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  1. don't laugh at me but perhaps her wash is slightly more contained at a speed over 35 knots? I seem to recall the Stena HSS generated terrible wash at speeds between 15 and 30 knots, although operating either faster or slower made things a lot better. It had something to do with the shape of the hull in the water where at certain speeds, it sat lower and generated more wash. I believe there was an incident in Harwich which resulted in a fisherman being knocked off his boat and killed by the same. Off the back of the MAIB report Stena had to change operating procedures so when entering Harwich it maintained a higher speed for longer and then slowed down through the 'danger speed' range much quicker to minimise wash. Perhaps NEX has similar characteristics? they probably speed up to minimise wash in the Solent and once clear of the IOW, throttle back slightly to maintain an optimum and efficient speed all the way to Cherbourg
  2. Like all these accidents, there is usually a long chain of events which lead up to and eventually cause the incident in question. Some foreseen and others unforeseen, however once in motion it's impossible to stop. it could be a combination of issues which led to this. However I agree with Gareth that if the Master is still in post then there must be some strongly mitigating rationale in his favour. I must admit, I'm quite looking forward to reading the finished report.....
  3. Interesting comments FW. However if this is true, I would still expect some blame to be apportioned to the Master. At the end of the day, the Master has overall responsibility for the safety of the ship, not Port Control. PC can order a vessel to leave the berth but unless the Master is 100% certain it is safe to do so he doesn't have to comply and is well within his rights to refuse. If the Master had left the berth following a PC order in what was considered adverse conditions which then led to the incident, I would expect he/she would also be open to blame. Like Gareth, I too am checking the MAIB site most days. The delay of publication is unusual and beyond the norm in my opinion. I wonder if new evidence has come to light or whether an interested party or stakeholder has disagreed with or pointed out inaccuracies in the investigation report; both of which they are encouraged to and able to do. I guess all will become apparant in good time....
  4. Gunwharf


    I assume it's not just the ship but also the route she serves. PA serves the most prestigious routes (st Malo, Spain, Ireland) so I would expect that also contributes to the decision of her remaining the flag ship. No disrespect to Honfleur but won't she just be serving the one route to Caen? I appreciate it's a cash cow for the company given the high freight volumes but it's hardly prestigious compared to the PA routing structure.
  5. Hi Gareth, they switched the day after Boxing Day last year. Each year they switch runs between Xmas and New Year, although this year they didn't switch back. I've been reliably informed the reason for the switch is to allow Brittanica more time for maintenance. Her new timetable means she will now spend a large part of the day alongside at the Hook before returning to Harwich in the early afternoon. This allows them to complete essential maintenance on board during the morning. The twins will switch back to their usual runs after Christmas this year. Apparantly the new timetabling hasn't gone down well with the Brittanica's English crew. This surprised me as I thought it would be an easier schedule for them, especially given the longer night crossing to Holland and due to the fact the boat is completely empty of passengers until lunchtime!
  6. Over two months from the beginning of the consultation stage and still no release of the investigation report. I wonder if some of the interested parties have raised comments / concerns around the MAIB findings?
  7. Yes Gareth but Britannica was lengthened several years after entering service. Until that point I believe they were identical.
  8. What about Stena Adventurer and Stena Brittanica II. Weren't they sisters?
  9. Yep apparently she was battling a strong North Easterly all the way from the top of the Contentin Peninsular which slowed her down. She also had to enter the Solent via the New Grounds passage and not the usual cut around Bembridge which also added time. I guess she made the time back on the slower southbound run last night
  10. Hi does anybody know why Bretagne is arriving into Portsmouth over an hour late tonight? She left St Malo on time and it even looks like she took the shorter easterly route so surprised she's so late.
  11. so just got back from a 24hr round trip to St Malo and back and yep you've guest it we went the shorter route once again! I've done 5 daytime crossings and all 5 times we went the eastern route. My fault, I misread the tide timetable. On the plus side a beautiful day for travelling and some outstanding views of East Jersey, Contentin and Isle of Chausey. Cruising up the east coast of The Isle of Wight close to Sandown and Bembridge was also a nice way to end the day. will try and write up the voyage report in the next few days
  12. Yes well on the st Malo passage there is a lot to see, particularly if the weather is good. E.g. The channel island, Alderney race, contentin peninsula, IOW and the Solent
  13. Agreed. I'm quite happy just chilling on deck or in the bar, reading and watching the scenery slip by.
  14. Thanks for the advice. Realise I won't get much time ashore but keen to take a last trip on the Bretagne. Due to family and work commitments unlikely to get another chance for a few years and I'm not sure how long the old girl has left! When I was a kid growing up In the witterings I used to see her everyday from my childhood home. Would hate to miss giving her a send off.
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