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  1. Danim, please could you amplify on your last paragraph? There has been no moderation applied to this thread whatsoever, by any moderator.
  2. You did indeed, and that’s fine. You are correct. But you asked me if that was what I was talking about in my quoted post, and I replied to indicate that it wasn’t.
  3. No, we’re (I’m) talking about what people are talking about in this thread.
  4. I’m reading all of this material about the Caen timetables with perplexed bewilderment. Why are they doing this? I presume the need for changing the timetables is to do with cleaning and managing turnarounds in a covid-compliant way. But why change the timetables but not tell anybody? Why publish timetables on the website that are not correct? I don’t get it.
  5. It’s just a fact. What’s being discussed between the UK and the EU for 1 January is a free trade deal. Nothing to do with migration.
  6. I’m not sure what “agreement” you are referring to, but the only agreement I am aware of being negotiated is to do with trade. I am not aware that migration is on the table in those negotiations from either side. So I don’t see what there being or not being an agreement after 31 December has to do with the topic of this thread?
  7. The word "found" in the thread title doesn't convey to me that there was a problem with the detection systems in this case. Sound to me like the officials very much did "do the job" properly.
  8. Looks a bit exposed Nick - especially to southerlies and south easterlies.
  9. This is where I got the 136m figure for for St Helier: https://www.ports.je/jerseyharbours/commercial/openingservicesfacilities/ Two ro-ro berths The two ro-ro berths are on the east side of the main harbour. Both berths can accommodate vessels of up to 136 metres and have a dredged sump depth of 6 metres. As far as St Peter Port is concerned, it certainly used to be the case that St Helier was more restrictive, when the ferry port was inside the harbour. I’m not so sure now, with the ferry port in its “new” position. But I’d be surprised if St PP can go up to 130m plus without blocking the whole harbour?
  10. St Helier port website states that the roro berths can accommodate up to length 136m. I suspect St Peter Port is less, but I can’t find the equivalent information.
  11. Gareth

    Do I or don't I ?

    To answer the specific question about sailings cancelled, there haven’t been any sailings cancelled as a result of the removal of Spain from the exemption list. BF has stated that all sailings are operating, so any amendments will need to be made by customers in line with the normal T&Cs. BF are definitely putting the onus on customers to amend or cancel their bookings, and are not going to cancel the sailings themselves so as to avoid the liabilities they will incur by cancelling sailings. So I think as far as sailings running are concerned, you’ll be fairly safe.
  12. There have never been 6 departures in a day from Le Havre to the UK. The norm during the TT / Normandy Ferries rivalry was 4 per day (2 each - NF sailed at 1200 and 2300, whereas TT sailed at around 1100 (give or take) and 2300 to Southampton. From 1978 onwards the TT departures were 0900 and 2300. Only in 1976 were there 5 departures, and that was on 3 days per week when there was an extra TT departure. On those days, the TT departures were at 0730, 1400 (ish) and 2300. Once TT had taken over P&O the departures were down to three per day along the familiar lines of the ultimate P&O operation. Never were there 6 departures per day to the UK (which I assume, in the context of this discussion, is what you were talking about). Over and above all that was the almost-daily service of ICL, which ran 5 times per week, at 1800, to Rosslare. This used the NF berth (until 1985, when the NF operation was sold to TT). The teatime arrival of Dragon from Southampton was frequently held up by the ICL ship running late on the berth.
  13. And meaningful engagement with the points made by other posters.
  14. I’m afraid it was always going to be. I’m pleased, however, that so many posters have engaged with it and that, therefore, despite the obvious disconnect with reality seen in many posts, there has also actually been some interesting and meaningful discussion.
  15. I don’t think it really matters whether the second vessel is an HSC or a ship. But I do think it is important that the IOMSP retains (at least) 2 vessels. It would be a sad day if that once proud and mighty company was reduced to a single vessel operation (and either regularity or route network would suffer).
  16. Why would it? The fast ferry serves different routes (including to Ireland). It all sounds very positive.
  17. More dining options sounds like a positive development.
  18. All communal singing is banned at the moment - not just a church thing. All choirs and secular singing groups have also been banned from both rehearsing and performing since March. With good reason I suspect - as you say, Ed, the fine aerosols that get sprayed into the air during the process of singing must be a high risk environment. That said, that is a UK rule and not a French one. Don’t know if the same restrictions apply under French jurisdiction, but presumably the French regulations will dictate what is and isn’t allowed on board. I’d be very surprised if “live entertainment” is allowed on board? (Except maybe piano playing!).
  19. Is there any evidence or corroboration for that yet? It still seems to be Etretat in the timetables (and the “Ships and Onboard” section of the Irish website not just has Kerry and Etretat in it (of the Vissentinis)).
  20. Not plausible to predict the date of that in advance - and it magically seems to become ok again when Galicia enters service and Pont moves to Plymouth. I had thought that a semi-plausible explanation could be to give PA a relatively easy winter and to give those engines a rest from being run at full pelt. But that theory loses plausibility with the Cherbourg crew change call. If the plan was firm to run PA to Spain from Portsmouth through that period, then the expectation would be for her crew change port to be Le Havre. It’s mid-week, when Le Havre is the port of choice rather than Cherbourg. So the choice of Cherbourg for PA’s crew change call, for me, has only one explanation, that they are running the Galicia timetable in its entirety in anticipation that Galicia may enter service early.
  21. Good view of all the laid up BF ships though. They could offer spins round the inner harbour in NEX for those looking to kill time before the next sailing. (Which might be quite a wait).
  22. Condor uses it as a weekend layby berth for Goodwill, but she can equally well use berth 1 for that. (And berth 1 has no other use while NEX is out of service).
  23. Not really. BF only uses berth 2 a couple of times a week - one being late evening before CF sets off for her 2-nighter. Might even be less (or not at all) with the current reduction in Le Havre sailings. In fact, if Le Havre really ceases in November I doubt that BF would have any further need for berth 2 at all.
  24. How did you find Connemara Chris?
  25. Got to take issue with you there Neil! 😉
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