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  1. Interesting video of firefighters in action from the Independent. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-video-watch-firefighters-paris-a8873736.html
  2. The original spire is not very old compared to the age of the rest of the building so why add a replica. I would have thought that a more modern design would not be out of place. Buildings evolve over the centuries why not this one?
  3. On the plus side it could well be a lot easier to replace the whole roof than repair and restore the old roof. It's sad to see the eight hundred year old beams burn but to visitors in years to come they won't see any difference.
  4. At least there is that one outcome that would on the face of it seem probable.
  5. Can one conclude that ferry companies are hell bent on expansion into and out of the UK just because they have ordered new ships? I would have thought that conclusion could only reasonably be arrived at if the arrival of newer more efficient ships result in new routes or increased frequency of sailings. It may coinside with the sale of older less efficient ones and less sailings on fewer routes but, as HT would say, only time will tell.
  6. One man's relevance is another man's irrelevance. That's the problem.🤔
  7. If considered relevant, I'm beginning to lose the will to live over what is and what isn't. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1114677/brexit-news-Brittany-Ferries-eu-european-union-freight-english-channel https://hanahanherald.com/brexit-ferry-contracts-could-cost-government-millions-more/35852/
  8. Ukip support although significant is far too evenly spread across constituency's. Look at 2015 results nearly 3.9m votes and 1 MP. Tories three times as many votes 331MPs. They don't stand a chance.
  9. To be fair I don't think anyone has actually attempted to actually find out what MPs might pass. In the so called indicative votes in parliament all the parties whipped their MPs for the majority of the votes so not indicative of MPs feelings at all.
  10. I would have thought that really depends on what the state of play is in October. If those in charge of the government still have no workable plan then no extensions so if parliament won't countenance no deal revoke A50 the only course the government can take. If however there is a plan for a general election or a new referendum on possible courses of action then I would have thought it unlikely that any request for a delay would be refused.
  11. With the government throwing money about in desperation hopefully BF will have done their homework and negotiated a deal that will enable them to run crossings empty and still make a good profit.
  12. The transition period has an already fixed end date. By having extensions before leaving we are currently reducing the time available for any trade discussions although Mr Fox has told us that it will be the easiest trade deal ever done. So perhaps some good news for BF after all.
  13. I'm sure that would be the government position. Not much joy there for BF though.
  14. No strictly speaking true. It just means that it won't be a summer deadline that forces us out. Politicians can still do it if they so choose. Probably unlikely but not impossible given the state of the UK at the moment. It still leaves a potential deadline very close to the autumn half-term though.
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