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  1. I don’t believe it! I said it as a joke - but she DID use the North Channel!! 😇
  2. There’s a good example of such a design on top of Pont Aven! 😉
  3. Has the North Channel made its appearnace in the updates yet?! 🤣
  4. No longer subject to change I see. Is there any indication of the route in?
  5. One thing that has become slightly striking in this thread, without really being noticed, is just how common cathedral fires seem to be.
  6. One can certainly conclude that they have no plans to close down.
  7. Not quite yet. Still south of the Eddystone.
  8. I am looking forward to the “arriving Easter Sunday entering via the North Channel, subject to change” update! 🤣
  9. Gareth

    Pont Aven - Problem?

    Nothing yet on the Updates page if the sailing has been diverted to Plymouth.
  10. All that said, it looks this morning as if more of the structure is standing than appeared to be the case last night. So maybe some sort of restoration might be possible - at the very least will need a new roof so that what did survive can be preserved from the elements.
  11. Regarding this thread, if it’s related to Brittany Ferries then it is relevant. 😉
  12. Yes, I’m sure Macron’s “rebuild” pledge was a knee-jerk comment made without thinking through the implications.
  13. Words cannot describe how tragic this is. 😢
  14. It’s precisely because the outcome would be so unpredictable that parliament will not have the confidence to trigger an early general election. But anyway, let’s not stray into party politics here. The point is that, like every other possibility, parliament is unlikely to countenance an election. Which is one more reason why a no-deal exit is still very much a possibility by default. It will be interesting to see what sort of “revelations” in her thinking Theresa May returns from her holidays with this year.....
  15. Out of interest Ed - as a resident in France - is this saga one you watch with passive interest, or is it something that is a source of real worry?
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