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  1. Well, the bulk of the article may seem to be attributing BF’s current financial woes to Brexit uncertainty, but there is quite a lot of discussion in the other thread about the various factors that lie behind BF’s current financial fragility, and that it is is easy for the company to blame Brexit as a cover for all the other stuff they’d rather not talk about!    Someone also observed that this “Bretagne 2” project has already been on the drawing board for over a decade, so this latest postponement is not really anything new!  There was then quite a bit about FSG and Honfleur in the thread, so the Bretagne 2 stuff may be several pages back.  I’ll try and post a link to it.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Cabin-boy said:

    She has called at Cherbourg at least once as a weather-related diversion in the last month so that berthing trial made sense. Ed

    No it didn’t.  They were not last-minute diversions that were a response to actual bad weather.  They were pre-planned visits well in advance of any forecast, with possible bad weather given as the reason for the “precaution”.

  3. Just now, TonyMWeaver said:

    I'll send you a screenshot @Gareth, not going to name names though.

    I don’t doubt you at all Tony - the “laugh” was at Condor, not you.  Whatever they say as the reason, it just seems so transparent, in that she has had spurious unscheduled calls at both Portsmouth and Cherbourg in very quick succession for what seems like quite far-fetched official reasons.  Then again, I’m seeing it through the eyes of my own prediction from last year, so my perspective is slanted and I’m quite prepared to eat humble pie if it turns out I’m wrong! 😉

  4. On 23/06/2019 at 08:27, Gareth said:

    If BF does go ahead with this purchase, I can see that it would make a lot of sense to move Liberation to the Portsmouth - Cherbourg route in place of NEX.  Both of those ports would be far easier for her to handle than the confined Channel Island ports, and it could represent an upgrade on the Portsmouth-Cherbourg service.

    Of course, what I should have added to this is a disclaimer.  That if, by sheer coincidence, Condor Liberation just happens to be sent for berthing trials at both Cherbourg and Portsmouth in very quick succession for entirely “plausible” other reasons, then it should be seen as entirely coincidental and in no way connected to the possible veracity of my theory.  😁

    [It could, for example, be entirely plausible that Condor might want to divert its French port for CI services from St Malo to Cherbourg, even though Cherbourg is the least convenient port possible for French traffic bound for the CI, and even though Condor in its long history has never felt that need before.  And it could, by way of another example, be perfectly credible that Condor may wish to test Liberation out at Portsmouth as part of a “contingency programme” (just in case Liberation could maintain a service to Portsmouth where the proper ships fail).]

    But I forgot! 🤣

  5. 4 minutes ago, cvabishop said:

    Slightly off topic and in the interests of some local colour, driving tthe Afsluitdijk is quite an experience. We have done it twice, the second time en route to a few days in the Northern Netherlands which is a wonderful place to visit and off the usual beaten track.


    For once, off-topic is welcome relief! 🤣

    You’re spot on about the northern NL Colin.  Have you ever sailed it?  Visiting by boat is an even better experience - start with the Frisian islands and then work through the dijk into the Ijsselmeer.  Great sailing, great country, great for kids, great food.  The Dutch are lovely people.

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  6. ....and, unlike the English Channel, the southern North Sea would probably silt up.  The Dutch would probably drain it and quadruple the size of their country.  And before you knew it.....Europe would find itself permanently connected to the British Empire! 🤣

    Mind you, at least the issue of the French trying to fish it would become moot! 😉

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