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  1. If they’re going to take more foot passengers then they need to do something about improving the foot passenger boarding facilities.
  2. It’s just unnecessary staffing isn’t it? I tend to agree about two Spanish ports, and nearly mentioned them in my post. But the level of traffic is not quite comparable. BF operates 11 departures per week from Spain. 4 from Cork.
  3. Absolutely Paul. It won’t have any bearing on decison-making. Just another indication of the changing character of the company’s product.
  4. One of the things that has distinguished BF in the past (I’m sure by accident rather than design) is the fact that, in general, its ports and their environs are worthy destinations in their own right. The classic BF ports of Portsmouth, Poole, Plymouth, St Malo, Roscoff and Santander are gems of places that are a delight to sail in and out of and where is is more than possible to spend an enjoyable day visiting. Ouistreham itself may not have much to commend it, but the surrounds of D-Day heritage give it unique appeal. Cherbourg is worthy of a visit. The move of the Bilbao terminal out of town, and operating to Le Havre, marked a move away from this phenomenon. But dropping the charms of Cork harbour for the functional industrial blandness of Rosslare Europoort would be in a different league. It would actually become the first BF port that I would have no interest in sailing to just for the sake of it.
  5. It wouldn’t make sense for BF to run from two different Irish ports (sailings are not frequent enough), so if Chris is right then that would surely signal the beginning of the end of BF’s association with Cork. I think that would be a shame, if that happened.
  6. Thanks SC. Actually the side-on schematic fits more with what I had envisaged. The photos that were posted makes the hole area look further forward than it is.
  7. I suspect it’s more likely to be a case of someone hearing something and getting the wrong end of the stick than a whistleblower. If it’s true then it will become more widely known in time. For the time being, I suspect (and I believe Hinkley agrees) we should treat this as just a rumour and nothing more.
  8. Don't tell me - it's coming back now, and you've remembered you dropped it into Normandie's bow thruster!
  9. Back to PA's hole. (The new one, that is). I have to confess to being surprised (but perhaps I shouldn't be) by how far forward it is. For some reason I always think of the engines as being in the back of the boat rather than the middle.
  10. Careful - they might send you a bill for being the one responsible for wrecking the engine!
  11. We may do, Hinkley, but before we get there, it would be useful if you could give us a pointer to where you found the information. 😀
  12. My thought too. Neither can it (yet) be considered "news". Have moved to a more appropriate place.
  13. Believe what you want LHC, but I’m sorry, I’m not going to get involved in rewriting history. As I said previously, to date there has been no development of Ouistreham at all since P&O pulled out. Current provision is exactly the same as it was then.
  14. Was with you all the way up to here. But I think you’ve got this point totally the wrong way round. It was as a direct result of the development of Ouistreham, systematically from 1986 to become the route of choice to Normandy, that both Cherbourg and Le Havre declined to the point of being no longer viable. And the fleet provision for the Ouistreham route has not actually changed since P&O pulled out - it was MSM and Normandie then, and it’s MSM and Normandie now. So all of Ouistreham’s development to date was before P&O pulled out, and until Honfleur arrives it won’t have developed at all since that day.
  15. We’ll have to see what they do. No commentators are realistically expecting EU ratification to be anything other than a formality. But in the mean time, this thread must not become political and must stay on the topic of the facts of travel to the EU after next Friday.
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