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  1. The only plausible conclusion, if the 500% figure is correct, is that before the increase Rosslare was handling a tiny amount of traffic compared with the the number of departures. The ships must have been sailing almost empty. So most of this increase would have involved filling existing capacity.
  2. There were previously about 5 or 6 departures a day out of Rosslare, so a 500% increase would equate to around 20 additional departures per day! (Unless the existing 5 or 6 were sailing largely empty).
  3. (Unless, of course, the pre-existing sailings from Rosslare were operating nowhere near capacity, in which case the starting base for traffic will have been lower than the sailing frequency would imply).
  4. So where is this 500% increase coming from? If it’s all Dublin, then a 500% increase at Rosslare would probably equate to all Dublin traffic, which clearly isn’t happening. If, for arguments’s sake, it’s an equal (in proportional terms) mixture of Dublin, Warrenpoint, Belfast and Larne, then a 500% increase would probably equate to something like an 80% decline at each of those ports. That clearly isn’t happening. So, if 500% is correct, then surely a good proportion of that must be due to new custom rather than existing custom re-routing?
  5. When in their daily schedules do they get a thorough internal clean? The longer route vessels get (or are supposed to get) a thorough clean in between each sailing. No way that can happen on the Dov-Cal ferries. But they also have no break in those schedules, so when does the cleaning happen? (!).
  6. On her way in now. 36 hours late. This evening’s schedules departure from Bilbao is no longer in the timetable, so looks like she will skip a round trip. Next scheduled departure is from Poole on Saturday afternoon. Wonder what that was all about.
  7. Yes, well. Indeed. I struggle to imagine how those ships (Spirits and Cotes) can turn round in an hour either. But these flexers are an order of magnitude bigger aren’t they? And none of their sisters in the Western Channel and Irish Sea can turn round in an hour. Even when using the twin loading facilities at Holyhead / Dublin / Cherbourg / Portsmouth.
  8. So, what was the history of ICL’s berthing strategy at Le Havre, LHC? We know that they were using the old NF terminal at Quai d’Ireland after Normandy Ferries was taken over by TT in 1985. And we know that they had moved to the old second TT berth (built for the jumboised SVs out of the original freight ferry berth), where Saint Patrick II is seen in your photo, by the time they closed the route in 1997. But when did they make the switch, and why? Was it in 1995, when the jumboised SVs were replaced and this berth became available, or was it earlier than that (with P&O and
  9. Hard to see a fully loaded e-flexer being turned around in an hour 8 times a day!
  10. Oh no, you’re right. I thought they’d put a little bridge on top at the front, but it’s passenger accommodation. Yes, the little upper bridge above the main bridge was obviously an attempt to provide a token opportunity for lookout! Surprised that rebuild was approved!
  11. At least it’s up at the front! When Nordic and Baltic had all their passenger accommodation built on top of the upper freight deck (for their Zeebrugge stint), they kept the bridge back where it was! So the view out of it would predominantly consisted of passengers roaming around on the (new, higher) top deck!
  12. Connemara still anchored outside. Wonder if she has been denied access for some reason?
  13. No, she’s one of their original sisterships though. Both Nordic Ferry and Baltic Ferry have long gone to the breakers, but there are still a couple of the 11 Stena Searunners still around. This one is the former Norsky, which went to Aliaga in 2010.
  14. Connemara seems to have pulled out of any attempt to enter Poole Harbour this evening, on her first visit back there for a while. Weather?
  15. Thanks Chris. Though, it wasn’t so much the regulars (which were already provided for) as the new traffic (for which these extra sailings were laid on) that I was thinking about. There seemed to be some surprise in some that sailings to Ireland (from Cherbourg) are busy whereas the ones to England aren’t. To me, that’s not surprising at all and makes perfect sense.
  16. Probably not that surprising. It would be interesting to know where in Europe all this traffic routing through Cherbourg from Ireland is heading - if it is landbridge traffic that would have used the Tunnel, I bet most if it is not bound for France. Most of it is likely to be heading deeper into industrial Europe and just using France to transit. This is bourne out by the popularity of the Dunkerque route. By contrast, most of our freight from those deeper parts of Europe will be routing through Zeebrugge and Calais, so it would be a surprise if there were large volumes of freight rout
  17. Her stern door always looked so narrow it reminded me of trying to get my car into the garage!
  18. The times I used are based on their weekday timings. They just get changed around at the weekend, which is what leads to the extended hanging around, and is why they are limited to 6 (rather than 7) departures per week. As you say, though, this may be in response to what hauliers want by way of weekend provision.
  19. She used to do a few weekly Portsmouth-Cherbourg rotations in between her trips to Santander when she first joined the fleet. It’s where her crew changes took place before she started calling at Roscoff after she opened the Bilbao route.
  20. (And while I posted that, I see an additional 3 round trips have been added to the Rosslare - Cherbourg timetable. BF must be reasonably encouraged by loadings).
  21. So tonight’s CF sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg - first commercial sailing by CF to Cherbourg since...how long ago? Answers on a postcard? I reckon 10 years.
  22. Yes, that’s one of the reasons I don’t think she’ll be replacing PA. There would have to be a rejig of Plymouth schedules to enable Armorique to do the Cork sailings (which won’t be popular with the Irish). That or a complete pull-out of Cork in favour of Rosslare (which would equally go down like a lead balloon).
  23. Yes, I just noticed that too. That’s an unusual choice of dockyard for BF. Pelican’s on her way there now, after being replaced on the Poole route by Connemara for the next few weeks.
  24. No one knows yet - I suspect BF doesn’t even know for sure, yet, either - they’ll be keeping a close eye on how traffic develops over the year and keeping their plans fluid. There’s probably a provisional plan though. Possibilities have been discussed in several previous threads, and there are various theories. Most of them assume Salamanca will go to Portsmouth to partner Galicia, freeing CF for alternative deployment, and there are various thoughts on that alternative deployment. The main two being either to go to Plymouth, replacing PA which in turn would replace Bretagne. The othe
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