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  1. A pilot is still required if a tug is used with a towing line attached. Masters with pilot exemption certificates still have to have them revalidated which is carried out by the duty pilot at the time.
  2. Im sure the the staff in the terminal have no understanding of generating power to the bow thrusters which had a fault. As far as they are concerned it's Weather related
  3. Most of us just go along with the reason of a technical problem, it's only us ferry freeks who like to know why. Condor on the other hand have to be a little more transparent because of their lame excuses in the past.
  4. Will be interesting to see how reliable CL will be this coming winter.
  5. The two port side lounges I throughly recommend. Comfortable quite reclining seats with clean bathrooms. Has a sort of nostalgic feel about it.
  6. Ha the Duc it is no 3 and never went on the Tregestal. I was very fortunate when I was younger to be taken on such iconic boats and now I have ended up having a carrier at sea however not on ferries
  7. 1 Barfleur 2 Bretange 3 DDN/VDL 4 Normandie 5 Mont st Michael/Pont Aven 6 Amorique 7 Duchess Ann was quite young had a funny smell as I remember 8 Quiberon 9 Le Funnel! PLA 10 Corbiere 11 Goleo (was a baby can't remember) 12 Amorique 1 (again very young I have a vived memory sat with my grandfather near a tobacco advert) funny the things you remember
  8. Possibly the the raw water is taken off the main sea chest and discharged overboard after a filtration prosess. Just a guess
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