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  1. Yes, it can’t not be. Pont Aven cannot maintain the Portsmouth schedule (reliably) with an engine out of commission.
  2. Don’t worry, Paully, it’s just Ed blowing his own crumpet. 😉
  3. Ah, excellent - Mrs Macaroon. Good one! 😀
  4. Bloomering heck Ed, that’s a bit of a kick in the croutons!
  5. Yes, I don’t think the restaurant will be open either in the evening or in the morning. But the self-service will be, briefly. As Wortley says, the crossing is so short there is only really time to sleep so better to eat ashore before boarding.
  6. They could probably have had the engine mended by now! 😉
  7. BZH29 are you Brigitte's friend?
  8. Ah, the “Seabridge” option - sounds very civilised! 😀
  9. Yep. BF management gives all the impressions, at the moment, of having lost its way.
  10. It is pretty clear that no-one (including BF) knows anything for definite at the moment.
  11. Potential big long-term rammifications of this saga for BF. It could take years for them to recover, both financially and reputationally. It is clear that customer service has been stretched well beyond its ability to cope. Such a shame.
  12. Ah, the million Euro question! Is no ship better than a bad ship......?! 😉
  13. I think, also, that it was probably much more common for ferry companies to charter at short notice back in the days of yesteryear. In the 80s, for example, when ferries were out of action unexpectedly, they were almost always replaced by a chartered-in ferry at short notice (and for short-term roles, even just for a few weeks). Back then, (a) ferries were smaller and more basic, with less route-customisation in their designs, (b) there were plenty more ferries around, with a few almost always laid up and ready for charter at any one point, (c) most routes were short-sea day crossings, and even the overnights were just short crossings like Cherbourg and Le Havre, so it didn't matter so much how well suited the ferry was to the route, and (d) passenger expectations of the facilities and services on their ferries were far less demanding. These days it is a much more difficult option, with very much fewer possibilities, and it's a mistake to think that a ferry could just be mustered to fill in for Pont Aven in the same way that one could be summoned up to, say, fill in for Horsa at Folkestone.
  14. Agreed. It’s one of those things that really only becomes “the right thing to do” in hindsight in situations like this, if the period out of service turns into months rather than weeks. But as long as the hope remains for a return to service within a relatively short time, it is rarely a practical solution in foresight.
  15. They really need(ed) to charter in a replacement. Difficult I know, but there must be something out there available, and something’s better than nothing.
  16. That’s the flan! 😀
  17. What would have been the cost implications of the “day later” option? Would BF would have covered the extra night in Plymouth? Fair chance I’d have thought.
  18. It was wasted even before this.
  19. Seems to be all fair points to me. This fiasco could turn out to be a defining moment for BF. As a general rule of thumb, it is not wise to disrupt passengers who do not need to be disrupted in order to attempt to provide for other passengers who are already disrupted. You just double the number of disaffected customers.
  20. Good to have Neil’s wife help to keep this thread on a leaven keel!
  21. And to what proportion of Cork-Roscoff custom do you think that applies hf?
  22. He seems to have some beef with Sky too. Comes across as a bit of a serial moaner.
  23. Indeed, Solo. It is virtually inconceivable that BF can go into the peak summer season cancelling PA's sailings left, right and centre, at 6 weeks' notice, without making provision for a replacement vessel, for an indefinite period.
  24. Indeed - 'operational reasons' is a cover-all for just about anything they can't in some way pin on the weather when they don't want give more information. I wonder if, especially as this seems to be providing for freight whilst neglecting passenger traffic, whether the fact that they have been willing to do this (to a route still getting established) gives us a clue as to loadings on the Cork-Santander route. Is this an early sign that BF might be giving up on that route at the end of the year?
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