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  1. I was quite happy with the offering as there are six of us and two cars involved. We will have an extra night in France which will then enable us to keep up our six other bookings throughout Spain. All part of the game.
  2. That is per vehicle CB
  3. £150 for the French bit and £40 for Plymouth to Portsmouth.
  4. I was on the Plymouth to Santander voyage this Sunday. They have moved me to St Malo from Portsmouth the day before.
  5. Oh yes! Feel a bit weary now but it was worth it when she went from 20.9 to 21.3 knots.
  6. Thanks for the offer Jonno but I'm on blood pressure medication so don't feel that I could take the risk.
  7. Ah yes, but remember that it's downhill this way..
  8. When your life gets this exciting there is nothing else you need. 😒
  9. I'm not on tonight's sailing - just interested and watching on AIS. I am, however, on the sailing this Sunday so hoping there are no problems.
  10. It will be very interesting to watch the speeds obtained on the voyage down to Santander tonight.
  11. Suddenly dropped to 9.4 knots.
  12. Wait 'till the oars come out.
  13. Pont Aven up to 19.5 Knots. Looking good.
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