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  1. She used to do a few weekly Portsmouth-Cherbourg rotations in between her trips to Santander when she first joined the fleet. It’s where her crew changes took place before she started calling at Roscoff after she opened the Bilbao route.
  2. (And while I posted that, I see an additional 3 round trips have been added to the Rosslare - Cherbourg timetable. BF must be reasonably encouraged by loadings).
  3. So tonight’s CF sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg - first commercial sailing by CF to Cherbourg since...how long ago? Answers on a postcard? I reckon 10 years.
  4. Yes, that’s one of the reasons I don’t think she’ll be replacing PA. There would have to be a rejig of Plymouth schedules to enable Armorique to do the Cork sailings (which won’t be popular with the Irish). That or a complete pull-out of Cork in favour of Rosslare (which would equally go down like a lead balloon).
  5. Yes, I just noticed that too. That’s an unusual choice of dockyard for BF. Pelican’s on her way there now, after being replaced on the Poole route by Connemara for the next few weeks.
  6. No one knows yet - I suspect BF doesn’t even know for sure, yet, either - they’ll be keeping a close eye on how traffic develops over the year and keeping their plans fluid. There’s probably a provisional plan though. Possibilities have been discussed in several previous threads, and there are various theories. Most of them assume Salamanca will go to Portsmouth to partner Galicia, freeing CF for alternative deployment, and there are various thoughts on that alternative deployment. The main two being either to go to Plymouth, replacing PA which in turn would replace Bretagne. The othe
  7. Oh, absolutely. Question is whether the ferries can still compete with the tunnel once the ferries jettison the turn-up-and-go model. I suspect they probably can - enough time has now passed with the two coexisting together that people are now used to getting on a ferry even though there is a non-ferry option.
  8. Indeed. The intensive ferry-every-15-minutes “turn up and get on a ferry” philosophy, that was the tactic used by the ferry companies to counter the threat of the tunnel, has proved very effective in that respect. Not quite sure how P&O’s new approach of making the ferries as big as possible and having fewer of them fits into this philosophy, but then again it is very difficult to fathom most of P&O’s decision making over the past decade.
  9. As a ferry enthusiast, I’ve always hated the Channel Tunnel and wish it had never been built. Busy as Dover remains, the Tunnel devastated the rich variety of ferry networks across the Dover Strait, to Belgium, and across the Central Channel to France.
  10. Well, I can certainly see some sense in BF “thinking about it”. I’d be surprised if they weren’t thinking about it. I’d be surprised if they weren’t thinking about a whole host of different options. I agree that enhancing the Cherbourg route makes the most sense as a first step - including putting a dedicated ship on it if demand warrants it - and it may well be that demand for direct passage to France from Ireland picks up to the point where a Le Havre route does make sense as part of a choice of provision. At the current time, however, there is nothing coming out of BF to indicate that a
  11. Cap Finistere has now departed (several hours late) from Santander bound for Rosslare at the start of her stint standing in for Connemara. I’m sure her speed will see her arriving on time by 1600 tomorrow.
  12. Thanks Paul. I’ll just add to that that there are at least three other threads in the forum in which the same poster has advocated his theory that BF should open a Rosslare - Le Havre route, all of which make the same points repetitively, and there is no need for yet another. As soon as it became apparent that the latest thread, whilst disguised as new news, was no more than more speculation along the same lines as previously, it became clear that it at best was going to add nothing new to the understanding of forum members, and at worst potentially mislead them into thinking that facts were
  13. Don’t they require a reliable GPS signal though? And would there be a reliable GPS signal 75 metres under the English Channel?
  14. Seems to not be able to be played outside France.
  15. It was rejected as being too dangerous (and too disruptive if there is a crash) the first time round. I’d say the chances of a drive-through tunnel being built are zero. (And I’m very happy about that).
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