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  1. NEX's AIS signal has been reactivated on the BF fleet tracker.
  2. But another year or two would have given them time to organise new builds to replace them. Still not sure HSC was the way to go post the Express / Vitesse era; the history of companies trying to operate HSCs across the English Channel has not been a happy or successful one over the years. Just think of all the attempts at "high" speed that have come and gone not to be missed. Got to be a message in there, but high speed is too central to Condor's roots for them to hear it.
  3. Gorgeous? Now that's taking it a bit far!
  4. Surprised to read this from Shippax. Should have been perfectly possible to establish a comprehensive and reliable service from Poole, and Weymouth is unusable anyway so it's not as if they had a choice. I think it is patently obvious that the heart of Condor's problems is not the decision to focus on Poole ahead of Weymouth, it is the decision to buy Liberation.
  5. Yes I agree, you definitely need to discuss your situation with BF in advance.
  6. Destined only for the scrapyard, surely?
  7. Yes, I'd have thought it would be a coastguard or even police matter, rather than a VTS one.
  8. To suggest that the work is of an inferior quality because it was not done in France is ludicrous.
  9. Not a lot of difference between Bretagne and Normandie as far as age is concerned (3 years in it), and Normandie's vehicle decks can feel quite cramped too. My experience of the two is that I think Bretagne is a superior ship in every way to Normandie. MSM is a different matter, she's 10 years younger than Normandie and a class above. No coincidence, I think, that Normandie and Bretagne are at the top of the priority list for replacement.
  10. I would imagine that if it becomes clear that Normandie will still be out of action in mid-May that BF probably will make some arrangements to cover the sailings. With the overnight from Portsmouth you will probably have two possibilities for a last-minute shift to a new sailing if they don't - Le Havre and St Malo, assuming there is space on them. Alternatively you could get ahead of the game and change your booking to St Malo now, as has been discussed in your Caen Overnight Ferry thread. But then again, who knows what is around the corner. Some accident could equally befall Bretagne. So it's all guesswork. But, to come back to where I started, if the current issue with Normandie is still ongoing in a month's time (unlikely) then I'd expect BF to re-jig schedules or bring in a charter boat or something to provide the best cover they can. (Probably at Plymouth's expense on previous form. I don't know whether there is any possibility of delaying CF's refit, probably not, it probably needs to be done for regulatory and certification purposes, but if there is a possibility of delaying it then one option that has occurred to me could be for them to move Armorique to cover Caen and use CF to cover her Plymouth-Roscoff rota during the time CF was due to be off for refit. But probably not possible, and in any case also probably not necessary as I would imagine Normandie will be back within a few days).
  11. Anyone know what the upshot of the review by the Jersey authorities was?
  12. Yes, there are several members of the fleet that appear to have "slack" parts in their daily rosters (Barfleur, Etretat, Armorique) but of these only Barfleur has the practical potential to be able to provide some cover whilst at the same time maintaining her own service. But as HT says, even that is probably too tight.
  13. Nope, she had two whole seasons (shortly after P&O pulled out I think) when she sailed at lunchtime (around 1330 or 1400 I think) from Portsmorth and something like 2345 from Poole. Must have been around 2004 or 5 or 6 I would think. Surprised you can't remember that Brigitte!
  14. Barfleur could still handle her Poole traffic, sailing out at 8am as at present and back overnight. Plenty of time to squeeze in a round trip to Portsmouth. In fact she used to operate just that schedule.
  15. E Hence my caveat, "if it's likely to be longer".
  16. Yes, a daily lunchtime crossing from Cherbourg to Portsmouth, and teatime return to Cherbourg, ought to be relatively straightforward to organise for Barfleur during Normandie's absence. If it's likely to be longer, then they could switch Barfleur across to Portsmouth-Caen properly and bring NEX out early to cover Poole-Cherbourg. Doubt they will though.
  17. The other issue you might face though, trying to change at this stage, is the availability of cabin accommodation of your choice.
  18. 13 April 2300 ex-Caen now added to the list of cancellations.
  19. To be fair, Ed, they're probably still evaluating the situation. It's really only just happened, and first priority will have been dealing with the passengers aboard the affected sailing. Give them a chance...!
  20. p.s. Something wrong with this thread because last post still showing as mine from 0835 this morning and new posts not being flagged up in the thread list pages.
  21. All Normandie sailings up to tomorrow afternoon now cancelled. 12 April: 1445 ex-Portsmouth, 2300 ex-Caen 13 April: 0815 ex-Portsmouth ...all listed as cancelled on the website. Any further news on what happened / damage caused / how the crew members are doing?
  22. You can always cross overnight to St Malo sailing out (very civilised) and then do the return from Ouistreham. The Wednesday afternoon sailing from Ouistreham (Friday out of season) has very civilised timings if you want to avoid the overnight crossing. And, of course, when Pont Aven arrives to take over the St Malo route in a couple of years' time the daytime departure from France is likely to be somewhat later, which may suit you better. But in the mean time, in the immediate future, might be well worth using St Malo out and Caen back next time you go. You can take a view on that once you've experienced the overnight crossing to Caen once!
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