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  1. Going by the Freight timetable she is going to Cherbourg tonight.
  2. if you could stay at home for 2 weeks when you got back from say a Mini Cruise would you still go at the moment? i am asking as i want to do a DFDS Mini cruise from Newcastle while the ships are not as full and could stay at home for the 14 days when got back but something in my head is asking me is it the right thing to do? what are peoples views as i am sure there are people out there which will still go away and then stay home for 14 days when got back. also could Border force stop anyone from doing a trip like a Mini cruise even if DFDS are still selling them?
  3. They are still selling Mini Cruises for this week which i would had though they would have stopped selling like P&O have. have to say i need a break and would take up a mini cruise with them this week but can not do the 14 days staying at home.
  4. Can we take it that BF will not be running the Christmas and New Year cruises this year? Looking at the timetables for PA she still has the 3 nights for Christmas and New year free but by then they could still not have ships full so would it be worth them no doing them this year?
  5. St Malo sailings have now gone till July 17th.
  6. lONA has been built. she has now has been moved round to Rotterdam. she is getting nearer!!!!
  7. Sailings have been cancelled up to June 15th which looks like they were done today as yesterday they were up till June 1st. Also on the freight they have got the freight timetables up till June 15th.
  8. When sailings can start again how long would it take BF to get ships ready again? i take it that it would be just a couple of days to get restocked and sail to the right ports.
  9. Yes sorry to say but do think that will happen sometime this week. such a sad time at the moment and sometimes think its all a dream.
  10. We had a Cruise booked with MSC next month which was cancelled by them and they will no refund and only will give a voucher. they all seem to think they all do not need to stick to the law.
  11. Bretagne has just left St Malo heading to Portsmouth due in at 7am. so looks like she will stay in Portsmouth.
  12. Do we know where Bretagne will be going after she unloads in Portsmouth tomorrow morning?
  13. Well today Stena Edda goes into service tonight from Liverpool at 9.30pm. i will be on her so will get some photos and post on here.
  14. Great shot but Which ships bow is that?
  15. is anyone having issues getting onto FSG's building hall webcam? it keeps coming up with a login box asking for a username and password but number 2 webcam is working ok.
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