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  1. is anyone having issues getting onto FSG's building hall webcam? it keeps coming up with a login box asking for a username and password but number 2 webcam is working ok.
  2. The sailing that BDS is now doing to Bilbao later tonight was not on there when i looked early yesterday morning so have they just added that sailing?
  3. Going back to the Portsmouth to Le Havre service which has been cancelled on Boxing day and back again on Dec 27th that would have been ran by BDS. i see from the timetables that her sailing this morning down to Spain has been cancelled so i dont think it would be because she would have been in the wrong place as from this morning she is not in service till Dec 28th from Portsmouth to Spain so she will be in Portsmouth from this morning till Dec 28th. maybe low numbers on the cancelled sailings so saying its to do with the weather. where is she going to go till then?
  4. Have to say i know we do not know the reasons for it but at this time of year its a bit out of order for crew to start refusing to work for whatever reason. we had it with PA crew a few years ago at Christmas time so hope its not CF time this year.
  5. Why have the crew refused to work? also is it the hotel crew or bridge crew?
  6. Her 21.30 sailing to Le-Havre was cancelled due to Strike action as is her 17.00 sailing back to Portsmouth today.
  7. About a week ago BF put out a tweet about both cruises with a link to the page on website so looks like they are trying to get people to book. Trouble is no one can ever work out what's cabin grade's have sold out or what are left as they don't update that on the price page on website where all the cabin prices are.
  8. I booked mine the other day and they still had every grade of cabins left. I went for a 2 berth inside for me and the lady of the house.
  9. Have to say you are right it was announced back in Aug as it's almost word for word on what is on the BF website. Copy & paste is a good thing!!!!!
  10. What Shipyard will DFDS send the pair to get the work done? Shame that Moby will no doubt paint there 2 new ships like the rest of there fleet.
  11. Thinking about doing the Christmas trip but wanted to know can you come and go from the ship anytime while alongside and what kind of things do they put on during the day time on both Christmas and boxing day?
  12. Looks like PA is holding off from sailing to Cork till later this morning as still on her berth and Ais has her as arriving Cork at 17.30pm.
  13. is it not why Ships have radar So they can still see in fog?
  14. Tony if you look at her tracking she didn't even make it passed the breakwater into Plymouth so looks like as you say it may be down to the weather. Also strange that there is nothing on BF website or even Twitter about it.
  15. It looks like Armorique has had issues getting into Plymouth tonight as she is still sat outside breakwater since around 7pm. Going by her Ais track she has been going round in circles for last couple of hours.
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