-biscay-thrown-off-course-by-the-channel-tunnel-ferry-1481637.html Anybody know how the subsidised ticket scheme worked out in the end for Basque government and P&O? Did it carry on until the route closed?
  10. Some interesting answers there! In Spanish restaurants, something like this already happens - the pepper is in the one-hole cannister while the salt is in the five-hole one!
  11. I am always pleasantly surprised about the price of food served in BF self-service restaurants. For the quality, it's actually cheaper than a lot of places on land (in France, Ireland, UK or in tourist Spain) Yet, there are people on TripAdvisor and other places online that grumble that the food on BF ships is too dear? Have these people even bought food onboard other lines like DFDS or ever bought a sandwich and a coffee at an airport...
  12. Excellent point. I think its one of the qualities which makes BF ships so appealing. You don't get the impression that they have left outside passenger space as an after-thought. Stena might have their Hollandica and Britannica, which are fine ships, but their outside passenger spaces are tiny in comparison. You don't make the connection with the ship. You can't roam around like on BF. It would be a real shame if BF lose this quality.
  13. Totally agree. It's one small competitive advantage BF have over the airlines and they are just wasting it. Operationally, it might make sense on other routes - not on a route where they have several hours for cleaning.
  14. Just as well this theme-park is not in the US or shipping companies would be suing it for copyright infringement 😁 Then it would probably have to close down...
  15. Anybody know was this launch from the lifeboat itself or from the PA?
  16. Confirmed by Tweeter - ill passenger - bonus photo of lifeboat and launch from the Celtic Sea. https://twitter.com/karolbarry
  17. Disembarkation can be time-consuming even under normal circumstances...I can only imagine the scene given it's now peak summer. I'd say there was a fair few "bloody hell" or "c'est pas vrai" moments from passengers and crew. I hope there were not any Trip "Advisors" onboard to report on it.😁
  18. I agree. I was getting a coffee this morning, there was a job interview going on in the next table. The coffee shop manager was interviewing someone for a job. After 1 minute of pleasantries, his very first question to the candidate was "how well do you handle complaints?" However, I think maybe part of the problem with this incident is that continentals seem to handle complaints different to Anglo-Saxons. The latter sugar-coat every customer transaction whereas the French sometimes just say it how it is. And sometimes that does not go down too well - as we have already seen
  19. Whether it be Stena-owned (usually freight) ships in the Med or the Black Sea - why are so many of them registered in London or Glasgow? Does the UK offer Stena a half-way house between Gothenburg and Limasol?
  20. Or, it could be the "fish-watchers"...
  21. Are there any plans for new builds for Oslo-Copenhagen?
  22. Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia's deputy ambassador at the UN tweeted: "An interesting chain of miscalculations. Never imagined this could be possible in a modern navy." Perfect material for Have I got News for You....😉
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