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  1. Gareth

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    EoW by any chance?! 😀
  2. Gareth

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Is VoW another one-off, or are there sisters in the pipeline?
  3. Gareth

    Flexible Pricing

    Bottles of wine are the same price in the bar as in the restaurant. Don’t know about self-service but I can’t imagine why it would be different there than in the other places.
  4. Gareth

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    I am led to believe that BF is still deliberating on this.
  5. Thanks Scarlton. Let’s hope the experiment pays off and that the case for a proper BF ship is esrablished by the end of next year. Are you able to confirm that the route will continue next year?
  6. Not exactly full is she. Especially for mid-August. Great photos but loading appears to be consistent with what tarbyonline has told us about how the route us doing.
  7. Gareth

    Flexible Pricing

    Price in pub = £4 to £5, depending on where in the country you are. BF prices are very reasonable.
  8. Gareth

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    And the reason it matters is.......? (Everyone is entitled to his/her view 😉).
  9. Gareth

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    And so difficult to see tonight’s departure ex-Plymouth getting away much before 2am!
  10. Gareth

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    This afternoon’s departure from Roscoff and this evening’s from Plymouth must surely also be affected, although there’s nothing on the sailings update page about them yet. After that, she should be ableto get back to normal tomorrow (assuming the problem, whatever it was, is fixed). As Richie says, it would be interesting to know what the problem was.
  11. Gareth

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Not sure why this is “typical”. I can’t think when this has happened before.
  12. Gareth

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Three sailings affected in all. 1500 ex-Plymouth today, 2300 ex-Roscoff today and 0800 ex-Plymouth tomorrow. So all Armorique.
  13. Gareth

    Patience needed

    Glad the early boarding worked out ok Wortley - I thought it would. Must have been quite something watching those fireworks from Le Flora. Yes, it takes a good while to disembark from deck 4. Bretagne deck 5 gets all the bad press, but I reckon Pont Aven deck 4 takes just as long. One advantage of PA deck 4 is that you can peek over the side and get a good view of everything going on down below!
  14. Gareth

    Baie de Seine to leave BF Fleet/ Stena Eflexer to replace

    That explains why BDS remains in the BF schedules through next year!
  15. Gareth

    Dieppe Seaways

    I’m totally lost on what this thread is about! The only vessel bearing a name similar to the above to have served on Newhaven-Dieppe was called Dieppe. And she was a long way from being a superfast (a superfast would get nowhere near getting into either port in any case) - she was essentially a freighter!