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  1. Travelled on her some time ago when she was the Dana Sirena. When arriving at Esbjerg we experienced what I can only describe as brake failure which resulted in a chunk of the harbour wall missing and a hole in the bow. Was an exciting and enjoyable trip.
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    Paris attacks leave dozens dead

    Yes, It's the first thing I did
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    Paris attacks leave dozens dead

    We have recently returned from a mini-cruise to St. Malo from Portsmouth, booked via the BFE website. We left last Friday night when as you know the terrible events in Paris started to unfold. I wish to express my gratitude to all the crew of the Pont-Aven who despite the stressful and upsetting situation managed to continue their duties in a thoroughly professional and friendly manner.
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    Your favourite BF ship

    Re: Your favourite BF ship Two favourites. I have fond memories of my first BF crossing on the Val. a long time ago and have enjoyed sailing on her since with DFDS. I also enjoy relaxing winter evenings on the Bretagne when the ship is quiet.