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  1. My daughter and her family returned to England yesterday 17th August. On disembarking they were all told to follow diversions through Plymouth due to roadworks.Never heard of this before but she says it took 90 minutes to go from the port to the A38! This was with a fairly empty ferry. Any locals have more info please?
  2. Being cynical I think that you got compensation because you mentioned your problems on here. BF have a presence on here and saw what a bad light they were being cast in so "hey presto" compo!
  3. Thanks David Williams!!! Used the porno site private window 🤣 and booking went through like magic! Ta very muchly!
  4. Didn't realise BF were having so many problems on their "improved" site. This is a copy of my email to them yesterday. After 4 attempts to book a ferry crossing I'm losing the will to live! I am a Club Voyage member (******) and have booked with you for many years. However, today I even got as far as entering my credit card number and on entering I finished up back on "What route do you want" Similarly on another attempt entered date of crossing and guess what? Third time as far as cabin requirements, entered and guess where I ended up? Last attempt and
  5. YES, Ty Mikos in Cduf. Only for coffees though. If you pass through the town call in, very friendly staff and locals. In the town square.😁
  6. Well that was interesting, the route chosen PduF to Cdu F was as I expected down narrow country lanes. So narrow, cars and HGV's had to nearly stop to pass each other! The return journey was done differently on wider roads so that HGV's didn't have to pass each other. However, it was about twice as long as using the D36! Roll on Friday!
  7. Very interesting! At 16.00 hours I was stood in the lane by my house when a car pulled up and a young lady called me by my name. No idea who she is! She was trying to get from PduF to CduF and did I know the detour because there was nothing on the road down, just that it was closed. Typical France!
  8. If you are landing at Roscoff and going south through Plonevez du Faou and Chateauneuf du Faou please be aware that the junction of the D36 and the N164 is closed as part of the N164 upgrading to dual carriageway. It will be closed from today. Monday 20/5/19 until Friday 24/5/19. Unfortunately there has been no advance warning of where the diversions will take you! I live at the side of the D36 and there is no traffic noise whatsoever.
  9. Live over here in Finistere in Brittany and the moaning you hear about the Roscoff/Plymouth winter timetables is unbelievable. Many folk want to visit family for Xmas and/or the New Year but do not want to drive to remote (to us) ports only to have to drive all the way back to Cornwall etc.
  10. My wife and my look on this is, "We all go together." First in line, last on board we all go together.
  11. Agree with Millsy re the acoustics I'm fairly deaf and cannot make out any announcements. My wife who has very good hearing has the same problem due to the distortion in the system. Never found anything open yet!
  12. Some tips for driving in Finistere. They, the locals, do not know the word "courtesy". They do not accelerate joining dual carriageways or motorways they just push in at the end of the slip road. They do not drop down a gear or anticipate hills. They stick in top gear until they lose all speed then drop down a gear. They do not follow the roads around car parks they go diagonally and are very dangerous. As I understand it they will continue at 90kph whatever the law says!
  13. People with pets at Plymouth should be put in their own line to book in. I'm fed up watching folk going backwards and forwards with a scanner. Even worse when they can't remember which of their dumb pets they are scanning. Women with strident voices talking in the bar!
  14. This is a copy of a posting I put on another forum about lack of customer service on the Pont Aven and BF. Well that was the worst journey we’ve ever had in 16 years part time in Brittany! To set the scene, Monday April the 23rd is our 45th wedding anniversary. We booked our normal crossing cabin etc but afterwards unbeknown to Anne I upgraded us to a Deluxe cabin and we were to have a romantic meal in the “Le Flora” restaurant. Left Selby at 0630 and on the drive to Plymouth we had four HORRENDOUS traffic jams! Then,nearly at the end of the M5 we received a text from BF saying that the
  15. Just saved our annual subscription on our first trip across in February 2018.
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