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  1. Who has the time or legal understanding to read and comprehend 20 pages of legalese for every app, website and shop? Certainly organisations are guilty of deliberately obscuring their terms and not boiling down the notable or important points. The best examples can be done in 5 or 6 plain English bullet points, but are sadly few and far between!
  2. The only time I've ever seen shopping trolleys in an on-board shop!
  3. What was the budget for the new "trade deal" Britannia?
  4. With the giant floats bolted on the side, you might not be wrong there either
  5. What a mess! You do wonder how anybody thought that was a good idea. Our local Aldi store has been exemplary. The manager has been really strict about numbers in and out of the store, keeping the queue with a 2m distance, They've strictly enforced a rule of one one person in per household, no couples. Plus they were the first local supermarket in the area to erect screens to protect checkout staff and mark out 2m lines at the checkouts. It appears that the supermarkets have left the response up to the local management with varying interpretation across the country.
  6. When is the next available slot at St Nazaire? Certainly the cruise industry won't be putting down too many new orders.
  7. be careful what you wish for! The last time she had a large refit there were a lot of tears
  8. after care homes cruise ships must be the biggest concentration of the elderly Carnival have apparently had a surge in bookings. It feels a little early for anybody to know what's happening. I can't help think it's a disaster waiting to happen https://thewinglet.boardingarea.com/carnival-cruise-bookings-surge-600-after-announcing-august-relaunch
  9. The FT does a good series of charts comparing total death rates to historical averages, to get around the issue of different counting methods or testing regimes. Obviously it's still not perfect but you can see just how dramatic the increases are for many countries. https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/status/1258031311366901761/
  10. Didn't Tallink set up/expand their online store to continue retailing their "duty free" stocks? Not a bad way to keep at least a little extra income coming in. Given the volumes of perfume BF claim to get through, it's a shame they don't have the facility to do something similar.
  11. At this rate, it would have been quicker to buy the half finished ship from the receivers! Didn't something similar happen with Barfleur?
  12. I've done the Stockholm archipelago one autumn on board the Baltic Queen. What a ship and what a view! If you do want to see it, I'd recommend doing early autumn, when you can catch the yellowing trees on the archipelago just after sunrise, the amber light on the yellow trees is gorgeous.
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