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  1. The conditions are certainly forecast to be unseasonably windy, but I'd be very surprised if they were bad enough to cause cancellation. Currently there are force 8s and 9s in the shipping forecast, but the BF ships sail in those conditions through the year routinely. I'd start to worry about cancellation if you start to see force 10s appearing in the forecast.
  2. We had a discussion about this a while ago. I don't think anyone took the view that is was a realistic prospect, but it was a fun discussion to hold as a theoretical concept. If memory serves, general consensus was that it would need to be from a west coast port, which narrowed it down to somewhere on the Clyde or Cairnryan if departing from Scotland. (And as far as the Clyde was concerned, I think we theorised about installing a roro berth at Greenock)! We also considered use of Liverpool as a departure port. I guess that such a route would need to be freight-orientated to justify it economically.
  3. Just want to temper this conversation by reminding everyone to stay on Topic. 🤣
  4. Your contribution to the top of this page if probably the best so far! I guess it would be dangerous to use NEX (as the only BF vessel that could be accommodated in the CI) just in case it is considered to be a leading indication of plans.
  5. That’s a smart-looking ship! I wonder if anyone at BFHQ back then knew what she’d look like 5 years later! Mind you, an even more inappropriate choice of photograph for a press release about Channel Island services than Tony’s picture of Bretagne! We’ll be having an E-Flexer sailing there next! 🤣
  6. If I remember rightly, the ending of the joint Poole-Cherbourg route was fairly one-sided and not the most cordial. (I think it was Condor who pulled out?). And the abolition of the through-St Malo service was a consequence of reducing to one vessel. So unless you are suggesting that the purchase of Liberation itself was all part of a strange plot to merge the companies, I suspect you are reading too much into things. That was also all a long time ago, and the situation with both companies is now very different to what it was then. I do agree that there could be no basis for the competition authorities to object to a purchase by BF. I also agree with Nick that it would be great to see BF take charge of the CI services. Whether it would turn out to be a shrewd investment or a chain around their finances by BF, only time will tell.....
  7. You made it yourself! Triangle - bakery products! 🤣
  8. Not finding her for 70 years, and then doing so, probably added to the legend as well.
  9. Thanks Colin, very interesting article. Astonishing, really, that this issue was not considered and (at least in principle) resolved before they even started building the Carriers.
  10. Bet you weren’t expecting so many replies! 🤣
  11. Yes, the update was to 12.4 (on an iPhone 7).
  12. Chris - my understanding of the original question was not so much why does she not cross the channel flat out, but why is there a section of the journey around the IoW where she appears to temporarily speed up to a faster speed than the crossing speed.
  13. BF Fleet Tracker is knackered in a different way!
  14. This is what I now get:
  15. That's the BF fleet tracker hf. I was referring to the BFE one, linked to Marine Traffic. Marine Traffic seems to no longer work on the latest iPhone operating system (unless it's just something coincidental with my phone).
  16. Thanks Tony. End of an era. And an era that we will morn at leisure. Can you imagine a shipyard today, building a passenger ship that sinks on its maiden voyage with the loss of over 1000 lives, then surviving for another 100 years with great affection? Today we have to have instant blame and instant punishment for anything that goes wrong, especially when the thing that has gone wrong is seen as having been avoidable and particularly when attributable to cost-cutting. If Titanic had happened in today's unforgiving culture, Harland and Wolff would have been closed down within 3 weeks!
  17. It was a combination of time of posting and that I looked on AIS at the time and saw that NEX was heading away from Bembridge towards Cherbourg at that time. There is no confusion in what i saw, but it could have been an AIS blip I suppose. It just struck me that the coincidence of both the time of posting and the AIS plot made it likely that this was actually happening, and it seemed odd.
  18. Strange. After updating the software on my iPhone, the BFE Fleet Tracker no longer seems to work on it. It’s not a BFE problem, Marine Traffic accessed directly doesn’t work either. Works fine on my iPad and PCs, just the iPhone that’s the problem. Anyone else had the same thing?
  19. But AIS is showing her heading away from Portsmouth....
  20. What on earth is NEX doing heading across to Cherbourg at this time of night?!
  21. Gareth


    No, the cheese in self service is poor. Cheese buffet in the restaurant is fabulous.
  22. Unusual for it to be the stern ramp though - it’s usually the bow.
  23. 90 minutes? Really? That’s extraordinary - especially as the old Sealink service used to take 2h 20m (albeit including having to lock in/out at Dover), and Calais takes 90 minutes. Even the fastest service to Calais used to take 75 minutes, and that was at 24 knots by the Blue Riband trio. Dunkerque West is more than 15 minutes beyond Calais, surely? I’d be amazed if Dover-Dunkerque ever took just 90 minutes, and I have no recollection of it having done so, but then again you were a regular user so it’s not for me to quibble. Amazing if that was true.
  24. Gareth


    Agreed - on both counts.
  25. Gareth


    All part of the new “improved” website! 😉
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