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  1. There was problems with the TVs in our return crossing. Going out we had all of the English channels including BBC, ITV, E4 etc. Bur coming back none of the TVs on board could pick up the English channels. We did have access to the bow cam, but as it was dark we could not see much and a map showing our location.
  2. That is exactly what it is, a standard 4 berth outside cabin with a TV and kettle with a selection of tea, coffee and hot chocolate with paper cups. I did a day trip to Roscoff from Plymouth on the Bretagne in March with a Club cabin on deck 6 outward and on deck 8 homeward. Going the cabin was just behind the Information desk and the cabin was OK but when coming in and out of port at low speeds the vibrations in the ceiling panels were very noisy, once we were out of Plymouth they settled down. Coming back the first cabin we were in, the heating control on the ceiling didn't work and was blowing constant cold air, so we were moved to a different cabin on deck 8. This was fine apart from the lock on the door was tempermental and the TV was not showing any British TV channels. The cabin was OK, but I much prefer those on the Armorique and the Pont Aven. As a side note we were parked on Deck 4 going out and Deck 5 coming back. I preferred deck 5 vastly as there was a lot more headroom and as it was quieter more space between cars. Going out the tail gate hit the bulk head above, where a screw was sticking out which dented and chipped the paint on the tailgate, so if you are parked on deck 4 go careful.
  3. We were on the Bretagne Tuesday and Wednesday this week on a return from Plymouth to Roscoff and the illuminated letter is still missing. I agree with some that she is indeed showing her age in the cabin department, compared to those on the Pont Aven and Armorique which are more modern and spacious. They are getting tatty, particularly in the shower room with chipped and grubby fittings and miss matched ceiling panels. We booked a Club 4 cabin in both directions 6703 outbound and 8304 inbound and ended up moving to 8100 on the return journey as the heating control on the ceiling was broken and would not stop spitting out cold air. The locks were problematic as well having difficulty getting in to 8100 resulting in a man from the Information Desk having to come up who looked thoroughly inconvenienced.
  4. Thank you all for your help. A different car is on the way, arrivingood next week, so I've just changed the registration number online without a fee. Thank you once again
  5. OK thanks for the reply, the new car will be of the same size just a different make
  6. I have a booking to travel from Plymouth to Roscoff in March. Due to my car sadly failing it'seems MOT spectacularly and due to a series of problems I have encountered, the garage that I purchased the car from will probably be swapping the car to a different one in the next couple of weeks. This will be before I travel. Am I able to change the registration of the car on the booking? and if so how much is this likely to cost?
  7. Re: Morlaix buses When in Morlaix, both on a Weekday and on a Saturday we have caught a bus to the Casion hypermarket. They were very frequent and around 1 Euro each way. I think it was the number 1
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