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  1. RJT

    Pet Travel on the rise

    Wot no doggy bags for me-------------------------------------------!!!!! yet it costing me over £70 to take my two cats to and from Fr in the summer. It follows that the carriage of pets has become a very worthwhile monetary operation for BF. All my cats will receive is a (cat) scan in Plymouth and confined to the car for the next 6 - 7 hours. I wonder if there is an equal opportunity policy for pets! Maybe I could ask BF for a discount!!!!!!!! LOL
  2. I believe that she serves the Plymouth Roscoff route well and is always clean, tidy & well presented. However someone on here, when she first came into service, felt her inside areas to have been 'tescosied' ! That for me explains her well. A sort of plastic feeling with all those glass panels brightly coloured and all 'plastic' chairs Even the so called restaurant produces almost suitable food for a 6 hour journey but everything seems to come with chips.
  3. RJT

    SCRUBBERS: Armorique & Pont-Aven Pics

    Nice pictures. With this 'resistance' now within it's funnel system is the overall fuel efficiency likely to change?
  4. Have you tried looking at https://squarepenguin.co.uk/ with more information here https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/wiki/documentation. I assume it works on the ipad!
  5. RJT

    Club Voyage

    That's strange, we to are 'missing' some £10 vouchers from friends who have travelled as our guests.
  6. RJT

    Car alarms

    Re: Car alarms Can ALL car alarms be switched off easily by their drivers? My old Scenic could not be turned off without some complicated process. It certainly was not a simple as turning off one switch