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  1. Bring it on, suppositories are the new will of the people.πŸ˜‚
  2. You'd be opening a can of worms there if everyone started discussing what government policies they considered to be a waste of public moneyπŸ€”
  3. If 100% of the freight is directed to the green channel - great. If 100% of freight is directed to the orange channel - disaster. It's the ratio of green to orange that will ultimately matter not advance planning.
  4. I once bought some sandpaper that was very rough if anyone's interested.πŸ˜€
  5. I'm not suggesting or claiming bias Gareth in fact I explicitly said there is none. I just took the opportunity to wish the "mods" in general a happy holiday as I thought they might be away at this time of year. Clearly in your case I was wrong.πŸ˜€
  6. I know there is no bias here because we have been told so. If some others had made such a remark the mods would have jumped on them. I can only assume that there is a reason and therefore wish the mods a happy, well deserved break. 🀨
  7. From what you're saying you clearly haven't understood what I was trying to say or the reasons behind it. Unfortunately I'm not eloquent enough to make it any plainer.
  8. Thanks for that hhvferry. I raised the question as I had friend who worked at the AA in the 60's in the Carnet dept. I never used the system so I'm not entirely sure how it worked or the cost. Triangular bread rolls.
  9. The suggestion I made was for a 6 month transfer of the Condor vessels to Poole to alleviate any possible short term problems in supplies to the CI.If there are problems at Portsmouth as has been recently extensively discussed on local news in this area it might be thought sensible. I thought this might be relevant to this thread with BF looking to purchase Condor. Moving Barfleur to Portsmouth on a temporary basis and the Condor vessels to Poole might be popular on the CI if it smooths any possible delays to their essential supplies like triangular bread rolls. I appreciate that my original post made no mention of triangular bread rolls and must therefore be considered highly suspect. This is an omission I have tried to correct.πŸ˜‰
  10. In hope - but with no confidence. What a difference the missing "no" made.πŸ€”
  11. With the expected congestion at Portsmouth after Brexit and with BF wanting to buy Condor I wonder why Condor and BF don't agree between themselves to transfer the CI ships to Poole and the Barfleur to Portsmouth for the next 6 months. This would protect CI trade from the expected delays and make it easier for BF to cope with any delays on their main route. Brownie points for BF in protecting the CI. Win win I would have thought.
  12. This explains the Carnet purpose. They predated UK VAT and were issued by the AA. If the current version will be required then I can see it having a dramatic effect on BF if the prices quoted are imposed on UK travelers to the EU. The UK Gov site mentions "other documents" that may be required without being specific. https://www.carseurope.net/carnet-de-passage-en-douanes-cpd/
  13. Thanks Gareth. To be honest I'm of an age where I still remember having then but have long given up on counting them.πŸ™„
  14. Yes it was required in addition to an IDP. It was an indemnity document for making a temporary import of a vehicle. If you failed to return your vehicle back to your own country then import duty was payable. If a vehicle was written off in an accident abroad you had to return the wreckage to the UK to avoid a large bill.
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