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  1. Now I won’t have you talk about her like that! All this B*******-bashing has got to stop! 🤣
  2. No one missed it Tony. It is clear (and obvious) that this is the case. But the oddness does invite satirical response which can be ignored if it is not to taste.
  3. My son thinks that “the olden days” were in black and white. So maybe this is a special version of the new livery to be worn by the members of the fleet of advancing years! A mark of respect to a bygone era! 🤣
  4. Yes - almost as new in that fresh coat of paint.
  5. Great photos Tony. Barfleur doesn't half need in look of a coat of paint. Has she called at the BF berth on the way in?
  6. Hope she gets some much-needed attention to her steering system!!
  7. Very interesting report Chris, thanks. In terms of the thread title, maiden arrival as Connemara but, of course, not the first visit of the ship to Poole.
  8. 40 football fans removed from one of the Stena Superfasts at Cairnryan. https://news.sky.com/story/arrests-after-40-people-escorted-off-belfast-bound-ferry-over-unacceptable-behaviour-11869878
  9. I agree - I've had the same bank account since I was 13. I also don't get the changing energy provider thing - if you keep changing for the sake of it you eventually just get back where you started and how has that helped anything! Insurance, yes, because they always fleece existing customers in favour of discounting new ones. But energy switching for the sake of it I don't get. However, I am straying somewhat from Windows 10!
  10. Agree with all of that Colin. I always go for Norton too, and find it good value if you remember to shop around and get a new product key from Amazon each year. Auto Renew is rarely cost-effective. And absolutely, pre-loading of McAfee is something I have an automatic aversion to on principle.
  11. I might be wrong, but my understanding is that Norton and Windows Defender are not mutually exclusive. You can run both, for double protection.
  12. Re Norton: Whether it’s strictly needed and whether it is harmful are two completely different questions. The suggestion that it is “virus-infected” is a serious one that could do with either validating or retracting.
  13. That’s quite a revelation / allegation. I’d be interested in whether there’s a consensus view that this is a correct statement of fact. (My annual Norton subscription (which I’ve used for well over a decade) is coming up for renewal soon. If it’s, at best a waste of money, and at worst a danger to my computers, I’d be interested to hear more).
  14. Will be a kind of home-coming for her!
  15. And then it will be just MSM (of the main fleet) to receive the new livery. Presumably Bretagne, in those pictures above, will become the first fleet member to receive it a second time! 🤣.
  16. Very funny! 🙄 PIP2 is used for ferries as well, but not much, and not by any that would benefit from twin loading. 😉
  17. Ah ok. With Vitesse the whole passage ran straight through without having to change vessel. She used to do it after her daily morning rotation to Cherbourg in partnership with BF. Departure from Poole was about noon or 12:30 I think, with arrival in St Malo about teatime. Used to call at either St Helier or St PP (it varied), but not both, on the way. With that, the passage between Poole and St Malo took about 6 hours I think. I’d take 9 on Bretagne over 6 hours on a fast cat. But I struggle to think of another route between the UK and France that is more scenic at both ends than Poole-St Malo. Shame it flopped when Duchesse Anne tried to operate a proper ferry service on it.
  18. Thanks Chris. Presumably there are no plans to make it twin-level loading (?). PIP doesn’t really need a third one of those.
  19. It used to be sold as a through passage in the days of Vitesse.
  20. The big question is whether that is actually possible with the current fleet line-up. Actual operational changes are badly needed, but the reputational issue is also a nettle that will have to be grasped. I don’t know whether that is redeemable under the Condor name.
  21. Nice idea C97. I believe the name is still registered and owned by BF (?) so it is eminently plausible. And coming back to my earlier point about reputation, wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. The Condor name is tainted in PR terms, and a return to a happier era of branding would be no bad thing.
  22. Thanks Nick. Follow up question, then, is what the case for enlarging the harbours if the only reason for doing so would be to accommodate ferries that are only not too large if all other services were discontinued?
  23. Nick, is there enough potential demand to warrant running ferries the size of a BF cruise ferry to the islands?
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