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  1. To clarify, nothing further has been cancelled beyond the coming weekend, which we already knew about.
  2. It’s been in use since 1976! It is the original linkspan from when the CFP at Portsmouth first opened. It’s too small to accommodate anything other than NEX these days, but for that purpose it is used constantly through the summer season. As to the other point, there are 4 other linkspans at Portsmouth, which are often all used at the same time. Three of them by BF.
  3. For what route? The only situation under which I can see that making sense would be if BF used her to open a Portsmouth-Cherbourg route. For which she would be prefect. Other than that, there is no reason to move her from Plymouth.
  4. So....she forgot to pack the medication but remembered to pack the repeat prescription....(?)😀
  5. Nip across to Rosslare and jump on an Irish Ferries ship? Oh no, wait, you can’t do that anymore! (Actually, that has made me wonder - not really one for this thread - I wonder if IF’s withdrawal from Rosslare may in part be a respose to the introduction of Connemara?)
  6. I am sure PA will be back by then. But I’m equally sure that if she isn’t then BF will cover Cork. Plenty of other Plymouth sailings available to re-route passengers onto, but not so Cork. There is a gap in the Plymouth schedules that indicates Armorique is going to Cork again this weekend. (Cork sailing is not being advertised for new bookings, but will be there to accommodate pre-booked traffic.
  7. You’re starting to get very political for someone who doesn’t want politics anywhere near the forum Millsy! 😉
  8. Agreed, Plymouth and the Spanish ports will not get twin level linkspans. No need - they will never arrange schedules on those routes that require the rapid turnrounds you see on the Ouistreham route. Portsmouth already has twin linkspans. CF does not use them - we had a discussion on here once as to why CF never unloads on 2 levels at Portsmouth but I can’t remember what the reason was. May have been something to do with mooring machinery and mooring lines criss-crossing that part of the deck. Or may have been simply that she doesn’t fit. But it’s never been a problem as she has 3 hour turnarounds. Agree with hf totally about Plymouth - it would be great to see PA back there full time once the flexers are in service. I guess it’s one of 3 possible plans BF could have for PA once the e-flexers arrive. (The others being to replace Bretagne or Connemara).
  9. I think it’s a bit disingenuous of BF to remove sailings from sale and then pretend they never existed in claiming that “all sailings are running to schedule”. Clearly, according to the timetables with the sailings removed from them, they superficially are “all running to schedule”. But we know that is not the case, and it is only being claimed because a whole load of sailings, on which passengers were booked, apparently no longer exist. A bit deceitful, methinks.
  10. It’s because the stern is so much wider (therefore enabling multiple lanes of loading / unloading simultaneously) and the bow access has restricted height (so stern-loading enables a wider variety of freight to be carried). CF has operated as a stern-only loader for several years now, and has only ever loaded through the bow at Cherbourg and Santander (when Santander had the previous, narrower linkspan) during her service with BF. I’d be surprised if she ever loads through the bow again, other than in an emmergency, whilst in BF service.
  11. Armorique seems to have sailed on schedule from Plymouth this afternoon, so looks like they’ve fixed whatever the problem was.
  12. There’s a difference - no scrubbers. (Jonno thinks PA’s issue might be scrubber-related doesn’t he?).
  13. It must be one of those “sail out and fly back” kind of cruises!
  14. Meanwhile.....the only Pont Aven sailing still showing as “cancelled” on the Updates page was yesterday’s Portsmouth-Santander crossing. All other sailings, including Cork-Roscoff and Plymouth-Santander, are showing as operating to schedule. Presumably that includes this evening’s departure from Santander to Plymouth (?) - on the other hand, Pont Aven is still tied up in Brest and has not moved since she arrived.....😳
  15. “Technical breakdown” according to BF sailings updates page. (Not quite sure what other kind of breakdown a ferry can have....unless she is overwhelmed with exhaustion from the weekend’s excitement! 🤣).
  16. Connemara’s feed is now back to normal. I suspect there was some sort of time lag glitch in Marine Traffic - happens from time to time.
  17. I’d forgotten P&O even still had a European Endeavour! This is one of the old Mearsk Dunkerque workhorses isn’t it? Midnight Merchant or something like that? The ship I think of as European Endeavour (ex Enterprise), later Gardenia, the last of TT’s European class freighters, was beached at Alang a couple of years ago.
  18. Another excellent picture. Great that so many of our Irish members were down at the harbour with cameras to capture the occasion. Thanks guys. 😀
  19. Portsmouth is already a farce. Parking a but further back is a red herring in terms of time it takes to get a shipload of passengers through the system. It’s all about Border Force staffing levels and number of booths open. These problems have been plaguing both Portsmouth and Plymouth for a long time and are nothing new.
  20. I would add to that that the delays at Plymouth are nothing new. We took ages to get through passport control from Armorique two years’ ago. The problem is four lanes filtering down into one or two (depending on how many booths Border Control are operating). As Ed says, this has nothing to do with BF at all, so no point in taking it out on them.
  21. Huw - I think the distinction will become irrelevant.
  22. Sorry 5_Short, was not in any way taking any issue with your post. I agreed with it all. Was just establishing that the area not being a formal TSS was just a technicality and that your point about change of course to avoid traffic when crossing what is still effectively a “lane” was spot on.
  23. Goodness me! Of all the explanations. How lucky that all those staff manning the check-in booths must be working in a controlled-air environment. 🙄
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