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  1. Not sure if it's changed since I checked yesterday but looking at the timetables PA is not due back till May 19th with 1st sailing being from Plymouth to Spain. If that's the case then does seem a long time for repairs to be done.
  2. The PA will now arrive in Cork at 3pm tomorrow afternoon but she now seems to be heading back to Roscoff.
  3. Macc2010

    BF Refits 2018-19

    i love the new logo but on her maybe they should had waited till she got a full paint job as in the middle of her you can tell where they have added new white paint. just looks a bit odd as the middle of her looks whiter then the rest of her.
  4. Would BF not have started planing for this Christmas and New year as into March now so would had though planing would be underway or is it a bit early?
  5. Would Dublin not be too far away as in the time it would take to get there and back?
  6. Some photos just taken of The PA in the spring portsmouth sunshine from The Clipper.
  7. Going by the Condor ferries website for Saturday it looks like there will be a walkout by the dockers in St Malo so may see PA going to Cherbourg friday night like she has done before in walkouts.
  8. There use to be a live radio website where we could listen to ships and QHM & Southampton VTS but for some reason i can not for the life of me find it. so is it still going and if so can someone put a link up please.
  9. Macc2010

    BF Refits 2018-19

    When was the last time she had a paint job? she does look a bit of a mess have to say.
  10. Does anyone know why The PA has raced across the channel at some 23 knots all the way and has just arrived in St Malo at 02.45am? Take it they wont be chucking passengers at this time of the morning.
  11. Happy Christmas to all on site from up here in the North. To anyone going on the PA for her Christmas cruise hope you have a super time and look forward to seeing any photos.
  12. i tweeted them yesterday and this is the answer i got back.
  13. I have just done a test booking on there website and the King is away during Jan and the Princess is away from Mid Feb with sailings every 2 days till almost end of March. so does look like no other ship with do her cover which if true then does seem very odd indeed.
  14. is The Arm not due to do a Poole run tomorrow?
  15. Must be a nightmare for BF bosses at the moment with ports blocked and the weather.
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