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  1. That's really helpful, thanks very much for taking the time to provide me with such useful information. Looks like I'll be eating before I board.
  2. I am travelling on the Mont St Michel in a couple of weeks on a Saturday night 23:00-06:45 Ouistreham to Portsmouth sailing. Does anyone know if the a la carte or self service restaurants are still serving during the boarding for this crossing? What time do they close? Also is there a cafe open throughout the night and lastly (!) when do the restaurants open in the morning? Apologies for so many questions but I have searched online for this info but BF don't post the opening times of their restaurants on their website. I appreciate any help, thanks.
  3. I was due to travel on the Bretagne this evening. I haven't travelled on BF recently and haven't paid much attention of late to strikes in the channel ports, do the St Malo dockers strike often? I don't want to re-book if this is likely to happen again. Less than six hours notice of a strike is very short and I am sure this has affected hundreds of people today, many of whom will have already been on their way to Portsmouth.
  4. Re: Costa Concordia Aground - Deaths reported Ships are not safer than planes, one would like to think so but the statistics show otherwise. Looking at the last 20 years, just one European disaster - the MS Estonia disaster where 852 lives were lost, easily outweighs all European air disasters put together over the same period, which totals about 500 dead. And there have been other maritime disasters since 1992 to add to the figure of 852. During the same period over 630 people were killed in Europe in rail accidents, which is shockingly high (and this figure excludes rail accidents in Russia and Turkey). When you are in the air you can feel very out of control and it can seem more dangerous, but statistically speaking, flying really is the safest way to travel (and I say this as someone who is terrified flying!)
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