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  1. At least this doesn't complicate the organisation of the forum! Condor remains a separate entity from BF and discussion of matters Condor can remain in the Channel Islands section.
  2. Presumably Portsmouth Harbour would struggle to accommodate both Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth at the same time? They'd make quite a sight together, but am I right in understanding that there is only one berth in the harbour that can take them?
  3. Including the premium ones? If that's the case then it sounds like sales are struggling.
  4. Sounds from the press release as if BF's involvement is not going to result in any change in strategy and direction of development in the medium term. Sounds also as if the current Condor management will stay in place. In other words, BF's interest in this (for the foreseeable future) is purely as a financial investment, and not operational involvement. Pity.
  5. There’s also a height issue on Normandie. I once went on her and we were parked up on the mezzanine. Opened the rear hatch of my estate and it went crunch on the roof of the deck!
  6. So is that four BF vessels off service on refit at the same time? (In addition to NEX laid up). Must be some kind of record?
  7. Gareth


    (Or do you mean interior pictures?)
  8. Gareth


    Lots of good pictures if her in full BF livery in this thread. https://bfenthusiasts.com/bfe/topic/12445-bf-charters-a-new-ship/page/5/#comments
  9. Gareth


    Sorted! 😀
  10. Which, assuming true, is a very strange decision given that even Kerry has it.
  11. It’s a very intricate navigational area, and not much you can do in the event of power failure. Seems like it was probably too deep in the archipelago for dropping the anchor to have been of much use either. So, I agree, can’t hold the skipper to blame for that.
  12. Sounds like she more collided with the shore, then, rather than ran aground?
  13. Amazing that the water was deep enough for her to get that close in to a small craft jetty.
  14. A good question but a bit of a random one for this thread! 🤣
  15. A poignant picture when you realise that this is the ship that sunk the yacht Ouzo and that the impact of that collision was probably in the vicinity of the very place the small boat is in this picture. Thanks for posting Tony - a remarkable photo.
  16. You can still call and change your cabin choice. They’ll just adjust the price difference in the balance to pay.
  17. That’ll explain why I thought she’d gone to the Med then.
  18. Thanks Tony. For some reason I was of the understanding that this ship had gone to the Med, but clearly either I was wrong or she’s come back again! Track looks like she might have suffered power failure or loss of engine.
  19. Worth having the ship deck plan to hand (assuming you can find it on the new website!). Then you can consider cabin numbers knowing where they are on the ship.
  20. They need a reason?....... 😉
  21. Only by ringing up and speaking to BF. They are usually very accommodating in moving your cabin to another one if available.
  22. Any word on the port of registry - presumably Morlaix? But Le Havre a possibility too?
  23. CF is one of the few BF vessels that has to have a full dry dock every year. Not quite sure why, but assume it’s something to do with the maintenance schedule required for her rather specialist engines.
  24. Thanks for the clarification! For a minute I was thinking you were talking about BFE and I was wondering why BFE would have stored your debit card details! 😀
  25. Given that “crossing” is what you do when you go “across”, I would dispute that as accurate terminology. I would say doing through the tunnel is a “transit” rather than a “crossing”. But happy to leave it at that and not make my light-hearted pull of Jonno’s leg a bigger deal than it was meant to be! 😉
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