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  1. Don’t know exactly but it’s in the morning - sometime between 9am and 10am. It’s a very useful facility.
  2. The old Ardrossan route might have suited it.....!
  3. And how does the rest of the schedule pan out with this plan? (Reduction of service to one sailing per day in each direction or maintaining 2 per day with a second vessel?)
  4. The move to Heysham coincided with the merger with / takeover of (can’t remember exactly what happened from that point of view) Manx Line. My recollection is that Mona’s Isle (FE3) was brought in to take over the Heysham route from Manx Viking. She was a complete disaster. In fact, a vessel with a fairly sad history in general. (One of the five former TT vessels that became wrecked around the world.)
  5. Manx Line the reason why the main IoM service now runs from Heysham rather than Liverpool. Not necessarily an improvement.
  6. Well - indeed. Just wasn’t sure who you were disagreeing with!
  7. Why sorry? That all seems to pretty uncontentious, and anyone who has experienced the two ships could surely not do anything else but agree with you. To me, what you’ve said is a statement of fact.
  8. Indeed. I don’t think Neil was saying otherwise - just that Bretagne’s role in the video was more accurately described as a cameo than the (main) feature. Which seems entirely reasonable! It’s certainly a busy yard, Rematowa. Probably not unreasonable to describe it, now, as the premier shipyard in northern Europe? Maybe even Europe full stop?
  9. Yes, claustrophobic is a good word for the en suites, I’ll agree with you there Jonno. I find they have become more so with age.......(especially after dinner)!🤣
  10. ??? MSM’s Commodores are, agreed, similar, although they do have the drop down bunk to make them 4-berth, which makes them a whole lot more useful for a family than Normandie and Bretagne’s family-useless 3 berths. As far as PA is concerned.....just ???! 😳
  11. Good work Sherlock, thanks. Now we know.
  12. You’ve been through that experience more than once?!
  13. Great shame IoMSP and Condor/BF haven’t cooperated on this project together.
  14. Indeed. Which explains the livery etc. Welcome back, by the way.
  15. This is a shocker for a vessel that has just come back from refit.
  16. I often wonder what fate has befallen those in my yachting history. But it’s almost impossible to find out.
  17. Thanks Jonno. A few other assorted thoughts spring to mind. All those gelcoat repairs are a pain in the next without the ability to “paint over the cracks”. Livery options will be interesting. And let’ not get started on osmosis.....! 🤣
  18. Correct. A total non-story really, as in she is the same longest length of multiple ships (including herself) that have already visited the port. Armorique was almost certainly the heaviest GRT. But little details like that never got in the way of the tabloid press making a story out of nothing.
  19. Therein lies a curiosity of mine. What happens to the ever-growing number of glass fibre yachts that have reached the ends of their lives? I’m not aware of any kind of recycling system. So as far as I am aware, the world just gets fuller and fuller of fibre yachts abandoned in rivers. Project that to the commercial world and..... But in any case, surely glass fibre has questionable strength for a full-sized commercial ferry?
  20. Gareth

    BF survey

    Now I feel really left out! Everyone is a much-valued customer except me! 😢🤣
  21. Starting to get a teeny little inkling that our thirsted-after enlightenment is not going to be forthcoming! Our ignorant befuddlement may be being treated with the disdain it probably deserves! 😉
  22. They’d still need painting though Jim. I was wondering if it was something to do with there not being room to get the equipment round behind her at the back of the dry dock!
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