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  1. No idea. But what I do know is that you can clearly see the original port configuration. The dark grey shows it. The original berth 2 was parallel to the original (and still current) berth 1, on the northern side of the original jetty (dark grey). You can see where the linkspan was. Whether or not the surface has been replaced, what is dark is the original port (which just consisted of the single jetty) and what is lighter is the later in-fill. Somewhere in my photo archives I have a picture of Goelo bow-in on that original berth 2, taken in 1980.
  2. Doesn’t matter how old it is Ed, you could see it in a photo taken today. The darker grey surface is the original ferry port, built in the mid 70s, and the lighter (larger) area is what was added in the 80s when the original berth 2 was filled in and the new berths 2, 3 and 4 were created.
  3. A great photo for showing the original confguration of PIP. The original berth 2 can be clearly seen.
  4. I think that’s a bit disingenuous. Whenever I have had any kind of issue with BF that has necessitated the involvement of Customer Service, I have made a point of not posting it on social media but treating it as a private matter between myself and BF. And I have always found them to be keen to go way beyond the call of duty in helping to resolve the problem. And whenever I’ve dealt with them I have never made it known that I am involved with BFE. Customer Service (at least on the UK side) is simply outstanding with the way it deals with customers with a grievance, and I cannot speak highly enough of it. In actual fact, I suspect that peddling a dispute all over social media, even when it remains live and not yet resolved, is the fastest way to make BF less inclined to be sympathetic towards one, not more. In John M’s case, I suspect they had no knowldege of the link between the case they were dealing with for him, and his identity on here.
  5. She is managing the 3-engine schedule ok, and will stay on it (departing from Plymouth) until the new engine is fitted over the winter.
  6. Already comprehensively discussed here (start at page 8). And here:
  7. Indeed. Seems as if it was to do with a burst pipe rather than ingress through the hull itself.
  8. All ships leak. (Slightly). That’s why they have bilge pumps.
  9. Certainly heading that way, isn’t it.
  10. Well, we Brits have managed with Cornouailles, Breizh Izel, Reine Mathilde and Benodet over the years! Come to think of it. Pont Aven is not a walk in the park either! Gone are the days when they gave us names like Prince of Brittany to get our tongues around. 🤣
  11. I wonder whether Connemara will be renamed (?).
  12. Link to the story: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/westminster-bridge-boat-crash-tourists-london-river-thames-a8991651.html%3famp
  13. The current’s not that fast Ed! She faces stronger every time she rounds Ushant. 🤣
  14. She sailed to Santander full-time before BF opened their Bilbao route.
  15. Interestingly, we all tend to think of Gdansk as just an industrial port. But some friends of mine have just returned from a Baltic cruise that took in, amongst others, Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallin, Copenhagen and Bergen. Amongst all that lot, they report that their favourite visit was to Gdansk. Partly, they say, because its charm and interest was so unexpected.
  16. Yes, Rouen would definitely have more appeal than just nipping across the channel to Honfleur (lovely though Honfleur is - it's just not much of a "cruise"). I wonder whether Pont Aven is too big for Rouen? Has she been up the river before, or were all the Rouen calls handled by Bretagne? Shame it's becoming a bit "formulaic". We have given BF plenty of ideas for alternative destinations, so I'd have hoped they might have considered some of them and moved to mix it up a bit. Especially if their festive cruise clientele consists of a loyal core (don't know whether it is or whether it is different people every year) - in an ideal world they would not sail to the same destinations in consecutive years. Have half a dozen destinations and rotate them around.
  17. Just a gentle nudge to all that this thread is about BF possibly buying Condor. 😉
  18. Gareth

    Short Break

    Another place well worth visiting is Ploumanach and the Cote Granit Rose. The walk between Ploumanach and Perros Guirec is magic (although personally I can give Perros Guirec itself a miss).
  19. Gareth

    Short Break

    The boat from St Malo up (😉) to Dinan is well worth doing. It doesn’t leave you with a huge amount of time in Dinan (probably time for lunch and that’s about it) before you have to head back (unless you plan in going back on a different day or a different way). Times are tidal. But the passage up the barraged Rance is fascinating, and then it becomes so narrow once past the Chatelier lock you wonder if there is enough space! You can take boat one way and bus the other if you want longer, but the boat is a great way of doing it.
  20. Yes, the pub is not the best for food, but the castle is always a port of call for us on the way to Portsmouth CFP for a good run around for the kids. Great views at the top.
  21. Crossed wires I think gentlemen. This was the image I was referring to.
  22. Operators of bunkering vessels can go on strike. Mooring crews can go on strike. Loading crews can go on strike. Cleaning staff can go on strike. What’s the difference? Strikes cause disruption in all sorts of ways.
  23. The gas is being driven in by truck, so as far as I am aware, it could equally well be driven on board at Le Havre or Cherbourg.
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