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  1. penguin

    New deposit price on bookings?

    At first glance it looks like a big risk at Dover, given that it could be the eye of the storm. Having said that, in the worst case scenario, they may have some difficulties and customers may struggle to get there, so if the payout or cancellations are inevitable - why not make the process cheaper to administer and in the more optimistic cases, potentially offer more certainty and therefore encourage more sales. The more I think about it, the more clever it looks.
  2. penguin

    possible visa problems looming

    Unfortunately it's always been a successful tactic. People are naturally attracted to an emotive cause even if common sense says they are worse off for it. How often have we heard here about the "price worth paying" or "taking back control". At worst I'd expect an Esta style system, as the EU is set on implementing that for many countries outside of the EU, We'd have to seriously burn all good will to get anything less.
  3. penguin

    DP World buys P&O (again!)

    Volvo - trucks and cars are totally unrelated but share a name and logo (for example). (and I don't even know about Volvo Penta, are they a 3rd entity or subsidiary to the trucks organisation)
  4. penguin

    Canine Cabin Companions

    Good hygiene is a little more complicated than bad smells! Although I think that's still beside the point, I think peoples expectation of a leisure service is rightly that the animals are kept separate from the normal passenger areas.
  5. penguin

    Brittany Ferries BETA site - Closed

    Depending on their set up and infrastructure, it could well take longer to migrate back to the old website than it would to fix the issues. Especially if the issue only affects some users, leaving things running may be the least worst option.
  6. penguin

    Bretagne - 30 Years

    I can't imagine why Celebrity would want to ram through the side of another ship, but it's nice to know they've got the option!
  7. penguin


    Without wanting to labour the point, one has an open freight deck, the other a swimming pool
  8. In fairness to BA, they were excellent when we got stuck due to snow. I certainly can't imagine getting a similar service from Ryanair.
  9. It's worrying for Sunderland, but it's hard to have any sympathy for the car manufactures. They got caught misleading governments and the public about emissions and now they blame consumers for not buying diesels.
  10. penguin

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    Makes absolute sense. The irony that "Brexit" will now become the new "because of the EU"
  11. penguin

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    I'd imagine it's a bit of both, Cyprus ticks both boxes of EU membership and a flag of convenience. Otherwise, why not Panama?
  12. Isn't the reality that it's somewhere in-between? They haven't closed the factory, but they aren't investing in it either. They've publicly stated that brexit uncertainly is one of the many reasons why they aren't investing there. Of course the EU - Japan free trade deal may mean the decline of UK based Japanese manufacturers regardless of brexit. The BBC news article is very good at describing the complexities of the trade deals involved.
  13. penguin

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    Nothing, we are a open and free trading economy. I can't imagine any Conservative government engaging in any kind of protectionist measures. Just look at where your electricity comes from, EDF run many of our existing power pants and the government is desperately courting the Chinese to build the next lot.
  14. penguin

    French Road Blockades - Gilets Jaunes

    Given the recent protests and the cultural links to the elephant in the room, I would imagine the French government will find it very tricky to make a change in the death statistics.
  15. penguin

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    Not inside the EU?