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  1. Look what I found whilst having a sort out.
  2. All this and you have veered off my subject completely which was why did the police and customs and sniffer dogs board the PA before they let us off?
  3. Why did police and customs board Pont Aven on Sunday 28th September when we landed in Plymouth. We waited ages to get off. It also seemed there was a problem with the hydraulics as the top deck of cars went up and down twice. I also noticed the PA is on its way to Portsmouth today just wondering why?
  4. My Grandad was a sea captain and swore if you had a double brandy you would never be seasick and do you know - its true. Try it,
  5. We've been using Brittany Ferries since 1997 so it will be 20 years this year when we go in June (and to Santander in September) - I wonder if we will get a badge? We are not members of Club Voyage so maybe not! It would be lovely to be acknowledged as good customers though.
  6. I wish they would replace the Armorique its not the same as the Quiberon or the Pont Aven, it has absolutely no character and its about time we had a different one on the Roscoff trip.
  7. Well we are catching the Friday overnighter from Plymouth so, hopefully, it should be easy going in the morning at least. What about just driving to Quimper from Roscoff and going down the coast road over the St Nazaire bridge? Thats the way we went last time I believe. Then joining the N10 at Niort, or is that going a bit around the houses? Its certainly a more direct route.
  8. Thanks for your help, as we live in Plymouth, St Malo would be out of the question but we will take your advice on the Morlaix to Rennes route.
  9. We are off to Perigueux in June and last time went via St Brieuc and then, I think it was, the N12 but would it not be quicker to go as far as Quimper and then down the N165? I think the satnav sent us on the N12. Anyway, I would just appreciate it if anyone had any tips. Thanks.
  10. If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Plymouth, The Treasury, is good, its right by the Guildhall on Royal Parade but on the side of the Guildhall. Also the Barbican is very near and there are several pubs and restaurants down there. On the Roscoff side, just before you get to Roscoff, you can turn off to Carantec where there is a lovely restaurant on the square called Ty Briez, or go down to the beach where there are a couple of beach front restaurants which are really lovely.
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