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  1. Presumably you can do that and still keep your British citizenship (?).
  2. What’s the advantage with going for residency over citizenship?
  3. But congrats on securing your French residency. Is this different from citizenship?
  4. Your colleague, Ed, is obviously not a friend (given the implied opinion that he/she has a repulsive personality and is dull as dishwater!) 🤣
  5. Agreed - but, key question - what shape were the bread rolls?! 😉
  6. So, are the triangles back or not?!
  7. It’ll come back - slice by slice.
  8. Sorry - the brain’s a bit rustic this morning.
  9. But it was a diverted Portsmouth sailing, which was scheduled for 24 hours. So there was no need to hurry, and she did it in far less than passengers would have been expecting.
  10. All the comments on here are out of the same mold - let’s just all toast BF’s boulangerie. They do a bloomer of a job.
  11. That sounds like it would make a whole meal!
  12. Crumbs, I wish people would stop being so crusty about this.
  13. You’re welcome - and welcome to the forum!
  14. Yes, that should be operating normally (barring any further problems).
  15. They still had a reputation to knock? (!)
  16. That’s what I meant! 😉
  17. Sounds like you’re in for a real party Rik! 🤣
  18. Just imagine the minicruise possibilities if there were daily sailings in each direction between Plymouth and Santander! 😉
  19. I doubt they’ll mothball her for a month. Bretagne often stays in service until Christmas in any case. Mind you, she needs a decent refit at some point, so maybe they’ll take the opportunity to send Bretagne to Poland in November?
  20. (But don’t leave it too long, it’s possible the option may only be there for a month or so).
  21. No, you are correct (according to the timetables). Direct returns from Plymouth and back to Plymouth no longer happen (and haven’t done for a long time now). However......by quirk of fate, and for the time being (but it is unclear how long for), Pont Aven’s Santander sailings are both running from Plymouth. This gives you a temporary possibility of booking what you are looking for. Worth giving BF a ring and discussing your options with them.
  22. What would be the point of that? (She still has to get to Roscoff for the Cork sailing, which is the whole reason why the Plymouth-Roscoff sailing exists in the first place).
  23. I’m slightly surprised, given where she is, that BF hasn’t routed her via Roscoff first, and sail her up to Plymouth commercially. That way she could help Armorique clear the backlog of all the traffic from the missed sailings over the weekend! (Oh, wait, maybe Armorique can already handle what traffic there is on her multitude of exising sailings!) 😉
  24. I suspect the sailings will already be fairly heavily booked. Pont Aven’s summer sailings to Spain are usually packed.
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