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  1. Arriving in Cherbourg on Sunday evening 14/4 - within the outer harbour wall when informed due to a technical problem we would be arriving 45 mins late - with that we sailed back out into the channel before turning round and trying agsin- what is going on?
  2. Re: D Day 70th anniversary The St Mere Eglise tourist office website has a comprehensive list of things going on in the area including all the parachute drops. You can even pay to do a tandem drop over the town. Capt Pugwash comments are a little unnecessary. My father who us 89 is coming over with a number of his Normandy Veteran mates and is very excited at attending a number of ceremonies where the Queen, Obama etc will be present. He is very proud to be taking part again, as he also attended the 60th & 65th ceremonies. We just hope he stays well enough to enjoy it all.
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