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  1. Electric cars can't come soon enough. We're discovering more about the dangers of these emissions all the time (both diesel and petrol), just today there was a report saying that living near a busy road increases the likelihood of heart problems.
  2. Which sounds quite shocking when you consider she was built for it! I wonder what the compromise was that lead them to that.
  3. penguin

    DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Although you could make the argument that BF saw Cap Finistere as a suitable replacement
  4. penguin

    Flexible Pricing

    No different to the air or hotel industries that have yield management style pricing. Travelodge even give hints on how to seek out the cheapest tier prices, if you are that way inclined.
  5. penguin

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    Not at all. It's a stand off with the Gendarme. If they try anything they'll be carted off and therefore registered as being in France - not their goal. The Gendarme don't really want to have to deal with them if they can help it, so they both sit there staring at each other. The Gendarme step in if anyone tries anything they shouldn't, but otherwise it's just limbo.
  6. penguin

    General Discussions on Brexit

    They should respect the will of the people - Theresa May was elected to deliver brexit. Boris Johnson and David Davis are betraying that 🤣🤣
  7. penguin

    2018/2019 Xmas & New Year Cruises - Confirmed

    It does make it an odd choice of destination, when you put it like that! I wonder why the decided to not go any further up river.
  8. penguin

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    Ah, that would explain it!!!
  9. penguin

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    I find the different intended uses for them interesting. Will be fascinating to see how the DFDS ship out of Dover will (or wont!) vary from the 2 ships lined up for BF. I used to get the impression that the two routes had vastly different requirements for ships.
  10. penguin

    29/06/18 2015 Portsmouth/St.Malo Bretagne

    That reminds me I need to order mine!!!
  11. penguin

    Le Boat / Canal Du Midi

    That's all really helpful! Thank's everyone. I'm currently looking at the smallest Horizon boat, as it will just be the two of us, but we are aiming for a little luxury if we can manage it. I've already ordered the information pack, the Le Boat guide to the canal is extensive, which is a great start. I've also equipped myself with a copy of "The Canal Du Midi: A Cruiser's Guide" - which is a lovely little book describing the canal and sights along the way, and nice to have an independent perspective.
  12. penguin

    Le Boat / Canal Du Midi

    I'm thinking about hiring a boat and cruising down the Canal Du Midi (Narbonne to Carcassonne). I was wondering if anyone has done the trip (or has used Le Boat) and had any tips or recommendations on what to see in the area. It certainly feels likely that someone on here will have!
  13. penguin

    Replacement of Bretagne

    Perhaps I'm biased, but I suspect Pont Aven will become her spiritual successor, in that regard. Appropriate given the heavy inspiration taken from Bretagne
  14. penguin

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    That's been the most interesting part of the recent orders, since PEGASIS fell through and the securing Honfleur was rumoured to be delayed, I wonder if funding from the traditional French/Breton organisations has been trickier to come by/negotiate. That would certainly explain the turn towards a posh HP agreement from Stena.
  15. penguin

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    On my most recent trip, there were equal numbers of Genderame and migrants in the car park opposite the port. In contrast to the beach car park where there was neither visible.