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  1. Yes, or at yeast not let it rest.
  2. No, but it brings the viability of Portsmouth-Santander into question. All BF Spanish sailings went from Plymouth until they were able to bring Portsmouth within 24 hours of Santander.
  3. Wow, I hadn’t appreciated that. That’s astonishing - and, as you say, a headscratcher.
  4. Yes, well, that little joke needed quite a lot of setting up, didn’t it Ed?! 🤣
  5. Is there any word about what caused this “damage”? I had assumed that it was just some sort of equipment failure, but “damage” implies an incident of some sort. Did she ground?
  6. They will not want to increase the Portsmouth-Spain passage time to more than 24 hours. It was the ability to do this crossing in 24 hours which was the whole basis for the success of this route (where P&O had failed, largely becase the crossing took too long). I’d be very surprised if they waste the new ships with Le Havre rotations - they’ll get 3 return sailings to Spain out of them, with crew change at Roscoff I’d have thought. With two of them, this would enable them to offer the Roscoff-Bilbao link both ways, as one if them could make their crew change call northbound rather than southbound.
  7. Sounds as if Connemara is being used to carry booked traffic but not open to new bookings?
  8. That said, Portsmouth-Le Havre and Poole-Cherbourg seem to be on the revised timetable through to October, so I'm not sure how long the contract lasts. I didn't think it was that long, so maybe BF is continuing to operate the enhanced service on those routes by choice? That certainly doesn't seem to be the case on Plymouth-Roscoff.
  9. I am not sure that that question arises - the Plymouth-Roscoff timetable appears to be back to normal now in any case. So I guess that contract has now been fulfilled.
  10. I can only see one net “extra” sailing on Plymouth-Roscoff. I see 2 sailings re-timed, 3 sailings cancelled, and 4 sailings listed as “new”. The difference between “cancelling and putting on a new” sailing, and “re-timing” a sailing seems a little semantic, it effectively means the same thing.
  11. Oh dear, it gets worse. And that may not be the end of it either - it’s still a “hope”. This is turning into a nightmare for BF.
  12. Don’t know, I’m only speculating. We do know that they sent Armorique to Cork for two weeks in a row, but are not doing so this week. There must be a reason for that, and the one I offered is the only one I can think of that makes sense. I just don’t believe that BF would have abandoned the Irish traffic if there was a way they could have accommodated it.
  13. ....none of which are in any way relevant to the Cork issue. They are all re-times sailings to accommodate Pont Aven’s cancelled Plymouth sailings. But there are no extra sailings during the time slot when Armorique would be doing the Cork rotation, if she did it. So I’m not quite sure I follow your point about “priorities”. BF are doing what they can, with what they have, to deal with the problem they face. If I am right, and the reason they are not sending Armorique to Cork this weekend because she would not be able to handle the pre-booked traffic, then I don’t see how you can draw conclusions about “priorities” from that.
  14. Which extra sailings are you referring to Neil? The two rotations that get cancelled when she does a Cork round trip are not “extra”, they are regular sailings in the timetable. As far as “priorities” are concerned, they will be to provide suitable arrangements for as large a number of passengers as possible, and to reduce disruption to as small a number as possible.
  15. Tough balancing act for BF, how to use Armorique here. If the Cork bookings were at levels beyond Armorique’s ability to accommodate, then switching Armorique to Cork runs the risk of alienating (a) passengers crossing in Armorique when they were expecting Pont Aven, (b) passengers who could not be accommodated on Armorique, doubly annoyed because others were, and (c) passengers on the cancelled Plymouth sailings who also have their plans shredded. So, the way I see it, if Armorique can’t take all the booked Cork traffic, then better to create just one group of disaffected passengers and avoid the triple wammy above.
  16. I get the impression that BF is struggling to cope with this problem. Sounds, from what is being said, as if customer service is stretched beyond its ability to respond with its usual high standards. Dangerous time for BF, this - as well as compensation, lost revenue, and the expense of putting the ship right, there is also the risk of alienating its customer base. Particularly Ireland-France customers, just at the time the company should be benefiting from IF’s withdrawal from Rosslare. Let’s hope the consequences of this current problem don’t become long-term for the health of the company.
  17. The season is turning into a bit of a disaster for Pont Aven. I hope this is not symptomatic of a refit that was more preoccupied with cosmetic rebranding than technical maintenance.
  18. In which case, scrap what I said about not needing a cabin - you’ll need it even if you are taking the day sailing.
  19. You’ll certainly get compensated for the price of the cabin. As Jim says, it’s worth giving them a ring. The best cabins on Armorique are the Club Plus ones - they’re decent cabins, and you’ll get a good night’s sleep. But there is no comparison between them and PA’s commodores. There are also not as many Club Pluses on Armorique as there are Commodores on PA, so not everyone who had booked a Commodore will be able to be allocated a Club Plus. So worth getting in there early. On the other hand - you don’t say which way you are travelling, but if its north-bound then you may decide you can dispense with the cabin entirely, as Armorique does the Roscoff-Cork leg as a day crossing.
  20. Quick - sell the house before it returns in droves! 🤣
  21. St Malo I’d be very surprised at Ed - those sailings are usually pretty fully booked aren’t they? More likely one if the routes that has the extra sailings put on?
  22. It’s what journalists do all the time.
  23. Difficult to say. Currently those sailings are not affected, so provided the repairs go according to schedule (and nothing else goes wrong) you should be ok.
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