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  1. I wouldn’t put my hand that close to the propellors! 😀
  2. Thinking about it, the two nicest mains I’ve had in the buffet restaurants were both in Les Romantiques on MSM. The buffet itself is smaller, and not a patch on Les Abers or Le Flora. But I wonder whether the smaller volumes for lunch on the Ouistreham route may mean that there is more chance of the dish being well cooked to order. Or it may just be a coincidence. But I remember both of those dishes being absolutely delicious.
  3. I tend to agree. The buffet is always great in the restaurants, but the cooked-to-order mains are hit or miss. Often because they are not actually cooked to order, but batch cooked and sometimes sit around a bit, being kept warm, before being brought to you. Hence they are often over-cooked (both fish and meat courses).
  4. The knock-on effects on fleet deployment are, as yet, a complete unknown.
  5. Usually about 70 - 80 minutes before sailing, if the sailings are running to time. What time any particular vehicle gets boarded is, however, a complete lottery.
  6. That’s a curious one as, to my knowledge (but hhv will correct me if I’m wrong), twin level loading is almost non-existent in the Med. Then again, there is precedent for ferries built as twin-level loaders (and in practice not viable to operate otherwise) moving to the Med. Off-hand, I can think of ships like the Sealink Saints and PoFE/Oleander that have operated successfully in the Med. With those examples, what did they do with their upper vehicle decks? Install accommodation? I guess if they were able to do it then there is no reason why Normandie couldn’t carve out a life in the Med. On the other hand.....in those days, Mediterranean ferries being second-hand discards from Northern Europe was the norm. Now they bulld their own to order. So it may not be that easy.
  7. The use of the word “likely”, in relation to plans for Normandie, is interesting.
  8. A difference of note between the TT/DFDS pair and the Olau/P&O pair is that the former had sliding clam bow doors, and the latter had bow visors.
  9. Yes. For a company with BF’s standards to shelve a refit and cut back on maintenance in order (according to what Tony reported) to stem losses is an indication that the financial situation must be of great concern in the boardroom. Makes the decision to invest money into Condor at this time quite a strange one.
  10. I can’t see any evidence of mooring warps in use, which leads me to suspect she is underway.
  11. Yes, it’s normal while berthed. Less so whilst underway!
  12. Can’t quite tell - is Bretagne on the berth or underway in that photo? It looks like her stern ramp is cracked open, so I hope it’s the former.
  13. Yes, I guess that depends on whether it is classified as an “accident” or as a result of wear and tear.
  14. All this raises an interesting side issue - if BF is having to foot the bill for PA’s engine repair then it must follow that the insurance did not cover it. (In which case, one wonders why not). If insurance is covering PA’s repair then that can’t be the reason for BF’s reported need to cut losses.
  15. Maybe just taking the opportunity for a routine refit. On the other hand, might the engine replacement require removal of a prop shaft? I seem to remember she had a prop shaft issue but can’t remember whether that was fully resolved.
  16. Ed - I know there are some good photos on the forum of the new logo (still grey) being welded onto funnels during last year’s refit season (and some before the new logo was actually revealed). But I’ve had a hunt through the 2018-19 refit thread and the “new look” thread and can’t find them. Perhaps someone else will! 😀
  17. Tony I did read what you posted. I cannot believe that your reference to November was just a random date thrown in with no significance. So it did carry an implication. (Implications are, by definition, things that are not said but which are alluded to). I agree that you didn’t state that the refit would be in November, and neither did I claim you did. But it would be in keeping with the ettiquette of the forum not to tell people to read when they clearly already have. 😉
  18. I’m sure it will be a botch job of sorts - question is whether it is good enough for us not to notice. They can’t do it properly (with all the welding of logo etc) until she gets to Gdansk. I wasn’t previously aware of a public date for that, but Tony seems to imply it won’t be until November.
  19. Good shots Chris. Tells us what we need to know - they are giving her the new livery.
  20. Here you go - it was Jan 2018; she went to Gdansk: https://bfenthusiasts.com/bfe/topic/11508-bf-refits-2017-18/
  21. Two seasons ago Jonno - so either Jan 2018 or Oct/Nov 2017. Not sure which, but the 2017/18 refit season anyway.
  22. MSM looks in a right state!
  23. Yes, I think Ed has already said that (through the article he posted). Makes sense.
  24. No, the Adriatic. She is Red Star 1 and operates in the summer between Brindisi and (I think) Vlore. She was in the news a few years ago (2011) when she took part in the evacuation of refugees from war-torn Libya: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-africa-13293227/aid-ship-red-star-1-returns-to-benghazi-from-misrata
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