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  1. What’s happening with inter-island sailings then?
  2. Being reported on Ferries! that this route is reverting back to a three-ship operation next week.
  3. I presume, given that the RN patrol is in Poole Bay, that this blockade is now over? (I think I read something to that effect a couple of days ago)
  4. Indeed - I’m aware that probably over half of this thread is nothing to do with Sailings Updates! Perhaps understandably while there are very few sailings taking place. When BF is back up and running I’ll go through and give this thread a good sort out! 😉
  5. I think everyone on here is full of admiration, respect and gratitude for the tireless way in which the staff of the company, both on board and at customer service, work on behalf of the customers who are absolutely their top priority. The frustration that I picked up in Dave’s email was not to do with the specific issue of how sailing cancellations are announced, it was to do with the impression he was given that he was not sure whether the mistakes of the past have been learnt from. If there is any dissatisfaction with BF’s conduct, it is not to do with the efforts of the staff on
  6. This thread has the potential to become highly political, and I’m sure we all have our own private views on rights and wrongs, who’s at fault etc. However, to keep the discussion within the scope of the forum I’d request that posts are confined to the impact on Condor’s ferry services.
  7. The BF success story to Spain would point to the answer to that being yes, provided that (a) the crossing does not exceed 24 hours and (b) they travel in a ship worth spending 24 hours on. From an operator point of view, the latter depends on there being a sufficient volume of custom to make providing such a ship worthwhile. So the question boils down to, is there enough demand for an Eire - Belgium (give or take) route to justify providing a crossing experience that customers will consider it worth paying for.
  8. Any trip to any foreign country will carry a risk of the rules changing at next to no notice for an indefinite time yet. The world does not have this virus under control, and as such the situation in any given country can change unpredictably and very quickly. Changes to the rules will happen as and when the situation in the country changes - there will be no defined period for frequency of review. Changes will be in response to circumstances. Anyone taking a trip abroad must do so, for the time being, in full acceptance of this risk.
  9. Welcome to the forum Barry, and great first post.
  10. This is the thread about the ex-BF vessel formerly known as Honfleur. This thread is not locked.
  11. It’s starting to sound as if the legal ban on overseas travel from the UK may well be lifted this month. Which means, assuming France and Spain also decide to admit tourists, that travel becomes possible in principle. However, on the ambitious assumption that France will make the amber list (rather than the red list), and with Spain also looking fairly safe for amber, those deciding to travel will have to accept a fair bit of inconvenience for doing so. Seems to me that this is the worst possible outcome in practice - no reason in principle for BF not to start up the sailings, so they w
  12. Plenty of proper cruise ships hanging round off the coast doing nothing that could provide this sort of things in spades and style if there was a demand for it.
  13. Two things have to happen, and they are independent. One is that France decides to allow tourists in. And the other is that the UK decides that France is safe to travel to/from. I suspect that the former will happen before the latter.
  14. Thanks for the intel Hurricane - and welcome to the forum!
  15. Very on-topic! Shows the benefits of operating a multi-vessel service. The schedule you describe almost exactly mirrors the one Condor used to run when they had Express and Vitesse. Sadly, though, I’m not sure whether the ferry ports at Weymouth is even there any more (?) - I know there were plans to redevelop the whole area that used to be the ferry port.
  16. She sits in Poole all day on Thursdays because Poole is nicer than the money-making trip she could do on the currently-suspended-because-the-ship-had-to-go-to-Portsmouth Poole-Cherbourg route. And there would be a danger of lots of nasty dirty lorries messing up her nice clean vehicle deck.
  17. How shallow. Not what BF is about at all!
  18. There’s been no indication that this move is temporary. I would be very surprised to see CV return to BF.
  19. Maybe BF is so rolling in spare cash that they’re doing the sailing for fun. It is, after all, a very pretty route.
  20. Presumably, she doesn’t fit Roscoff then (?).
  21. It’ll be down - she’s been there a while.
  22. 17 May is pie in the sky. There is zero chance of that happening.
  23. Norsea and Norsun? Nice touch!
  24. Yes indeed - when she could do a round trip to Cherbourg. It’s all about BF internal regional politics, nothing to do with commercial sense.
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