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  1. Also, if possible, how packed together are the cars on the car deck? Normal 9 inches or more generous with less passengers.
  2. That makes sense Ed. Non functional but very clean.
  3. I suspect that they have done a runner and are now operating a low key project with one smaller craft and minimal crew across the River Styx.
  4. Certainly taking a while this time.
  5. Given the reduced number of passengers per sailing, are we likely to get 'Social Parking' on the car decks rather than the standard six inches between cars?
  6. I suspect that it will be around mid July.
  7. I suppose that not being there is quite accurate really.
  8. There are no timetables showing on the BF site at the moment. Interesting.
  9. I was quite happy with the offering as there are six of us and two cars involved. We will have an extra night in France which will then enable us to keep up our six other bookings throughout Spain. All part of the game.
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