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  1. What do you mean by “the Rosslare sailing”?
  2. No - it would be a bit like trying to run Bretagne to the Isle of Wight! She is far too big.
  3. Gareth


    And you will also get a refund on excess cabin costs if you have been downgraded to a lower price cabin.
  4. I think the reason NEX does not operate in winter is nothing to do with sea conditions, it is because Portsmouth-Cherbourg is a very seasonal route with minimal tourist demand outside the peak season. Even back in Townsend Thoresen days, Portsmouth-Cherbourg was mainly a seasonal service. There were no problems operating Express and Vitesse through the year to the Channel Islands, so there probably shouldn’t be with NEX. However, with a conventional ferry providing the main day service from Poole, the demand for NEX would probably remain seasonal in any case (or primarily St Malo based in winter months). If Liberation has a particular problem with handling rough seas then that is another argument for her to move to the seasonal Portsmouth-Cherbourg service, where she would only be required in the summer months.
  5. Jonno - I think you have a short memory. Condor Express and Condor Vitesse both ran two round trips per day. Express ran from Weymouth to CI to Poole to CI to Weymouth, leaving Weymouth at 0730 and getting back again in the evening at around 2200. Vitesse did a round trip from Poole to Cherbourg, and then ran Poole to CI to St Malo to CI to Poole. They were more than capable of this task, and the economics of their operation depended on being able to do this. Liberation was purchased with the express intention of running two round trips, but it soon became apparent she couldn’t cope with the intended schedule. There were a few reasons for that. Firstly, she is too big to be able to manage the short turnarounds that made the two trip schedules possible. Secondly, she was too tricky to handle in port to be able to just nip in and out like her predecessors did. And thirdly, her vulnerability to weather constraints in port arrivals and departures meant that she had to have some leeway built into her schedules to be able to operate reliably. So, for all those reasons, she cannot run the intended two trips per day. And that in turn (however pleasant a vessel she is within which to sail) fundamentally makes her economics not work. If BF does go ahead with this purchase, I can see that it would make a lot of sense to move Liberation to the Portsmouth - Cherbourg route in place of NEX. Both of those ports would be far easier for her to handle than the confined Channel Island ports, and it could represent an upgrade on the Portsmouth-Cherbourg service. NEX could then be used to enhance the CI service to both St Malo and Poole, running alongside three purpose built conventional vessels as previously suggested. (Or just replace Rapide at St Malo).
  6. Well, that’s a problem only in that they are factors to be taken into account. New builds will obviously be built to fit, rendering the size aspect solved, and tides have aways affected the CI, particularly St Helier, just as they did in the Sealink heyday. But neither of those are factors that are relevant to the economics of Liberation. The economics of a fast craft is predicated on it being able to make more journeys. But Liberation has only become possible to operate reliably because Condor gave up on the two round trips per day schedule (which Liberation could not cope with). Once the operation gets reduced to one round trip per day, it is an economic disadvantage to run this with an expensive fast ferry when a conventional ship would be able to make the same provision for a fraction of the cost. (And, in winter, more reliably too).
  7. Given that Liberation is only capable of one round trip per day, and that her speed therefore afords no economic advantage, is there not a case for a day ferry service from Poole, using a proper ferry, roughly along the lines of Liberation’s schedule, to compliment a ro-pax service from Portsmouth? With BF in charge, there is no reason why such a service would need to compromise BF’s onboard experience. It can just be provided within a smaller space because it is catering for a smaller passenger capacity. So, three purpose-built ferries, two overnight ropaxes for 400 serving Portsmouth, and an 800 passenger conventional day ferry to serve Poole. That should be enough provision shouldn’t it?
  8. Fair enough, thanks Nick. I’m inclined to agree.
  9. Nick, do you think there is any case for a conventional ferry service between the Islands and St Malo? (Or is that now firmly fast craft territory?). If there was, then BF could operate a couple of purpose-built ropaxes between Portsmouth and the islands overnight both ways, and then by day fit in Portsmouth-Cherbourg and Islands - St Malo rotations before the following night. Or would the vessels just be better utilised providing both day and night crossings each way between Portsmouth and the Islands?
  10. Now there’s a question! Maybe a topic for another thread! 🤣
  11. Keep churning them out chaps! 🤣
  12. I think you mean butter has spread into the bread rolls thread! 😀
  13. Looks like a good improvised alternative day!
  14. What one always does in Jersey - go to the zoo! 🤣 Happy Fathers’ Day Ed.
  15. To be fair (and I am one of the most vocal critics of the new website and the new fleet tracker), the spurious ship information is nothing to do with the website. It happened occasionally with the old website too. It is to do with blips in the AIS data received from the ships. With the system relying on real-time data transmitted by satellite from ships out at sea, it is understandable that there are occasional anomolies when the data received from them gets broken or corrupted for some reason (that is probably to do with environmental conditions).
  16. Chaussey is absolutely magic.
  17. Fair point, thanks for making it.
  18. Gareth


    Nothing like a few triangle fragments to intice them! 🤣 (See - managed to do that without using the B word and without having to resort to corny baking quips!) 😀
  19. Well, there you go. Market Research strikes again! 🙄
  20. Well, it’s not as if they put up the new website oblivious to the criticism it was going to receive. They tested it out on us, invited our feedback, received loads (all of it constructive) and then ignored most of it.
  21. Looks like she’s gone onto the roro berth. That seems a positive move to me, as it probably means she has gone there to re-store.
  22. The inadequacies of the new site are well documented here. The only people who seem to think it is an improvement on its predecessor are BF developers and employees.
  23. I think you’ve totally missed David’s point. She will not be carrying passengers on her repositioning trip from Brest to Roscoff.
  24. She will almost certainly need sea trials before re-entering service. In theory they could happen as late as Friday morning, as it’s only a short hop around from there to Roscoff where she is due to re-enter service. Only problem with leaving it that late is.....it’s not a lot of notice if the sea trials are not successful!
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