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  1. Ah ok, it is possible then. And likely. Thanks. I think we can forget a canal transit on the 4th then.
  2. Having asked that question, on looking more closely, it is not apparent that bunkering facilities even exist at Suez.
  3. Oh, I think she could probably do by the evening of the 3rd. She’ll be in the Red Sea by teatime on the 1st, and it’s probably not significantly more than 48 hours from the Strait up to Suez. I agree the early afternoon ETA is looking a bit optimistic. Incidentally, the 4th for the transit was only my early speculation (based on getting to Suez on the 3rd). There is no definite info (that I’ve seen) to that effect, and it could be a later date. The indications we are getting of possible arrival in Portsmouth could fit with Suez canal transits any time between 4th and, say, 6th October
  4. Galicia has now passed the turning point in towards the Gulf of Aden and has joined the line of the recommended transit corridor. Should take between 24 and 36 hours to get to the Bab al Mandab Strait and into the Red Sea.
  5. There's off-topic and there's off-topic! 🤣
  6. I was unsure whether she would trial at Bilbao. (or Brest! 😉).
  7. Aw Tony, even I could have told you they would be Portsmouth, Cherbourg and Santander! 🤣
  8. Yes, it turns out the new information isn’t new at all (it has been well established from the Rabe investigation that there is a hole in the side). What is new is that the authorities appear to now be willing to concede it.
  9. Interesting. So directly to Portsmouth first then. And it will be the Stena crews that carry out the berthing trials? That seems a bit strange to me. The dry docking in Santander will presumably (and presuming it happens?) take place after the handover to Brittany Ferries (?).
  10. I agree Port Said to Algericas will take 3 days. That could get her there late on the 7th. Refuelling maybe a good 8 hours. Then the passage round to Santander shouldn't take much more than 24 hours. Maybe 30. Yes, Ok, putting that together, perhaps 9th (some time in the morning) is more likely for Santander. Is a quick dry docking (for whatever purpose that is for) and berthing trials doable in a day? Possibly. Then Portsmouth on the 11th is just about feasible. Tight, but feasible. All depends what this dry docking is about. If it’s for a full hull antifoul then forget it, but if
  11. She’s certainly making very good progress. Assuming she transits the canal on 4 October, she could be in Algericas by 7 October and Santander on the 8th.....
  12. Dry docking? Why do they need to do that? (She’s brand new!). Also....surprised she’ll fit the dry dock at Astander. But I guess that must be an indication that reflagging will happen in Santander. Presumably then, after the dry docking, the Stena crews can take the BF crews out for a spin in the bay (sorry, sea trials) to familiarise themselves with the ship, and then the BF crews can carry out the berthing trials at the BF berth in Santander before taking the ship to Portsmouth.
  13. According to what I’ve read, the hull was holed in one compartment.
  14. Indeed. And on the edge of the HRA. Should be well on her way to the turn in towards the Gulf of Aden by tomorrow night. I’ve been wondering, Tony. Could the handover to BF crew (and corresponding change of registry to the French ensign) be slated to happen during the call at Algericas? I presume they will want to undertake berthing trials in Santander on the way past, and that berthing trials really need to be at the hands of the BF crews to be fully meaningful?
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