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  1. Out on Thursday nights, back on Friday nights. The same roster Etretat has been following since CF went off, with two Spanish trips in between.
  2. Which route? Le Havre? Yes they do, once a week for freight only until CF returns.
  3. Bretagne's AIS is now active again. No destination showing yet but given that she is re-entering service the day after tomorrow you'd think a sailing to Cherbourg to re-store must be imminent.
  4. I'm sure that if a more suitable running mate for Baie de Seine was to become available BF would jump at the chance.
  5. Yes, good pics but curious that with these major problems Etretat is just on a lay-up berth in Le Havre's back yard. You'd think a shipyard would be more appropriate!
  6. Indeed. Another occasion on which the St Malo-Plymouth-Roscoff legs were considered worth running although on this occasion the Roscoff-Portsmouth positional run appears not to have been advertised as a commercial sailing. For the record, and while the info is available, it is worth noting that contrary to other recent northbound sailings between Roscoff and Plymouth, on this occasion today Armorique routed south of Guernsey.
  7. Plus Bretagne is slower and they probably don't want to put too much strain on Bretagne's engines by running her at full pelt to Spain.
  8. Probably due to lower freight capacity. Etretat's main loading is freight I think, especially on the Bilbao crossing so this better suited to Armorique and Bretagne better suited to the requirements of St Malo and Roscoff.
  9. One other thing.....sorry for successive posts.....but it has just occurred to me.....I wonder if Etretat will be back.
  10. Bretagne is now showing on the Roscoff schedules too, and in fact for two weeks's worth of them. So she looks to be pretty much taking over most of Armorique's schedules for a two-week period prior to her planned re-entry full time to St Malo. Credit to BF for taking this step and not just cancelling sailings. Have to say I thought it was curious when it looked like Portsmouth-St Malo sailings and Plymouth-Roscoff sailings were being cancelled in favour of the Le Havre freight service....it was looking like a fair indication that Le Havre has already become an important cog in the BF wheel.
  11. Armorique now showing in the Blibao and Santander schedules in place of Etretat for the first two weeks in March. And.....curiously....it looks like the calls for Bretagne to be reactivated early have been heeded....briefly! Bretagne is now showing as taking a southbound trip to St Malo on 4 March and a northbound return on 9th, with a round trip to Plymouth in between. Nothing showing yet to Roscoff but I would imagine that is an oversight and that Bretagne is taking over Armorique's full roster between 4 and 10 March. However....after that she is then out of service again until the originally scheduled reactivation.
  12. Steady - I got roundly rebuked by this community last time I dared to suggest that BF used weather as a cover for other issues!
  13. Recurrence of previous problem then, and more serious than they must first have thought. A lot of trouble that ship for what she is, I don't know why they bother with her!
  14. Meanwhile Etretat is entering Le Havre as I type and has clearly not carried a commercial load from Portsmouth as she is heading straight for the inner lay-up area and has not called at the berth en route.
  15. Nothing on the updates page about this (presumably referring to next week's Bilbao sailing) although there is something about this week's one - in that it has been cancelled due to more technical problems with Etretat. Interestingly, all of Etretat's Tuesday Bilbao departures (which she was originally scheduled to take until the return of CF) have now disappeared from the BF timetables, and Etretat herself seems to be off all timetables for a 3 week or so period in May. Armorique replacing her on a Bilbao crossing, if true, seems a bit strange to me. Quite apart from the fact that the sailing itself no longer appears on the timetables, there is also the issue of leaving St Malo uncovered for pretty much that week. Leaving pets in cars for an entire crossing to Spain to......where did the info come from? Edit: I see Etretat's Santander sailings have also gone from the timetables for the next few weeks now too. So as well as disappearing from all timetables for 3 weeks in May, there is now nothing at all on the timetables for Etretat until 23 March. The problems with her must be not insignificant. Another edit: Armorique's St Malo sailings next week have also disappeared from the timetable and there are no longer any Plymouth-Roscoff sailings showing for the first 2 weeks of March. Instead, Armorique is shown as handling Etretat's Thursday-Friday Le Havre freight rotation during that period. But not yet the Bilbao or Santander aspects of Etretat's roster. No doubt there is further clarification to come in all this.
  16. Heading to Quimper you are actually much better off landing in Cherbourg rather than Le Havre.
  17. Well that will certainly be handled now by Armorique, even though there's nothing official on the updates page yet.
  18. Jonno - sorry to repeat what has already been said, but just to clarify, the issue at Ouistreham is not the berth. It is the turning space off the berth. MSM is the maximum length of ship that can turn in the dredged circle.
  19. Ah Colin - may I dare to suggest, bad timing?! In my very early sailing days I found myself on passage through the Swinge at....precisely the wrong time. At the time I thought the trying to helm over the breaking waves and keep the boat within 45 degrees of intended course was just normal. Now I understand that the skipper at the time had no concept of tidal timing. Next time I went through the Swinge....at the right state of tide.....you'd have wondered what all the fuss was about! Much harder to time the Alderney Race, though, I'll give you, if on passage other than ex-Cherbourg, Braye or Dielette.
  20. Gareth

    NEX breakfasts

    Ah, no they're not the same!
  21. Gareth

    NEX breakfasts

    Ha, that's pretty much identical to the complimentary breakfast you get in a Commodore or Deluxe cabin across the whole fleet. So at £4.20 that puts that aspect of the price of the luxury cabins into a bit of perspective! However, it's very nice when I comes, a welcome way to start the morning.....just always leaves you wanting a bit more of something proper and not just a carbohydrate fest! Looking at that picture reminds me......I am always intrigued by those Triangular Rolls that seem to be standard across the whole fleet in all serving areas. They come with breakfast, they can be found in self-service, they get served to you with tongs in the a la carte restaurant! They are everywhere and seem to stamp Brittany Ferries branding on the catering experience wherever you find them! I had always assumed they are baked on board, but if they are served on the NEX too does that mean that somewhere in deepest Brittany there is a central factory of Special Brittany Ferries Triangular Rolls that supplies the whole fleet? (I can't imagine Normandie Express having its own bread roll-baking facility?) I'm hungry now....!
  22. Gareth

    NEX breakfasts

    Well, you don't get haute cuisine like that every day of the week!
  23. They can be registered wherever BF like. Brest can certainly be used if desired. Morlaix was not used because it had to be but because BF chose it as the port of registry of their early fleet owing to its proximity to their head office. They could still register the entire fleet there if they wanted to, but as has been said in recent years (since Caen opened) there has been a move to spread the registry around a bit so that it is more locally relevant. A couple of other snippets. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that Duchesse Anne was registered in St Malo and to my knowledge has been the only BF ship ever registered there. And when Goelo was in the fleet on her two year charter in 1980-1 she retained the Finnish flag and I'm pretty sure remained registered in Mariehamn. But that's going back a bit now.
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