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  1. Really not my day... PA ramp stuck, so can't get off deck 4...
  2. .. And my browser reports the hot-spot page as being "dangerous" for having a tls1. 2 security certificate...
  3. Anyone else having problems getting the WiFi on pont aven? I keep getting stuck on the "your provider may require you to login" but every time I click on connect, it just opens another page saying the same! Worked fine on the armorique one the way out. It's an android phone, if that makes any difference.
  4. No, that's not what I said (or, at least, intended to say...).... I turned up in the car I booked in, its just that two weeks earlier I changed the booking and didn't change the classification from "normal" to "SUV", both on the grounds that I didn't realise that the "SUV" class existed, and, on checking very carefully, was 100% sure that it still fitted into the length and height requirements of a "normal" car. So, as the car I turned up in was the the car I booked, and it matched the requirements of the class it was booked as, why was I given a telling off like a naughty school kid at the ch
  5. Well, that's my point - I don't see how declaring the X-Trail as an SUV would have made any difference to the loading plan. Incidentally, my wife has subsequently booked the X-Trail, forgetting to select the SUV option twice, and she didn't get told off.... I guess she must look more scarey than me? Can't see how - the change in vehicle registration was notified over two weeks in advance of the crossing. Rant over, normal service resumes... My guess is it is to do with weight - I suspect BF expect an SUV to weigh considerably more than a conventional car, w
  6. I got resoundedly told off at check-in last year when I subsitituted a Nissan X-trail for a Saab estate (having given the Saab away to a needy son...), forgetting to declare the x-trail as an SUV rather than a "standard car" when I changed the registration details, this despite the fact that the x-trail is shorter than the Saab and essentially the same weight, though marginally taller, but still well below the 1.83m limit. So what's the difference operationally between the two? And should I be asking for a discount for the Fiat 500 I'm taking over next week? After all, it's nearly 500 kg
  7. UKCG use S-92 (7 to 12 tonne) and AW-139 (3 to 7 tonne) and the current Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance is an AW-169 (4.6 tonne) (data taken from wikipedia, so don't bet your life on it....)
  8. the weight capacity of the helipad is normally painted on the deck next to it.
  9. Sorry, have to disagree with you there, I go through there at least 6 times a year at all sorts of times and it's always a pain getting through passport control.
  10. Reading the manual is fine.... ...trying to make sense of it is an entirely different matter! Despite multiple attempts, I never managed to turn the alarm off on the old Saab - not helped by the fact that there isn't a key hole in the drivers door.... and the button on the B-post of the Passat never seemed to do what it claimed in the manual either.
  11. There's a big digital display on the end of the jetty at Roscoff, which I always understood was a tide gauge indicating the depth of water so that the captains know if there is enough for them to get in/out safely. However, on my last trip, I noticed it was reading something like 4.2 - I assume metres - but the Armorique draws more the 5m so, ?????
  12. Well, actually I think there is something in what the OP says - I've just got back from a 24 (29) hour trip, but it took me hours of scanning the timetable to find the few combinations that make any kind of sense - it would be much more useful if it could be extended to 36 hours, then I could use the overnight PLY-ROS arriving at 08:00 ish and then back on the following days afternoon crossing, so avoiding having to get up at sparrow-fart....
  13. I use Marine Traffic - but as I used to contribute to it, I got the paid-for version free!
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