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  1. Late. Still - much nicer than "Etretat" - and less likely to melt. M/V Baie de Seine Captain Southsea
  2. Re: Moby Corse But surely BF only saw her as a stop-gap until the "Armorique" turned up, and as such, investing too much cash into her would probably been a waste.
  3. Re: Ferry to Norway??? Unless the Granite City natives scared them off [*] More seriously, with the notable exception of a certain ex-RBOS manager, who the hell can afford the prices that they're charging for the Norway-Iceland "cruises"? "Norröna" looks like a very nice ship, and, having travelled on the original (almost-carbon-copy-of-"Quiberon"-but-I'm-not-getting-involved-in-that-argument-again) "Norröna", I was semi-formulating a plan for a Top Gear type roadtrip next year. Looks as if that's been consigned to the bin. M [*] - I'm Scottish (BBO), so I'm allowed to say this sort of stuff.
  4. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Actions before words, je crois?
  5. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV Hmm. Looking at the images on "shipspotting" (the site which has the slowest backend in the world?), it doesn't seem that they've done a huge amount externally, even after nearly 6 months of having the ships. Perhaps they've concentrated on the passenger areas? (ducks and runs)
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