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  1. Gosh - slightly surprised she fits!
  2. Correct. Pont Aven continues to service the St Malo route until arriving in Portsmouth on the morning of 29 December. She then has her New Year cruise before undertaking a single Portsmouth-St Malo sailing on 2 January for obvious reasons. Bretagne is back on the St Malo run permanently with the day sailing from St Malo on 29 December.
  3. I suspect they must have decided that “your lives are not in immediate danger and beyond that there are no safety concerns that would be of any use for you to know about” might not have the same calming effect on morale.
  4. “There are no safety concerns” for a ship adrift without power is an interesting one.
  5. Indeed. Nor are they an exact science. Every situation is different and the same combination of factors rarely occurs twice.
  6. That’s true - strike may be the explanation.
  7. I am sure that TFM meant Friday. Yes, it’s a juggling act for BF when a berth is out of action.
  8. Correct. On the current schedules, PA is in St Malo on Thursdays.
  9. I agree with Colin, Brigitte, great pictures. Any word in the town on how she is going down on the Cherbourg route?
  10. The problem with the swell at Roscoff is that the berth is barely shielded from it. Cherbourg and, to a lesser extent, Ouistreham have more protection inside the harbour such that the berths remain tenable.
  11. Yes, a very vulnerable route in winter storms.
  12. Hoe and Barbican are the picks if the town. Orherwise, I agree, the rest of the town itself is pretty grim. Plymouth Sound and the River Tamar are very pretty, and then of course you’ve got Dartmoor and Salcombe/Dartmouth just up the coast and Cornwall the other way. David was suggesting the wider area, not the town.
  13. The key word in Scarlton’s post is “licence”. How generic are these things, and how much is each licence specific to the purpose for which it was issued?
  14. Do I read that right, that there are going to be eight of them......?!
  15. Is she still a BF ship (as ever she was) or not?
  16. Certainly at this time of year. Hardly surprising.
  17. The Le Havre route used to support three daily sailings in each direction by the Olau twins. So in theory there’s plenty of custom. Question is, are the current low numbers a product of Etretat’s limitations, with Normandie giving the route the potential to re-expand, or are they the new norm? Only time will tell. I suspect that Normandie’s deployment is a short term test of potential - can’t see her having long enough of a career left in her to warrant major internal reconfiguration, but she’ll give BF an idea of the route’s potential with a proper ferry on it.
  18. Surprised the strikers are bothered about that!
  19. Welcome to the forum Luke. In terms of fitting (and not blocking the whole harbour), no, modern conventional ferries are too big. The berth was designed to take the size of ferry (circa 4000 grt) that was around in the 70s, so I suspect even something like Commodore Clipper would be too big. It’s possible that something of the size of Goodwill may just fit in. Dimensionally at any rate - not sure about draught. On the subject of draught, I suspect dredging would be out of the question given the precarious state of the jetties. And that takes us on to the whole question of the state of Weymouth ferry port full stop. I don’t know whether any work has started yet, but my understanding was that the whole ferry port is due to be rebuilt as something else. It has been closed down as a ferry port and is not safe to use.
  20. Why does this affect your sailing Colin? Edit: I see - the delayed sailing ex-UK is not Thursday morning, it’s Thursday overnight. It’s the St Malo departure that’s moved to a day sailing, leaving St Malo Friday morning instead of Thursday evening.
  21. Is that one of those statements that really needs the “for obvious reasons” caveat?!!🤔😀
  22. That’s a bold statement! (We’ll probably get about 3 days’ notice of when it is! 🤣).
  23. The analogy is slightly flawed. PA’s Thursday night Plymouth-Roscoff sailing is a means to an end, not her raison d’etre.
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