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  1. Sadly, I have to agree with you David. It is a risk. Catch 22 for BF really - they have to find ways of cutting costs, but they also have to try to keep their customers (the ones they have not already lost). And the additional ones they are most likely to lose in dumbing down the product are the ones that tend to spend the most money on their BF experience. It was pretty clear, even last year, that the BF product that many of us knew and loved is already long gone.
  2. Red Star 1 (ex Viking III), the sole surviving passenger ferry from Townsend Thoresen days, left her layup at Paloukia yesterday under tow by the tug Christos XXVII. The apparent destination is Tuzla, to “prepare her for further work”! Reassuringly, the track does (at least for the moment) seem to be heading that way, and has not branched off en route for Aliaga. So, superficially at least, Tuzla was not a cover for a deliberate late change of destination (as it was for Pride of Dover and others). But the fact that she does seem to be edging closer to the final resting place of so many
  3. We love the big ones on PA, partly because the kids love them. Glass of wine in the evening while the kids are in bed - perfectly possible in summer - step outside for fresh air and sunrise in the morning. Will miss them when PA eventually goes (which I’m sure won’t be for a while yet; she has her new (old) niche at Plymouth and will be very busy on that for the foreseeable future, long after the Flexers have taken over everything at Portsmouth. The Flexers will never suit us, not because of the lack of balconies but because of the absence of premium cabins for families. So long may PA
  4. Yes, because the new ship bought in to replace her arrived.
  5. Wonder when she is going to leave Cherbourg.
  6. Isn’t her overnight capacity even smaller than Bretagne’s? Difficult to know what the future holds for the St Malo route in the present circumstances, but back in normal times the issue pressing for a need to replace Bretagne was that her passenger capacity is not large enough for the overnight demand. CF would be a step backwards for the route. As far as CF is concerned, it is a fact that she does not feature in the BF schedules after October. What that means is open to conjecture - it may just mean that she is off for her annual refit (and the timetables don’t go beyond its completio
  7. This is rather a digression from the thread (🤭), but....assuming BF does dispose of CF at the end of the year (which the timetables would appear to indicate and which, to be honest, does make sense with the new Flexers arriving)....BF seems to be working (intentionally or otherwise) towards a scenario when pretty much its entire fleet is purpose-built for BF. Ok, there’s still Pelican and Connemara - so let’s consider just the UK passenger ferry fleet. Looking like that will be exclusively purpose-built-for-BF by the end of the year....can anyone think of a single other time in the history o
  8. Scarlton’s point, though, is well made, for those that can read between the lines.....
  9. The old passenger ferry berth is not there, but there is a freight roro ramp to the south of where the original Olau berth was. It’s used weekly by the Wagenborg liner service between Haraholmen and Ternueuzen. It also used to be used regularly by the UECC Sheerness-Calais car carrier service, but I’m not sure whether that is still running. Whatever, there is a fully functioning freight roro berth at Sheerness.
  10. Yes, I agree. It’s just that the suspension of Poole-Cherbourg was not in the original plan, and there is an obvious opportunity to reinstate the route on one day per week without having to activate Barfleur. It was just a thought, and I’m sure BF would have done it if the custom had been there. Clearly, it isn’t.
  11. Plenty of availability - the normal Poole berth (berth 2) is currently disused.
  12. Just occurred to me, I wonder why they don’t squeeze in a Poole-Cherbourg round trip out of Armorique, instead of her sitting in Poole for 15 hours while the Cherbourg route is suspended (?).
  13. Yes, I would have too, but BF seems to think otherwise. I am quite sure that, if it were possible, BF would have preferred to use Le Havre than Cherbourg for Galicia’s crew change. The fact that they are using Cherbourg would appear to me to speak for itself.
  14. I’m pretty sure they cancelled that berthing trial because they decided she wouldn’t fit. The trial at PIP3 was cancelled because she was clearly not going to be able to berth there without blocking access to berths 1&2 and the AJQ. So if she’s too long for PIP3 then she was obviously also going to be too long for the present roro berth at Le Havre.
  15. Santona won’t feature in the 2022 schedules (at least, the part of them that this timetable release covers), so no conclusions to be drawn there. Armorique is in Le Havre to provide refit cover to sustain the route while Cotentin is away. I guess that must be viewed as a good sign - BF is clearly expecting enough freight to make the route worth sustaining.
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