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  1. Gareth

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Finally pulling away from the berth now.
  2. Indeed. BF a long way from the thread. Time to move it! 😉
  3. Gareth

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Now well on her way. Good for a ship to be at sea again after all this time laid up.
  4. That sounds right to me Ed.
  5. Gareth

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Yes, Pont Aven’s last sailing on the route is tonight’s departure from St Malo. Tomorrow, PA picks up her normal summer schedules with the 1715 to Santander. (That “everything’s back to normal and the world’s just as it should be” feeling. Oh wait, what have I forgotten......! 🤣)
  6. Gareth

    BF Refits 2018-19

    BDS now has her AIS switched back on.
  7. Yes indeed, but that’s to do with the future relationship, not the withdrawal agreement.
  8. One could argue (notwithstanding the respect that I have for Kier Starmer) that this is one of the principle reasons the government has had so much difficulty getting its withdrawl agreement through parliament. Leaving aside the framework for the future relationship (which clearly does diverge but around which there must be an easy work-around), it is difficult to see what aspects of the WA are inconsistent with Labour policy. They have made clear they have no problem with the NI backstop, and the provisions for guaranteeing citizens’ rights and the transition period are pretty much uncontested. So it is hard to see what Labour’s objection to the WA is, other than it originates from a Conservative government.
  9. I always thought that the AV system was quite a neat attempt at addressing that problem. Not sure why we rejected it in the referendum - perhaps we should have another! 😉
  10. Indeed. Actually, I’m slightly susprised the FTPA has not been repealed yet. Will only be a matter of time, I’d have thought.
  11. Addendum to my post above: I do accept that there may be some valid arguments for a one-off supplementary referendum to the 2016 one. (The notion, for example, of a “referendum on the deal”). But the arguments that establish, when taken to their logical conclusion, a principle that referendums need to keep getting re-run in perpetuity (when we have been denied them all these years since we joined), seem hard to rationalise.
  12. I was too young to vote in the 1975 referendum. Others took the decision for me, and the country was committed to EEC membership without me ever having a say. No one suggested that, in the early 80s, when I attained voting age, there should be another referendum because voters who were too young to vote the first time were now eligible. Was that a denial of democracy? Had there been a referendum in the early 80s, should there have been another in the late 80s to cover the eventuality of some of us changing our minds? Was the absence of a third referendum in, say, 1988, another denial of democracy? How frequently do referendums have to be run to safeguard democracy? Why has the idea that they should become a regular thing suddenly taken hold, and where does it end? If the principle becomes established that referendums have to be re-run every few years in order to “preserve democracy” then no issues will ever get settled. The whole premise behind the concept is self-evidently absurd to anyone who actually thinks about it. I was 49 years old before I was ever given an electoral chance to have a say on EU membership. That’s 31 years, spent of voting age, when I was never asked. The idea that there may now be 18 year olds who were “denied a vote” is patronsing beyond belief in the context of the history of this whole matter.
  13. Giving this thread a bit of leeway to see whether it can police itself in observing the site “no politics” rule. It may be that we end up needing to move the whole thread into the Brexit Club, but for now we’ll see how it goes. 😉
  14. The only circumstances in which a mass evacuation of passengers from a ship would be considered appropriate would be if there is a risk to life in not doing so. Ships can drift out at sea quite happily for days without risk to safety. Might be a bit uncomfortable, without way being made and without effective stabilisation (as is seen in the video). But uncomfortable is not justification for the risks associated with a helicopter evacuation.
  15. There would be absolutely no need - passengers are much safer on the ship than being airlifted off by helicopter.
  16. It was because it happened so close to shore that there was a need to take people off in the first place. Had it been far out in open sea there would have been no danger at all and no need to evacuate. I have heard it reported that the ship is now sailing under own power into port, so the need for evacuation has passed.
  17. Sounds like a catastrophe has been averted here. But was a close call. Thanks for your thoughts in the engine issues Colin - sounds very plausible.
  18. Sounds like it’s not just the aggressive approach to “occupying” the route slots, but also the maintaining of standards, that is preserving BF’s western-channel dominance. If the reason other operators won’t move in to the sector is because they cannot match BF’s offering then (a) that is market forces doing their job, and (b) that gives BF every incentive to preserve those standards.
  19. Still an absolute last resort. Vessel must be / have been in imminent danger of grounding on the rocks. Wonder whose decision it was - captain or coastguard?
  20. It’s an extraordinary step to take, evacuating 1000 passengers by helicopter. All received wisdom is that it is generally safer to stay with the ship if at all possible. They must have grave fears about what is going to happen to the ship to be doing this.
  21. On the contrary, the Thursday sailing from Plymouth is popular for exactly that reason. Many customers will purposely choose that sailing over the others available in order to enjoy the restaurant, and BF even offers it in one of their offers as a “gourmet cruise”.
  22. The only other (to France, that is) is Pont Aven’s seasonal Thursday evening departure from Plymouth to Roscoff.
  23. It was the first nice word that came into my head beginning with t. Briefly toyed with turnip.
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