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  1. I really like both, for their respective purposes. I wouldn't particular fancy a longer trip on the MSM, but love the piano bar area, it feels really luxurious, the cabins are decent too. Normandie feels a little crampt and dated in comparison.
  2. I've done the Baltic Queen from Tallinn to Stockholm and would highly recommend it! The Baltic Queen is a beautiful ship, you certainly won't be short of choice for eating or drinking. We dined in the buffet and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were lucky enough to go in the autumn - sailing into Stockholm watching the morning light against the yellowing trees is a stunning sight.
  3. What else would you suggest? The only way any certainty can be achieved is to cancel all sailings - an option nobody wants! Given the unfortunate situation, I think they've done the best they can.
  4. Seems like a perfectly reasonable question. I can't see why anybody would be angry with that!
  5. In fairness so is Cap Finistere 🤣
  6. Does anyone know what were the last ships to use it? I can remember seeing an old photo a long time ago of two BF ships moored side by side!
  7. I think that question was in regards to Plymouth, although my understanding was that there wasn't any serviceable equipment left there, it's too small for any practical use and therefore has been abandoned. Unfortunately Plymouth doesn't quite have the demand to warrant it.
  8. Trouble does seem to follow him, either he knows something about somebody senior in government or he's openly happy to be the fall guy for every disastrous department. Don't forget the hundreds of millions wasted on failed contracts at justice, provisioned during his tenure.
  9. it's impossible to know, without sitting in on those meetings. Somebody clearly railroaded the agreements through despite advice from experts. We'll never know who took the decision to ignore the legal advice.
  10. The last time I visited was March last year, but it was the same as you've described. It's not unsafe but the worst area is immediately around the port, often with Gendarmes parked up to observe. Down by the beach and Riva Bella was deserted (but it was an evening in March after all!). The Migrants don't really want any trouble that would cause them to be registered as landed in France or deported and the Gendarmes don't want to do anything with them unless they cause any trouble. Personally, I'd spend the evening in Cabourg and then drive straight to the port because it's a little more interesting than Ouistreham.
  11. BF are between a rock and a hard place. Had the worst case scenario became reality and it was revealed BF had refused to help in order to protect the travel plans of the well off. Farage and the tabloids would have a field day, a French company protecting the holidays of the metropolitan elite whilst ordinary brits deal with food shortages.
  12. I always thought their mid afternoon departure, arriving at 9am ish the next day was wonderfully civilised. I can't remember the exact times now, but it felt very relaxing whilst giving you the whole day on arrival.
  13. The government have really messed up the car tax. The new 3 band system means you pay as much for a VW Up as a large family car, offering absolutely no incentive to choose a smaller or cleaner engine. The exact opposite of the action that needs to be taken.
  14. Every time I've been on Bretagne we've had very calm weather so it's difficult to judge! I've never had any problems with PA however, I've been to Spain in light-moderate conditions and whilst she does roll, the movement feels quite natural.
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