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  1. Considering they have such trouble keeping within the lines, the lower limit isn't always bad thing. God knows I've seen enough oncoming vehicles cross over on the slightest of bends! Part of the problem is the roads vary so much, some are incredibly narrow and twisty, whilst others are practically a mini motorway. I doubt anything will change whilst there are bigger fish to fry.
  2. Even if they could, I cannot imagine they would want to sour the Stena relationship in any way, A Frieght roro must come pretty low down the scale against their entire prospective Spanish fleet. Of course the Eflexers are guaranteed, and it may be possible to have their cake and eat it, but I think they'd have to be pretty desperate before they did.
  3. I can only assume it's a free surface/centre of gravity issue. Otherwise, as you say, why waste internal space with redundant tanks.
  4. Although it very much relies on the goodwill of the French, my understanding is that they are free to terminate the agreement. Should the UK (for example) decide to renege on other obligations (such as a controversial financial settlement), it's not inconceivable we may run out of good will in return.
  5. Maybe he doesn't have such a sweet Palet!
  6. Does it really matter? I suspect it's a little white lie to make their own lives easier dealing with difficult customers.
  7. Is this an indication that all E-Flexers are now going to be LNG?
  8. Totally agree, far too many people seem to be looking down on the port staff thinking they could do the job much better. It's all to easy to tell other people how to do their jobs, but I doubt many would appreciate being on the other side of it. The ferry leaves at the same time regardless, maybe there are more important things to worry about!
  9. Out of interest, does anyone think there are other travel companies who cope better with large scale issues? BA are normally good, but really struggle when Heathrow is shut for any period of time.
  10. I don't think the French would see it as pedantry!
  11. Tongue firmly in cheek I was going to ask if Gdansk was nice at Christmas! Sensible hat on says they'd want to destore at one of their own ports first.
  12. Does travel insurance not cover this kind of scenario?
  13. If BF is that new owner - would they then have the cash or interest to go ahead with new builds? They've so far been reliant on Stena for new ships and the Bretagne replacement new build is still unconfirmed. I can see the attraction to BF, it blocks a new entrant to the region, allows for greater economies of scale and potentially a greater diversification away from the UK - France links, but I can't help but feel like it's a stretch. Perhaps longer term BF are imagining a single Poole - Cherbourg - CI service, keeping both routes open at a more favourable cost.
  14. I really like both, for their respective purposes. I wouldn't particular fancy a longer trip on the MSM, but love the piano bar area, it feels really luxurious, the cabins are decent too. Normandie feels a little crampt and dated in comparison.
  15. I've done the Baltic Queen from Tallinn to Stockholm and would highly recommend it! The Baltic Queen is a beautiful ship, you certainly won't be short of choice for eating or drinking. We dined in the buffet and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were lucky enough to go in the autumn - sailing into Stockholm watching the morning light against the yellowing trees is a stunning sight.
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