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  1. I'm sorry I know some will deem this to be political but the British public have in the past been told by the government not to believe experts. It is hardly surprising when they don't follow government experts now.🤔
  2. That must be the busiest port in Europe. No lockdown there. I won't tell anyone.🤫
  3. Good news I've no intention of commenting further for the reasons I've already stated.
  4. Not sure you can do that. What could be more political than the potential less of EHIC? If you can't discuss that then the whole debate is rather meaningless
  5. Some refund rules suspended. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/package-holiday-refund-rules-suspended-abta-coronavirus-a9417261.html
  6. A bit of good news https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-nhs-beds-staff-private-hospitals-cases-deaths-a9416126.html
  7. It's a word, it sort of fitted the bill, it was available to use at the time. Perhaps given time I might have thought of another word deemed more appropriate but with corona virus who knows how much time is available to study the dictionary.😀
  8. I'm not sure quite how people can be condemned for making political statements while at the same time some of those doing the condemning are doing exactly the same thing themselves. Surely all this demonstrates is that all of us see different interpretations of reality and there is very very little that doesn't have a political connotation to somebody.
  9. Bank of England just cut base rate to 0.1 Percent
  10. With the prospect of the over 70's and the "at risk" probably being asked to self isolate for several weeks I was wondering what "unfinished projects" we have that could occupy our time. I have a few. 1) Finish the radio controlled plane I started about 55 years ago and has followed me about unfinished since then. 2) Learn to play the keyboard that I purchased 27 years ago because having failed miserably to learn the piano as a child I thought I'd have another go. 3) Use the amateur radio licence that I spent hours at college to pass the exams 43 years ago and haven't use
  11. Indeed you're right it's not unprecedented. You can add small pox, measles and polio to your list of post war ailments. Polio in particular which disabled a fair number of those it didn't kill including one of my cousins before vaccines were found. Spot on again. Before the advent of radio many wouldn't have known what was happening in the next town let alone on the other side of the world
  12. If there is any truth in this that would appear to be the case. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/coronavirus-symptoms-death-rate-italy-data-latest-a9389411.html
  13. Apologies if this has been posted before. Please remove if it has. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus
  14. I prefer a more dual purpose solution to the antibacterial problem.😉
  15. I suspect it may well effect people's travel plans. Not so much that they will believe they will be more likely to become ill if they travel but I suspect most people would, if they are to become ill, prefer to be ill at home and not in some foreign country.
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