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  1. Yep, sums it up nicely. Except I’d probably put the decline at a good deal longer than 10 years. Maybe even three or four times that long. Hull aside, I can’t think of a whole lot that is positive that P&O has contributed to the ferry world since....when? I don’t know. Struggling to pin a date on it. Maybe since the Cairnryan twins entered service. Hull has been an undoubted success. No doubt about that. And it’s been a P&O success, all the way. From Norland/Norstar in the mid-70s, to Norsea/Norsun in the mid-80s, through to the current Rotterdam pair. But aside from
  2. This thread has sort of given me an idea, to do with “most ruined liveries” following a livery change to a perfectly fine one. There are a couple of contenders in my mind, but it’s probably not the ideal time to start a new thread focussing on something intrinsically negative!
  3. In Poole? That’s good to hear.
  4. On the rare occasions when I do one for dinner, I always put garlic in the mushrooms. Not appropriate for breakfast!
  5. Well, to be fair, most outbound passengers will have to endure two of them! 🤣
  6. Once Spain is open for business (and gets the green light from UK government), I wonder whether there might be enough demand to warrant BF considering an enhanced service? If the existing published sailings to Spain rapidly become booked up then I wonder, for instance, whether they might add a couple of sailings using Bretagne, while France is firmly off the agenda?
  7. There is nothing about croissants that comes into the “need” category. I just like them the way I do, and its utterly decadent!
  8. When we used to travel with Brittany Ferries (which used to be several times a year), quite often there was not a premium cabin available at the time of booking. We would make the booking anyway, and then I would keep a close eye on the booking engine (which I had configured to make the same booking again). I'd keep refreshing it until I saw that a Commodore had become available. The instant one did, that was the time to get on the phone to BF customer service and upgrade the cabin. The strategy never failed, and we never made a crossing with them without the cabin we wanted. It was all a
  9. I never spoil a good French croissant by contaminating it with jam! A bit of butter, that’s all that’s needed! 😁
  10. British tourists who have chosen to holiday in France, not Britain. They do attempt to cater for them, because they do provide an English breakfast to the best that can be expected of a company that is not British. And that does not use British produce. But if a proper English breakfast is really that important to someone then one has to wonder why they don’t just stay in Britain and enjoy the many opportunities to sample one there. Why bother to go to France and then complain that it is French, not British! 😉
  11. And the same reason you never get proper croissants in Tesco (or anywhere else in the UK for that matter).
  12. He may or may not - if he does, great, but if not, don’t hold your breath! I know he prefers to post his insights in other communities these days, for reasons that are his prerogative. But this development is entirely unsurprising - it was only going to be a goer in the short term if there was no sign of travel to Spain becoming possible.
  13. To be fair, I’ve never considered a decent English breakfast to be a reasonable expectation of a company whose branding is (was) France on water. But within the limits of reasonable expectation, I’ve never found their attempts at Full English to be that bad. It’s never going to be the real deal, but it’s a passable effort.
  14. The only really unique vessel TT built was FE1. FE2 and FE3 were similar, with the latter being a larger version of the former. The final five FEs were built to essentially the same design - 4&5 were identical, 6&7 identical to each other and slightly developed from 4&5, and FE8 a bit longer than 6&7. The original Vikings were almost identical; 1&2 were identical and 3 different in only minor ways. Four Super Vikings identical apart from the Doverised loading arrangements of the Felixstowe pair at the bow end. The first three European freighters wer
  15. You don’t find the use of “will”, implying that (despite the bit you quoted) a decision might have already been made, interesting?
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