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  1. It all looks pretty good apart from the cabin choosing bit as far as I am concerned.
  2. Thanks Ian. I will be at the Parador at Cangas de Onis so may try a similar request.
  3. Is there a paper alternative to the Q code on your mobile phone system for re-entry to the UK? I will not have access to a printer for 4 days before sailing back from Bilbao so the 'print it' option is out. Entering Spain we were given the option of a form to fill in at the BF check-in at Plymouth. Is there is similar system available when returning please?
  4. Yes, that is what it seems from the pictures but I wondered to what the 'large' referred.
  5. Talking Cap F. Does anyone know this difference in cabin size between the 'outside 2 berth' and 'outside 2/4 berth large'. They look very similar in width on the illustrations. Perhaps they are longer or does it just refer to the size of the bill.
  6. From memory, you will see little circles on the doors that you can go through. Click on those. It's not obvious.
  7. You have to request the refund. I did it via Twitter and it was paid in a few days.
  8. Oh what a relief. Thanks Valerie.
  9. On the same subject, has anyone found a deck plan for Galicia as yet ?
  10. To any one who has recently returned to the UK from Santander. There were rumours earlier that the toilets near the check in at the port were to be closed due to Covid worries. Can anyone confirm this or are they open for business as normal. Just to help with planning and the need for a container or two.
  11. You can on a plane. It's getting back in again that's tricky.
  12. Rik762

    2021 Timetables

    Yes, managed three bookings for next year. PA from Plym to Santander and Galicia back to Portsmouth. Website was fast and no problems. It was 5.15am however.
  13. Rik762

    2021 Timetables

    Sadly this was phased out a few years back.
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