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  1. 31 minutes ago, hf_uk said:

    Or you could say, the sister of one of the youngest and most versatile vessels in the fleet, and one which have never been seen by non-freight passengers. economical, and suited to both ports! She was only discarded because she bled cash on French sailings. Was always packed to Spain!

    That’s the enlightend enthusiasts version. Won’t cause any excitement among the average member of the public.

    (I’m only addressing the query as to why there hasn’t been a big fanfare announcement about this, and advocating a theory that this maybe because, however interesting we may find it, it is not big PR material).

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  2. Let’s be frank, recalling a 12 year-old previously-discarded freighter and adding a bit of passenger accommodation to it, in order to replace an iconic legend (to its loyal customer base) is not exactly fanfare material.  Of great interest to those of us in the know about the history etc, sure.  But difficult to turn into a PR goldmine.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Khaines said:

    One of the things I find a bit strange is that the new passenger ramp in Poole was specially made for Barfy, wasn’t it?  Who paid for that, BF or Poole Port?  It is fixed and not moveable - so what happens there?  Cotentin will have to be fitted with a foot pax door in exactly the right place to align - guess that is what would happen.  


    I believe comment was passed on here at the time about the folly of building such a facility designed only to fit one ship.

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  4. 11 minutes ago, hf_uk said:

    Because, It's nice to have a variety of ships in the fleet isn't it! Barfy has a very unique character. Shame to have a fleet of clones in the post flexer future!

    That’s true, and I agree.  On the other hand, (a) they won’t be identical, and (b) the principle of unique ships has already been abandoned with the plethora of Vissentinis in the fleet and the pending arrival of triplets from China!

  5. 3 minutes ago, hf_uk said:

    Only slight downside is that she will basically become "Armorique 2"

    Why’s that a downside?  Sounds a perfect way of raising the standards on Poole-Cherbourg.  Armorique’s stint at Poole on refit cover duty almost led to the Barfleur fan club jumping ship! 🤣

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  6. 18 minutes ago, LHCity said:

    Cotentin to Cherbourg <> Poole...

    Barfleur to Le Havre <> Portsmouth (instead of Etretat) 

    Normandie to Le Havre <> Rosslare ? (New Route in project) > https://www.waterfordlive.ie/news/home/485178/new-rosslare-to-le-havre-shipping-route-could-benefit-waterford.html

    Etretat return to Stena ?

    It needs to be clarified that this is not “news”, it is speculation.  Accordingly, as you have done with the sections about Etretat and Normandie, there should be a question mark after your thoughts on Barfleur.  (No announcement has been made that she is moving to Le Havre, so this should not be being reported as a fact in the “news” section).

  7. There already is one actually - we bought one on board for our (then) 5-6 year old a couple of years ago.  He's not built it yet (and, come to think of it, I'm not quite sure where it is).  I think it's meant to be of Normandie (probably pre-scrubbbers and certainly pre-livery change), but it's quite hard to tell!

  8. To a greater or lesser extent, all ships in the BF fleet (with the exception of Bretagne and Pont Aven) can be considered ropaxes.  Some of them, like MSM, carry off that role very effectively and with a luxury that makes them feel like a cruise ferry.  I’m sure the e-flexers will be the same.

  9. 58 minutes ago, wortley said:

    You are all getting me worried.   Will Armorique be fully booked for the whole of May when I get round to booking next Easter? 

    I’m starting to wonder whether BF might be adopting an approach in which ship space is being sold a bit at a time, with other bits of space kept in reserve for later bookings?  Then the impression is created early on of ship filling up (encouraging people to get their bookings made) whilst still keeping space available for later bookings?

    Also, it is possible that some space is being reserved for guaranteed space for HMG for the post-EU departure contracts.

  10. 8 hours ago, David Williams said:

    Being serious for a change, I would trust that we never have anything like that. Message boards that allow a dislike as well as a like can lead to a very negative atmosphere.

    Indeed.  And, being equally serious, it’s not going to happen on the grounds (as everybody is aware) that antagonism/rudeness towards other posters (including calling them “stupid”) is an infringement of forum protocols.  I am presuming that everyone with a shred of discernment is aware that Neil’s “suggestion” was very much tongue-in-cheek.

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  11. 40 minutes ago, Cabin-boy said:

    Unless they decide to do berthing trials in St Helier and St Peter Port. Just in case. Although that's probably a stupid idea. Ed. 

    Well, the forum does seem to be full of them!  But, yes, it's ridiculous.  No need - we know Liberation fits so NEX is bound to.  And there will be plenty of time for that after her 2020 microseason finishes - by which time BF will probably have done its due diligence and Jersey's new harbour will have been built.  But I'd better stop in case anyone thought I was being sensible.


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  12. Deterring speculative “in case” bookings has to be considered welcome.

    Does anyone know, does the category of ticket you buy place varying restrictions on ability to change/upgrade etc onboard accommodation?  For example, if you get an Economy ticket, and all you can book is an inside cabin, but later a Commodore becomes available, does the fact that your ticket is Economy restrict ability to change the accommodation?  Or is it just sailing date/time that is fixed?


  13. Worth also remembering that there's always a day or two spent destoring before going to the yard, and re-storing before re-entering service.  CF and Connemara will do that in Santander (rather than Cherbourg where the rest of the fleet tends to do this if heading to Poland) so there will be no need for delivery passages.  But nevertheless, storing and destoring (as well as possible need for sea trials) will reduce the apparent overlap of the dry docking period to no more than 4 days.  And, as Tony (very sensibly and non-stupidly) said, there is also work that can be done alongside afloat at the start/end of the drydock period.  So it shouldn't be a problem.

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