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  1. Indeed - he's a week late. But confidence was not high (in BF management) in the first place, so probably not much harm done!)
  2. Good choice Colin. Some good dishes on that menu. I normally, as a matter of policy, steer clear of chicken dishes when eating out (eat it too often in), but that one looks very tempting too. On balance, I think I would go for: Scallops Beef Apple Tarte Tatin Mind you, I’m always tempted by the cheese platter too. It would probably depend on what “3 scottish cheeses” means.
  3. Already has - about 5 years ago (along with MSM).
  4. Well, given that Portsmouth is essentially set up to accommodate cruise ships the size of ferries (which, as Colin says, is not many of them), the comparison with Etretat is not unexpected. In fact, it’s probably the photo I’ve seen of a cruise ship and a ferry together where the sizes of the two look the most similar!
  5. That’s the other post reaction emoji we need - “snap”! 😀
  6. Or go to Newhaven and cross to Dieppe. You seem to be able to book with a bicycle on that route.
  7. This is an example of where we need that “eyes to ceiling” post reaction! 🙄
  8. I guess that answers the question. 😀
  9. Yes indeed. Jonno and Chris have essentially also made the same point, and it is a good one. You are all right, it will be much easier to organise the order of embarkation when taking only a small fraction of the normal loading. It may even be the case that they are able to organise the initial lane marshalling into different lanes for different cabin areas. Then, as Chris says, when that “batch” of cabins becomes available, it is a case of boarding that lane of traffic.
  10. It’s clear from the BF updates from the other day that the restaurants are not open. The self-service cafes are open, subject to some rules about logistics, but not the restaurants. Embarkation is not possible “until your cabin is ready” - which I find fascinating, because it would imply that BF has a control over the order in which cars are loaded that has always been denied as being possible previously.
  11. Don’t forget, at the moment there remains a 14 day quarantine period upon return to the UK from Portugal.
  12. We have a red line when it comes to booking a holiday at the moment. It is that, wherever we go, it must be possible to get back home by just jumping in the car and driving. No reliance on a ferry running or a plane flying. No vulnerability to a government spontaneously deciding to close the borders of its country. All of those things are liable to change at the drop of a hat at the moment, so safest to stay within driving reach of home. (Which, for us, confines us to the UK mainland. But hey, ho, there are worse places to be confined. 😉)
  13. They have started - it’s all documented in the forum. Wouldn’t read too much into the Sailings Updates page at the moment.
  14. Photo presumably at Killingholme (?).
  15. Not yet. She’s only half way through....still 4 more passages to make before completing her first week!
  16. ...at least they’re topical! 😉
  17. Well we’ll have to disagree on the semantics of the terminology! Andy mentioned that he didn’t get a photo of CF on her first passenger-carrying sailing, and you posted a stock photo in reply.
  18. ....and St Malo could take note.....just use dogs to take the mooring lines! 🤣🤣
  19. Great to see, thanks Tony. And even her bow doors seem to be working properly!
  20. I think we all know what CF looks like Tony! 😀
  21. How about - either post a photo that is genuinely topical, or don’t post one (?). 😉
  22. Back in the 80s, there were 6 such craft operating from UK ports. One from Brighton to Dieppe One from Liverpool to Dublin Two from London to Ostend Two from Dover to Ostend. The latter pair were the last to remain in service. Of course, they only took foot passengers, so their viability became limited as foot passenger demand declined.
  23. Can you quote that post, Choucan, or point us in the direction of it? That doesn't sound like anything any moderator would say, or anything I've read any of them say, or that I know any moderator thinks. There has been a lot of criticism from the moderators (both in the forum and privately) about aspects of policy-making by BF management through this crisis, but none of us believe that the staff dealing with customers "can't be bothered" (and I can't imagine that any of us ever said that).
  24. Only if it was THE bus Chris! But I said A bus, not THE bus! But quite right, I like your avatar as it is. 😀
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