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  1. She looks a lot younger in the new livery. The new stripe position is growing on me quickly. In great contrast to Pont Aven, where every alteration makes her look far worse!
  2. That can't be that far off what most of us bring back from the French supermarkets!
  3. I've always thought scrubbers were a terrible idea, pumping sulphur into the sea when we already have massive problems with acidification of the waters and bleaching corals. LNG is clearly a massive improvement and a much cleaner fuel.
  4. You'll be complaining their rock music is too loud next! Do we actually think ferry travel is any better for the environment than flying? Whilst it's not had the same media attention, I can't imagine it's any better, especially not the fast cats in question.
  5. My understanding was that there will always be that border down the Irish sea, regardless of the trade deal reached - unless we decide to join the customs union. In the same way Canada or South Korea have free trade agreements but goods from those countries are still subjected to checks on standards and origin.
  6. I suspect you may be right!
  7. That's always been the fatal flaw with the idea that no deal is a negotiating lever to get a good deal - the EU, rightly or wrongly, believe that no deal will cause far more harm to the UK than it will to the EU. I think trying to use analogies for brexit is an unhelpful simplification, but nobody has ever got a better deal on a house/car/whatever by threatening to shoot themselves in the foot. Not to mentions Macrons newly adopted De Gaulle streak. Let's hope for a more adult attitude to the next round of talks.
  8. The reverse is actually true - the UK adopted DAB too soon. This means we now can't easily upgrade as too many people already have radios. European countries who waited for the technology to mature now have DAB+ which is capable of much better quality (including the luxury of stereo!).
  9. The French use DAB+, so any older UK spec radio won't work. I believe newer radios sold in the UK support DAB+ too, even though the UK doesn't use it.
  10. Considering they have such trouble keeping within the lines, the lower limit isn't always bad thing. God knows I've seen enough oncoming vehicles cross over on the slightest of bends! Part of the problem is the roads vary so much, some are incredibly narrow and twisty, whilst others are practically a mini motorway. I doubt anything will change whilst there are bigger fish to fry.
  11. Even if they could, I cannot imagine they would want to sour the Stena relationship in any way, A Frieght roro must come pretty low down the scale against their entire prospective Spanish fleet. Of course the Eflexers are guaranteed, and it may be possible to have their cake and eat it, but I think they'd have to be pretty desperate before they did.
  12. I can only assume it's a free surface/centre of gravity issue. Otherwise, as you say, why waste internal space with redundant tanks.
  13. Although it very much relies on the goodwill of the French, my understanding is that they are free to terminate the agreement. Should the UK (for example) decide to renege on other obligations (such as a controversial financial settlement), it's not inconceivable we may run out of good will in return.
  14. Maybe he doesn't have such a sweet Palet!
  15. Does it really matter? I suspect it's a little white lie to make their own lives easier dealing with difficult customers.
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