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  1. What are you getting at? Where does my post starting this thread comment on "useless bow thrusters"? Do you think it is ok for a business to employ a ship, specifically designed for the route, to be inadequate enough to be unable to get off the quay at one of the only 2 ports she has to serve in weather conditions that aren't particularly unusual? Do you think inconveniencing customers with frequent cancellations when other vessels (some smaller) still voyage in the same part of the English Channel? In our case, October 12 is hardly winter. The size and number of main engines and generators is not directly proportional to bow thruster thrust, it is determined by the power of the bow thruster motor and efficiency of the propeller in the tunnel, assuming there is more than enough generator capacity for all the services running at the time. Specifications state that Barfleur has less generator capacity than Normandie so they aren't the same and surely you mean "power the...bow thruster motors", not "alternators"?
  2. From what I have read in the past on this forum, Barfleur's problem getting off the berth in Poole in strong starboard beam winds is due to the high windage of her funnels, which are very far aft. I too have always thought the bow-thruster was too weak and have heard shrieking bridge alarms going on during radio communications when she has been struggling to depart. I think her problems may have increased as a result of Condor having a larger fast craft vessel often in the other Ro-ro berth just off Barfleur's port bow, it is likely to increase the amount of clearance Barfleur needs to create. I would also suspect that the addition of scrubbers have increased her aft windage even more. In combination with the feeble Poole tug "Herbert Ballam" Barfleur doesn't really seem "fit for purpose" to operate from Poole's Ro-ro berths, although conversely one could argue that Poole port isn't suitable for reliable ferry operations. I do suspect that on the occasion of our voyage cancellation the load factor was going to be low, assisting BF in the cancellation decision. A voyage she did make a week or so later only reported 121 passengers onboard, which, if that included truck drivers, would be an abysmal load factor but have plenty of scope to relieve pressure on Dover & Calais in the scenario now being advertised for a "no deal Brexit"!
  3. We were due to sail to Cherbourg from Poole on October 12th. and had knowledge that a southerly gale was forecast 4 days before. I thus checked the online sailing information regularly and up to under an hour before last check-in time and leaving home. The information remained unchanged "all services are operating to schedule" so we were more than a little surprised om arriving at Poole Ferry Terminal that both that day's and the next day's voyages were cancelled due to bad weather. We had to reject the offer of a voyage from Portsmouth to Caen as arrival in France was too late to be able to meet our hotel check-in availability. We gave up on making our first journey for 18 months and noticed the BF web-site was not changed to reflect the cancellations until more than 2 hours after scheduled sailing time. My already diminished enthusiasm for Brittany Ferries was further dented when the response to my formal complaint made no reference to the inaccuracy of the web-site sailing information page. I have since monitored both Barfleur's departures and the web-site information and now notice that Barfleur voyages seem to be cancelled at the first hint of bad weather. Having had at least one crossing in Force 9 conditions in the past and noticing that Barfleur used to only not depart when she was unable to physically get off the Poole berth (even with assistance for Poole's pathetic tug), I am left wondering what has changed to make this route so unreliable. Making a reservation for the Poole - Cherbourg route has turned into a lottery, anyone like to tell me why?
  4. Well she may not look or sound much different but judging by her departure in SW F6-7 this morning (Tuesday 02 June), which took an hour and required the tug, I would guess her windage aft has increased and she needs tug assistance off the Poole berth in less wind than previously.
  5. I guess the design took not addinng more windage aft in order not to add to the difficulties she has departing the Poole berth in a westerly gale.
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