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  1. Don’t quite follow what is being suggested is improbable. But it is a fact that Galicia’s timetable is being operated from November by another ship. That other ship doesn’t need to follow a schedule in which crossings to Spain are that slow. (And never has before). I can think of only one plausible explanation for that, but if there is another one then let’s hear it. (Only one plausible explanation is the basis of beyond reasonable doubt proof, which is what our courts use to define “truth”).
  2. In the Le Havre heyday, when there were at least 4 (and occasionally 5) sailings to the Solent per day, there were also 6 daily sailings from Dieppe to Newhaven.
  3. Gosh this thread is proving popular! Maybe I should start another one about Weymouth! 🤣
  4. Visited there in 2004. Bought a bottle of the stuff. Still got it (and it’s virtually full)!
  5. Agreed, I like it too. It’s just not the same postcard magic as the picturesque Brittany ports. That was all David’s point was. (And the magic is what has traditionally been associated with the BF holiday experience).
  6. The P&O Olaus would have been worthy recipients of the names that they were earmarked to have (Etretat and Honfleur). Such a shame that probably the two most iconic tourist attractions in Normandy have had their names wasted on subsequent fiascos.
  7. Agreed. That’s what I meant really - doesn’t have the postcard magnificence of St Malo and Roscoff. I agree it has beauty in other ways (to which the history contributes).
  8. Yes, it’s never been clear whether they withdrew directly because of anticipating the outcome of the investigation or because the investigation gave them time to redo the maths. Don’t forget it was around about that time that BF disposed of one of the Olau twins’ near sisters after finding that she was too expensive to run.
  9. That is undoubtedly true. Le Havre is the least BF-like port that they serve (it has no “magic” and is not somewhere you would go out of your way to visit in its own right. Cherbourg is marginally more attractive but not much. Even Ouistreham is not that spectacular or attractive, but Ouistreham’s appeal lies partly in its place on the D-Day coast. BF’s Normandy ports are definitely more functional than magical.
  10. Yes, it’s interesting that Le Havre is continuing as the Spanish ship crew change port whilst Connemara is on the route, but that it’s switching to Cherbourg when Galicia’s schedule kicks in. This implies to me that they would have preferred to use Le Havre for Galicia too if they could (but can’t because of berth length). If Cherbourg was the port of choice then they would have sent Connemara there too. (Note in both cases the crew change call is midweek, which is when they are still choosing to serve Le Havre).
  11. Too simplistic. I am sure that there may have been factors such as cheap flying, expanded services to Spain, price of oil, harbour fees, choice of ships, which all could have contributed. And others I’ve not thought of. All factors that impinge on other routes too, but the specific way in which they interplayed at Le Havre will have been complex. It might even be a case that P&O gave up for whatever their own reasons were, and nobody else bothered to come in and give it a serious go. It may always have been a viable proposition given the right operator and choice of ship, but that they just never emerged. Whatever it was, I do not believe it was as simplisitic as any one thing (or even two).
  12. The Caen explanation has never been the full story for me. Le Havre and Ouistreham coexisted for half of the 40 years Le Havre thrived as a car ferry port (from the birth of Thoresen to the withdrawal of P&O) with Le Havre still going strong. For me, there has to be more to it than that. (And I’m sure the reasons are complex and not just to do with one factor).
  13. Just by way of follow-up to the OP. I very much hope that Le Havre (as well as Cherbourg) has a thriving future as a ferry port. Both ports are quintessentially linked to my childhood and hold a special place in my heart. I was devastated with what P&O did to the Townsend Thoresen legacy, both in this arena and elsewhere. My view is that the current vibes are not great, and that BF’s approach to the port has been one of going through the motions to provide some sort of token service for the sake of it. And also that providing a token service for the sake of it is really a long way from what BF is interested in at the current time. Understandably. I’d go far as to say that, in my view, BF’s presence in Le Havre is really an obstacle to a proper ferry service being revived there. I don’t really know what my feelings are about the possible prospect of BF pulling out. In the short term, it would obviously be a blow. In the long term, it might be just what the port needs. Time will tell. To properly evaluate the future potential of Le Havre (and Cherbourg), I guess one really has to understand the reasons for their demise. And on that score, I feel a bit in the dark. I don’t really understand what those reasons were.
  14. No one knows. It is possible that the cancellation is really a negotiating tactic by BF, with the ultimate aim of getting the ferry finished and into service with BF. Or it is possible that, post-covid, BF has taken stock of its new financial position and fleet deployment priorities and decided that they do not need any further expense on the ship. Time will tell.
  15. Yes, in the appropriate thread. But not if it is deliberately aimed at hijacking the thread to take it off topic. This thread is about the restart of actual BF passenger services.
  16. There has recently been a lot of discussion of a general and speculative nature about what may or may not / could or could not be in store for Le Havre in future as a ferry port. Much of that discussion has been barely relevant to the various threads in which the topic has come up. So I am creating this thread to be the conduit for future posts of a general and speculative nature about Le Havre. If you want to pontificate on the status of Le Havre as the ultimate ferry port of all time, the future viability of various theoretical routes to Le Havre, the relative merits and demerits of Le Havre versus Caen or Cherbourg or Calais, the beauty of the road links to Le Havre, the thrill of crossing the River Seine, the obsession that the hauliers have with wishing in vain that they could sail there, or whatever, this is the forum for you! There are too many posts already in the archive to deal with them retrospectively, but all future posts of a general and speculative nature, that are not relevant to the issue at hand in the thread in which they are posted, will be moved here. There you go....no other port in BF history has had such an exalted position as its own thread. Post away! 😀
  17. It doesn't matter what we think. It matters what BF thinks, and what BF thinks is there in black and white in the timetables.
  18. The P&O timetables were broadly similar to the BF ones, certainly to within half an hour. I think the Portsmouth departures were at 0830, 1500 and 2300. Le Havre departures something like 0900, 1700 and 2300. Crossing time (by day) was 5h 30m.
  19. Gareth

    2021 Timetables

    Anyway....at the moment Barfleur is nearer to Le Havre than Cherbourg. (And even nearer to the ideally located port town of Caen). 😀😉
  20. Gareth

    2021 Timetables

    Maybe Barfleur is not considered as part of everything. Barfleur must therefore be nothing. 😳
  21. In other words (to try to make sense of this in the context of the thread), you are advocating that it is your belief that BF has reduced the number of Le Havre sailings in the full knowlegde that this means there is freight they would have carried but are now not going to be able to, and that they accept this freight will now route via Calais rather than Le Havre. Thank you for the explanation.
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