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  1. Historic photos. Thanks OSB.
  2. Gareth

    BF survey

    Now I feel really left out! Everyone is a much-valued customer except me! 😢🤣
  3. Starting to get a teeny little inkling that our thirsted-after enlightenment is not going to be forthcoming! Our ignorant befuddlement may be being treated with the disdain it probably deserves! 😉
  4. They’d still need painting though Jim. I was wondering if it was something to do with there not being room to get the equipment round behind her at the back of the dry dock!
  5. Gareth

    BF survey

    I always think the ones in the doctor’s surgery don’t count as they don’t make you take all your clothes off first! 🤣
  6. Gareth

    BF survey

    Indeed. Plus I now have to come to terms with the realisation that I am no longer one of their much-valued customers! 😉
  7. Glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t work that one out.
  8. That second photo, with prime view of the (currently mostly white) funnel is good for visualising how well the new livery may suit Barfleur.
  9. These gas guzzlers pretending to be tacking! 🤣
  10. Standard procedure in heavy weather to avoid beam-on courses and steer at the angles to the sea that are the most comfortable for passengers.
  11. Ah. There is a 2330 ex-Portsmouth on 28th and 2300 ex-Le Havre on 29th also listed as cancelled, and I had assumed those belonged to CF. But those are also BDS sailings, clearly related to her delayed Santander sailing (and now removed from the schedules). Ok, so it looks like only one CF rotation is cancelled then.
  12. Yes, she's due to sail to Spain on Friday. Presumably it would be the St Helens anchorage (as opposed to Spithead)?
  13. Them's not just ferries Tony. Some of them are Superferries! 🤣
  14. Hmmm. Think I might be getting confused. Sorry. The delayed Santander sailings look like they belong to BDS, not CF. In which case, we have to come back to the original theory. And the significance of the fact that CF's sailings are cancelled for the next 2 days. That bears a second thought. Sailings on a 5.5 hour route cancelled for "bad weather" 48 hours in advance, and all other sailings in the vicinity planned to run normally through that time. Let that sink in.
  15. Just digging further, the reason for CF being cancelled is clear. She is due to sail to Santander and back before the two Le Havre sailings, and the Santander sailings are delayed due to bad weather. So the Le Havre sailings are shelved because the ship will be sailing to Spain and back at the time when they were due.
  16. Hmmm, that sounds like a prime case for my theory about weather being used opportunistically as a cover for cancelling lightly-loaded sailings. Absolutely no credible weather reason for CF not to sail to Le Havre if MSM can sail to Ouistreham. Ouistreham is more vulnerable to exposed weather than Le Havre, and CF is generally accepted to be a better sea-keeper than MSM.
  17. Interesting to hear Britannica is still on the overnight from Harwich. Used to be the other way round, with Hollandica taking that sailing and Britannica operating the morning departure. It used to switch round during the week between Xmas and NY, and then revert again.
  18. That said, I agree, the fact that you have to be careful with your choice of ship is itself not the best BF development over the last few years. I’m sure those days will be over, though, once the new ferries from China arrive.
  19. To cover for Barfleur while she has her refit.
  20. Has a tsunami hit the port of Gdansk or something?! (Bretagne is the one at the bottom!)
  21. On a serious note, the state of some of these ferries when they finally get their turn to dry dock must make one wonder about the wisdom of this two-year refit cycle that BF uses for some of its fleet. Doesn’t do the image any good to have ferries getting to the point where they look like that.
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