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  1. Can you give more detail Manx? We know Heysham was a relatively late addition to the IoMSP network. When did Belfast and Dublin come along in relation to Liverpool?
  2. I thought the police were supposed to be issuing on the spot fines (?....).
  3. Don’t think there’s anyone would dispute that Neil. None of this nonsense is what anybody “deserves”.
  4. In the spirit of the ”Longest Crossing in Europe” thread, something else that occurred to me as something we could talk about while we can’t talk about BF is: What is the longest standing route operated continuously by the same operator? Without doing any research and just on a gut feeling, I’ll kick off suggestions with Isle of Man Steam Packet Liverpool - Douglas. (Or is that disqualified from consideration by the fact it is no longer a year-round service?). What else could be a contender for the trophy?
  5. And can we include freight sailings? Borg line runs a 2-ship service that essentially links Harwich and Terneuzen with Haraholmen at the top of the Gulf of Bothnia. The southbound trip routes via Bremen, which makes Haraholmen to Bremen a direct passage. And the northbound trip routes via Sodertalje (just south of Stockholm), which makes Terneuzen to Sodertalje a direct passage. I don’t know the exact timetable, but I think both of those passages pretty much take 3 days. The ships usually (but not exclusively) tend to route around the top of Jutland (rather than go through the Kiel canal), and take a week to do either the northbound or southbound trip in its entirety. I think the Harwich call may have been dropped in recent years. I have no idea whether there is any passenger carrying facility on this route, but I suspect not. As far as I know, the ships carry timber and paper-related products from the North Sweden forests when heading south, and take new cars to Sweden when heading north.
  6. No, Ed, there isn’t. All sailings are to and from Thorshavn in the Faroes, so Hirtshshals to Seydisfjordur is not possible as a direct passage (which is what I assume the OP is asking about).
  7. Southern Ferries “Eagle” used to take the best part of 48 hours to cross from Southampton to Lisbon.
  8. Yes, I expect they will be judging this 2 months at a time. Difficult to know where we will be in June - after all, I doubt that many of us would have predicted 2 weeks ago where we are now.
  9. That wasn’t the criticism was it? I read the criticism as of doing what you just described and then running back to the tax regime that you decided to abandon and expecting a bail-out from it.
  10. My understanding of the OP is that BF wasn’t asking for help to “stay afloat”. It was asking for help to enable it to run its token freight service. (That’s why I thought it was odd, because as a standalone issue the freight service ought to be able to pay for itself without the need of subsidy).
  11. Indeed Millsy. The problem is, they’ve mishandled it. If they had made the right decisions from the outset, they could have avoided having to pay out large amounts of refunds but still done the morally and contractually right things and also still preserved their customer goodwill. All they had to do was to offer refunds alongside a voucher offer that was on terms where people would choose that over the refund. 120% of the refund value plus a meal voucher in the restaurant would have done it I expect. Along with an expiry date that would actually have been of use.
  12. The point is that this is a BF enthusiasts forum. Plenty of us have plenty else going on in our lives, but it is the BF experience that is relevant to this discussion. So it’s natural that that’s what we’re focussing on and that doesn’t imply anything about the importance that we attach to this issue relative to the other things that are going on. Ian is spot on - it is the attitude of BF that is at the heart of this. And that attitude has manifested itself in a number of ways that do the company no credit.
  13. I think you’ll find, if you bother to read what people actually post, that that is not the gist of why people are not happy with BF.
  14. I would only add to what you’ve just said there, Paul, that whilst what we decide as individuals has no significant relevance to BF’s long term future, it is as a barometer of customer sentiment that we are relevant. We are, by definition, a group of people that is naturally supportive of, and enthusiastic for, Brittany Ferries. We have a deeper insight into how the ferry world works than most. We have an understanding that a lot of criticism that has come BF’s way over the years has been unfair and have taken the trouble in those times to explain why. So if BF has not managed to hang on to a significant number of us, in terms of our confidence in them, then that does not bode well for the wider public perception. As for the earlier question about what I have lost, I’m afraid I am not even going to begin to answer that in a public forum. Apart from the self-evident, which is all confidence in Brittany Ferries.
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