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  1. Gareth

    2021 Timetables

    Just a quick note to record that a number of off-topic posts have been removed. This thread is about the 2021 timetables, which have been part-released, what they show and by extension what can be logically inferred from what has been published about those bits that haven’t yet. It is not about speculative discussion of what BF might / might not / should / should not do about certain ports / routes at some other point in the future not connected with these published timetables. (And especially not where those speculations have already been aired ad nauseam in the forum). 😉
  2. Gareth

    2021 Timetables

    I’m puzzled by this phrase “winter timetable routes”. If this is what they are talking about releasing then that will presumably cover sailings only up to about the end of March. On the other hand, David’s intel mentioned a date of “1 November 2021” which the timetables will go up to. They can’t both be right.
  3. Of course not! What Tony means is that she is not suffering from a technical fault at the current time, and if he says that then it is probably true. The wider issue of whether there is anything “wrong” with her is partly a matter of subjective opinion. For example, some may think she is too big for the route. Or too slow. Or too high. Or too blue.
  4. That’s quite a sweeping statement! 😉
  5. I was thinking a Vissentini 🤣
  6. The same phenomenon is true for That Funnel! 😀. (It doesn’t really even ruin Deck 9 from onboard).
  7. Ok thanks Chris. I know Goodwill has frequently used berth 2 in those circumstances, and if any ship since the 80s could fit berth 1 then it would probably have been her. But didn’t know whether she had actually used it. Not at all - no ref to NEX was made, and no value judgement implied 😉. It’s merely a fact that, since probably the demise of Sealink and CIF at Portsmouth, regular operational use of berth 1 has been pretty much confined to HSCs and not to ships. Unless BF used it on occasion for some of their smaller ships like Duchesse Anne or Breizh Izel, then the last ships I remember using berth 1 were the Papenburgers and Earl William. (Or did Condor used to use it before berth 5 was constructed?).
  8. Must be the first time a proper ship has docked at berth 1 for many years.
  9. Gareth

    2021 Timetables

    Some hard thinking to do, I guess, about the peripheral routes (particularly Le Havre and Cherbourg) in light of the cancellation of Honfleur and possible ongoing covid-related onboard restrictions. As well as the arrival of Galicia. From what was said in that statement, I wouldn’t be surprised if the schedules look more different from the previous year’s schedules than we have become used to in recent times.
  10. Wouldn’t that be something more like “I didn’t know we sailed to Cork”? 😳
  11. A certain Mr. C. Gull methinks 😉
  12. Normandie is at sea (presumably undertaking trials) ahead of re-entering service tonight with the 2300 from Caen. I assume she will head in to dock at her home port once MSM has cleared the berth on this afternoon’s 1630 departure.
  13. Indeed - he's a week late. But confidence was not high (in BF management) in the first place, so probably not much harm done!)
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