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  1. Looks like a good improvised alternative day!
  2. What one always does in Jersey - go to the zoo! 🤣 Happy Fathers’ Day Ed.
  3. To be fair (and I am one of the most vocal critics of the new website and the new fleet tracker), the spurious ship information is nothing to do with the website. It happened occasionally with the old website too. It is to do with blips in the AIS data received from the ships. With the system relying on real-time data transmitted by satellite from ships out at sea, it is understandable that there are occasional anomolies when the data received from them gets broken or corrupted for some reason (that is probably to do with environmental conditions).
  4. Fair point, thanks for making it.
  5. Gareth


    Nothing like a few triangle fragments to intice them! 🤣 (See - managed to do that without using the B word and without having to resort to corny baking quips!) 😀
  6. Well, there you go. Market Research strikes again! 🙄
  7. Well, it’s not as if they put up the new website oblivious to the criticism it was going to receive. They tested it out on us, invited our feedback, received loads (all of it constructive) and then ignored most of it.
  8. Looks like she’s gone onto the roro berth. That seems a positive move to me, as it probably means she has gone there to re-store.
  9. The inadequacies of the new site are well documented here. The only people who seem to think it is an improvement on its predecessor are BF developers and employees.
  10. I think you’ve totally missed David’s point. She will not be carrying passengers on her repositioning trip from Brest to Roscoff.
  11. She will almost certainly need sea trials before re-entering service. In theory they could happen as late as Friday morning, as it’s only a short hop around from there to Roscoff where she is due to re-enter service. Only problem with leaving it that late is.....it’s not a lot of notice if the sea trials are not successful!
  12. I looked back to the OP to understand the context in which the tag “forgotten vessel” was applied to Bretagne. It is clear that this was intended to mean forgotten / overlooked (and neglected) by the company, rather than forgotten by enthusiasts.
  13. In my view, Bretagne has aged far better than Normandie. Normandie feels scruffy, worn, cramped and dated (athough, in her defence, that may be because of the inevitable direct comparison with her running mate MSM). It’s also entirely understandable as she is probably the member of the current fleet that has had the hardest life. Maybe I’ll feel differently about Normandie when she is sailing to Le Havre - and maybe I’ll feel differently about MSM when she is sailing alongside Honfleur. And maybe I would feel differently about Bretagne if she had a running mate (like PA) sailing directly against her on the St Malo route. I guess it’s all relative - but on a straight comparison between Bretagne and Normandie, I think Bretagne wins by a country mile.
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