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  1. I think you're right Buzzbee. If my daughter had just invented the first edible Frizz-bee rather than trying to wreck her work I would have been quite proud.😉
  2. @Cabin-boy I have the upmost faith in your daughters cake making ability. I am sure when she starts to make a cake she will, as a minimum, ensure there is a general consensus on which type of cake she will make and also ensures that she had the correct ingredients to make the agreed cake. That is the Brexit problem there is no consensus what it means and therefore no viable plan to achieve it. It's a total fiasco and little wonder that all sides oppose May's ill thought out plan. As Boris Johnson once said there is something you can't polish, amd May's plan fits his description perfectly.
  3. So disenfranchise the representatives' of about 7 million of the electorate. Why not go the whole hog and abolish parliament altogether? I'm not sure May could be relied on to support herself without changing her mind every 5 mins. No matter I'm sure there are plenty of people who would jump at the chance for a go at being dictator for a week or so.
  4. Don't rejoice too soon. The parliamentary vote has been cancelled so May now has no need to explain to parliament within 21 days what she intends to do as she would have to have done if parliament had voted down her deal. She can, if she want's, delay a vote until 29th of March leaving no time for anything but accept her deal or crash out. The dictator in her may well go for that option.
  5. G4rth

    Ship building welding

    Please don't bore anyone to death. I would appreciate a quick overview and perhaps a link to the examination techniques if you have time though.
  6. How do they check the welds on new builds? When they constructed the natural gas pipe lines in the sixties they checked the welding with radioactive isotopes and I was wondering if they used the same methods today. It would be a bit embarrassing to launch your new ship only to find it filling with water.
  7. G4rth

    French road blockades

    Won't that be banned on the basis that it's a cruel and unusual punishment?
  8. G4rth

    French road blockades

    Surely the power should always reside with the population. The problem is they're often prone to making lunatic judgements. Not quite sure how you get round that one.😉
  9. I think that Corbin has the same basic problem as May. He has never been enthusiastic about the EU although he leads a party that is. Membership of the EU is incompatible with some of the changes he wishes to make but without EU membership the UK will not be in a strong enough financial position to be able to afford his policies. May, on the other hand, always was an EU supporter but leads a Party that is not. She also believes without EU membership the UK will not be in a strong financial position but because of Tory policies that is not a great problem. What is a problem though is what is happening across the channel. Although the UK public are much slower to react to government policies the miners strike and the poll tax show eventually they will. May has read all the background reports and knows she is about to make the UK poorer. How long will it take for the financial hit to arrive and what will be the political consequences. If I was her I'd be pumping massive amounts of money into the police.
  10. I think that might have been the case in the past but we also appear to have an labour leader who is also indecisive. I used to think he was playing the game very well but now I'm not so sure.
  11. Indeed it isn't. However I always used to look and see what was going on without logging on. Now I can't so yes it is more inconvenient for, as far as I can see, no gain. I'm sure others will see it differently but that is only my opinion so feel free to disagree.
  12. If you make people jump through hoops to participate than I'm not sure it's fair to complain if they chose not to do so.
  13. The problem you have with discounting those who do not live in the UK is that many of them will have been eligible to vote in the UK referendum and the remainder could well have children etc. living in the UK or have financial ties to the UK.
  14. Resignation wouldn't, in itself, cause a GE. It all depends if anyone can be found who would be prepared or could come up with a programme to unite parliament. They don't even need a majority just a limited programme that can, in the short term secure support.
  15. Do you think there would be a large enough majority to force an election? I would have thought that very doubtful.