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  1. And Crown Seaways, Galaxy, Baltic Princess, Silja Serenade, Silja Symphony. I’m sure there are one or two more... Although no balcony cabins I would also include Stena’s Stena Saga (Frederikshavn - Oslo) as a scandinavian cruise ferry worth a visit. Although stenafied in terms of decor she is still very much Silja Line’s epoch-breaking cruise ferry Silvia Regina of the 1980’s.
  2. Yes the Tors had pools - but on a 24 hr sailing. Although you are right to say that the Pearl has one and associated hot tubs, although closed when I was on her last December. Perhaps the pool on the Wonder and Aki could be utilised during the Summer months as boarding does start around 3 / 4pm. It’s worthwhile looking at Eckero Line’s Finlandia which is a sister and was thoroughly refurbished by Eckero - a little disappointing makeover in my view, but obviously different considerations required for the short sea Helsinki - Tallinn route compared with Newcastle - Amsterdam.
  3. They will have to really upgrade these ships and the refurbishment will have to reflect Northern European tastes. Current decor and furnishings are quite basic and cabins are nothing special. Also outside deck space good for daytime sailings in the med, a little less suitable for the North Sea when crossings start at 5pm. I don’t see the outside pool being used, somehow. But an interesting move which if done properly may prove a wise one.
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of Ferry & Cruise review ( and any other ferry books in general) in the Gosport / Portsmouth / Southampton area? I recall that there used to be a bookshop / newsagent many years ago close to the ferry terminal in Gosport and a nautical bookshop in Warsash, but I presume that these have unfortunately closed? I will be in the area to check out Victoria of Wight and St Clare - apart from looking on AIS and working it out on the day, is it possible to know which sailings these two will be making this Saturday afternoon? Many thanks,
  5. Does anyone know what is happening with Stena Europe? She was supposed to return to the Abergwaun/Fishguard route on 17 June after a major life-extending refit. However she still seems to be in the shipyard near Istanbul.
  6. I travelled into Gdansk this morning and on the way in was sure I saw a sillouett similar to the Armorique’s front part - not in the Remontowa shipyard but a mile or two down river to the east. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a picture. Could this this mean the hat only one part of Honfleur has left for Flensburg and that the forward part of the superstructure is yet to go? Also saw Polferries’ Nova Star in port - didn’t realise till now that the berthing location has moved across to the other side of the river. Currently making my way to Gdynia for Stena Line’s overnig
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