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  1. Insider info on Barfleur at Christmas.  Been told to keep it to myself, so not posting on the forum as he might not tell me anything else if I blab, lol!  He says top secret - says that with everything though.  Thought I would let you know though as we are wondering where she is at Christmas.

    She is arriving in Poole at 20.30 in the evening on Boxing Day, carrying trailers, spends the night in Poole, and leaves empty for Cherbourg at 11.00 Friday morning.  

    So she’ll be spending Christmas day at sea by the looks of it!  I won’t post on the forum that I know this at the moment, will have to wait until AIS shows her heading to Poole, then it isn’t betraying a confidence!!

    Just a bit of info about her whereabouts, I know but am sworn to secrecy, lol, for some reason!








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      No idea why this is all being posted in my profile but all very interesting nevertheless.

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