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  1. And they are renamed as GNC Chrystal and GNV Atlas.
  2. Docking period DFDS Princess Seaways on Youtube:
  3. And she's running her normal service on the route Naples-Palermo, with her twin sister Olau Britannia.
  4. Some pictures at the DFDS website: Refit Princess Seaways 2016 Gdansk by DFDS Netherlands
  5. DFDS Princess (grand mother) Seaways now sails north of the Dutch islands. I.s.o. some years ago she had a delay because a fire in the funnel. This time she is expected on time at IJmuiden port, on thursday morning.
  6. According to MarineTraffic DFDS Princess Seaways is still at Gdansk. From thursday 18th she is scheduled tot sail IJmuiden - Newcastle, so she must leave Gdansk within shorter than a day, to be on time for embarking thurdsday at about 15:00 hours.
  7. DFDS Princess Seaways has more works to do. She left IJmuiden heading to Poland (Gdansk), according tot AIS. ETA Thursday 21th januar 06:00 hrs. Five more days of environment polution caused by DFDS i.s.o. do their repair/maintenance on a near by dock (Amsterdam? or Rotterdam?) like Stena Line does.
  8. With a small delay King Seeways departed to Newcastle. Princess moved to another quay. The Original DFDS docking schedule: http://www.dfdsseaways.nl/reisvoorbereiding/vaarschema/actueel
  9. Princess Seaways has carried out her service Newcastle-IJmuiden last night. King Seaways seems to be ready for service two days earlier than scheduled. Since some minutes ago Princess and King chanched position in IJmuiden. Should the King do the sailing for the Princess so that Princess goes for docking earlier than the scheduled 20th januar???
  10. DFDS King Seaways now sailing from Amsterdam westbound.
  11. DFDS King Seaways had yesterday her scheduled sailing from Newcastle to IJmuiden and was yesterday afternoon involved with a safety training. She sailed this morning from IJmuiden tot Amsterdam. At AIS: http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:159262/zoom:10
  12. I hope in the country where DFDS get their customer's money from: the UK or the Netherlands, but i am afraid Denmark.
  13. DFDS Princess Seaways departed from IJmuiden to Newcastle. According to the Dutch DFDS website: "Dokperiode 2016 KING Seaways - 5 januari t/m 19 januari" "Dokperiode 2016 PRINCESS Seaways - 20 januari t/m 17 februari​"
  14. After have been sailed fore som five years on the route Naples - Palermo, the SNAV Sardegna (OLAU Hollandia-2) is now sailing between Sete (France) and Mador (Marokko). With a speed of 18,6 knots she now passes Barcelona southbound. http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/...277999/zoom:10
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