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  1. What sneaky changes? He has not made (and cannot make unilaterally) any changes to the treaty. All he’s done is to remove some concessions from the implementation bill that were there before the election to encourage opposition MPs to vote for it. Those MPs didn’t seize that opportunity (the last of many opportunities along the way that they didn’t seize), and now there is no need for opposition votes because the government has its clear mandate (again) from the country. So there is also no longer any need, purpose, or incentive to keep those concessions in the bill. I don’t see what’s sneaky about that. As far as the EU (or House of Lords) blocking the ratification of the agreement is concerned, they both know that that would be playing with fire. Any party that blocks the agreement knows that they will go down in history as being responsible for a no deal exit, and it is inconceivable that they will want this. And so it follows that it is also inconceivable that the withdrawal agreement will not be ratified by both sides. We will go into the transition period. After that is anyone’s guess. Farage reckons that the chance of no free trade agreement being reached by the end of 2020 is about 25%.
  2. Surprised at how small the Tor Whichever (Britannia I think) looks next to her!
  3. No need for binoculars in that one! 😀
  4. Looks like it must have been berthing trials. Normandie berthed both bow and stern in at the Le Havre roro berth. Then headed back to Ouistreham. Maybe there have been changes to the configuration of the berth since she last operated to it.
  5. Thanks Tony. Why is Normandie doing that?! (She doesn’t need berthing trials there, which is the only reason I can think would warrant a visit of a couple of hours).
  6. Andy are you sure you have Normandie and MSM the right way round?
  7. It will make a good quiz question in years to come! What were the circumstances in which Barfleur spent the Christmas layup 2019 in Santander?! 🤣
  8. My best wishes to all for a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. Thanks to everyone for their contributions that make this forum such an informative place to be. Thanks, too, from us all I’m sure, to @Andyfor providing the forum and keeping it running. [Andy - you missed one! Honfleur - Flensburg (enters service: xxxxx)! 😀]
  9. Fine line Jonno. A whole load of purely political posts were moved into it this morning. Material relating to UK-EU travel is relevant to the forum so is bona fide. However, I agree, it would be helpful if the tone now became one of matter of fact discussion of practicalities. If we think that people are hiding behind superficially on-topic material to make what are really political points then we will still move them to the club. Worth taking this opportunity to mention that the “club” was created to allow political discussion in a non-political forum as a special case situation in special circumstances. When the UK leaves the EU on 31 January, the club will become obsolete and will close to new posting.
  10. Indeed - the “checks” I referred to above relate to the immigration checks that are alluded to by the “free movement” issue. Free movement ending will have no bearing on the need for those checks, merely the eligibility criteria for passing them. Customs checks are a different issue altogether, and the extent to which an increase in them will be required will be entirely a function of how the free trade talks go. Again, it is important to avoid conflating different issues. Any need for enhanced customs checks will be nothing to do with ending free movement of people.
  11. I think there seems to be a lot of confusion between “checks” and “free movement”. At the moment we have both checks and free movement, and soon we will have checks and no free movement. Can’t see how removing free movement makes any difference to checks - at the moment, the checks just verify whether someone has free movement, but the fact they have free access doesn’t negate the need for checks. In the future, right to access will be harder to come by, but there will be no more need for checks than the (already prolific) ones we already have. Anyone who tries entering the UK through either Plymouth or Portsmouth will testify to that, as is regularly reported in this forum.
  12. It’s ok, I’ve found it now! Light-hearted is good. 😉
  13. Technically, there are still two theoretical possibilities that would see a WTO departure from the EU on 31 January. One is that the WAB does not complete its passage through parliament (with the result that the UK does not ratify the withdrawal treaty). And the other is that the EU does not ratify the withdrawal treaty. Given that a WTO departure on 31 January is not something that either side wants, my view is that the chances of either of those things happening are vanishingly small (and that entering the transition period is therefore all but certain). What then happens in the future trade relationship discussions is less predictable, but, again, both sides will want to avoid a WTO situation on 31 December, and they will go to every effort to get the trade deal agreed. The EU has accepted that its attempts to stop Brexit happening have failed. They have accepted that it is going to happen and that there are no more political games to play. So they have no interest in these trade talks other than making them work (if possible). That’s not to say we can be sure they will work, because there are many obstacles to be overcome. But I don’t agree with the suggestion that one of those obstacles will (any more) be EU obstinacy for the sake of it.
  14. Well I looked in there but the photos didn’t seem to be numbered. Maybe just because I’m using my phone?
  15. I’m confused - where is photo #17?!
  16. You just watch, she’ll be off to Portsmouth for berthing trials next! 😀
  17. Found this, but it was probably hf’s source in the first place: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.cornwalllive.com/news/local-news/biggest-wave-ever-contender-new-3656865.amp
  18. It’s a good number of years now since there was any industrial action from BF crew. This current disruption is nothing to do with them.
  19. I think Ed’s just stirring. 😉
  20. The onboard spending ones are usually what customer service uses when it wants to make a gesture of goodwill to customers who have had legitimate grounds for complaint. Very generous they are with them, too.
  21. True. Could do...... 🤔😀
  22. It’s been a standard feature of departure procedure at Newhaven for as long as the port has been a ferry port. Turning in the harbour is very tight and can only be done safely with the aid of warps. I suspect it is used less these days than it was in Sealink days due to the size of the current ferries, but is still possible. I don’t know if it is possible at all states of tide, but I suspect it probably is. Departure stern first has also always been used, and is probably quicker when conditions allow. Looks like this was a situation where it probably would have been better to warp round in the harbour, but there may be reasons why that was not possible. (Another vessel blocking the turning circle, not enough water depth, wind in the wrong direction all possibilities). Newhaven really is very confined for ferries of this sort of size - surprised we don’t get incidents there more often than we do.
  23. I’m surprised at that! But each to their own. This is a ferry enthusiasts’ site after all, and most shipping enthusiasts are interested in many things, including what the ships look like. Here’s a challenge for you - have a browse through the gallery and do a quick ready reckoning of the proportions of interior v exterior photographs there are in there. 😉
  24. Seems to me like a task for tug man Cal Libb-Reight.
  25. It doesn’t look long enough! 🤣
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