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  1. RayWild

    Plymouth - Roscoff disadvantaged again

    Live over here in Finistere in Brittany and the moaning you hear about the Roscoff/Plymouth winter timetables is unbelievable. Many folk want to visit family for Xmas and/or the New Year but do not want to drive to remote (to us) ports only to have to drive all the way back to Cornwall etc.
  2. RayWild

    Is queuing a thing of the past?

    My wife and my look on this is, "We all go together." First in line, last on board we all go together.
  3. Agree with Millsy re the acoustics I'm fairly deaf and cannot make out any announcements. My wife who has very good hearing has the same problem due to the distortion in the system. Never found anything open yet!
  4. RayWild

    French Speed Limit Changes

    Some tips for driving in Finistere. They, the locals, do not know the word "courtesy". They do not accelerate joining dual carriageways or motorways they just push in at the end of the slip road. They do not drop down a gear or anticipate hills. They stick in top gear until they lose all speed then drop down a gear. They do not follow the roads around car parks they go diagonally and are very dangerous. As I understand it they will continue at 90kph whatever the law says!
  5. RayWild

    Grumps corner

    People with pets at Plymouth should be put in their own line to book in. I'm fed up watching folk going backwards and forwards with a scanner. Even worse when they can't remember which of their dumb pets they are scanning. Women with strident voices talking in the bar!
  6. This is a copy of a posting I put on another forum about lack of customer service on the Pont Aven and BF. Well that was the worst journey we’ve ever had in 16 years part time in Brittany! To set the scene, Monday April the 23rd is our 45th wedding anniversary. We booked our normal crossing cabin etc but afterwards unbeknown to Anne I upgraded us to a Deluxe cabin and we were to have a romantic meal in the “Le Flora” restaurant. Left Selby at 0630 and on the drive to Plymouth we had four HORRENDOUS traffic jams! Then,nearly at the end of the M5 we received a text from BF saying that the crossing was delayed until 23.15 because of technical difficulties with the boat. This was reported in the Embarkation lounge, Plymouth, as due to bad weather! Within 30 minutes we got another text to say that the “posh” restaurant would not be opening for the evening meal. Things definitely going tits up! On arrival in Plymouth, finally after many hours of waiting we went through the security checks and waited for ages with no information about what was happening, On board. We went to our cabin with no staff telling us the way only to find that it was still being cleaned. An hour later there was a tannoy announcement that cabins weren’t available yet due to cleaning!!!! There never was an announcement when they were ready! So we decided to use the self service cafe only to find a queue a mile long for the cooked dinners. So our romantic meal finished up as two mozarella and salami sandwiches. Next morning we had to go and ask for our cabin breakfast and were then told to leave the cabin early so it could be cleaned for the next trip. Yes I know the journey down England was nothing to do with BF. However, the text was sent very late they knew hours before that there were problems.
  7. Just saved our annual subscription on our first trip across in February 2018.
  8. RayWild

    Security, what is your opinion.

    As said previously; with the form you fill in giving names, car reg etc and the ANPR cameras at the ports they know all about the passengers before you even arrive at "security". Once arrived at Plymouth and the security lass asked us where our grandson Aiden was? He often travelled with us as a toddler but was now at school!!!! They know!
  9. RayWild

    AIS apps

    I use http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/ for free and http://brittany-ferries.hauwell-studios.com/
  10. RayWild

    Sleeping direction !

    After an 8 hour flog from North Yorkshire ( Thank you the Highways Agency morons for the M5 cockup roadworks :mad: ) I could sleep stood up!!!
  11. RayWild

    French Filling Stations

    I made the mistake of using the HGV pump in our local Leclercs, they held the difference between my top up (around €30) and the max allowed €299 for 5 days!
  12. RayWild

    Plymouth hotels 2017

    Does anyone know why most of Plymouth's "large" hotels are already booked up for August 2017?
  13. RayWild

    Bridge Visits

    Visited Pont Aven bridge 3 times. First time with baby grandson then when he was 5 (I think). Last time was when BF had their 40th anniversary that coincided with ours. I always contact the BF customer relations department.
  14. RayWild


    Thanks for that Skipcool3, job done. Forwarded the link.
  15. RayWild


    How do friends try to claim compensation from BF for being delayed for a day travelling Roscoff to Plymouth?