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  1. Does anyone know what is happening with Stena Europe? She was supposed to return to the Abergwaun/Fishguard route on 17 June after a major life-extending refit. However she still seems to be in the shipyard near Istanbul.
  2. I travelled into Gdansk this morning and on the way in was sure I saw a sillouett similar to the Armorique’s front part - not in the Remontowa shipyard but a mile or two down river to the east. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a picture. Could this this mean the hat only one part of Honfleur has left for Flensburg and that the forward part of the superstructure is yet to go? Also saw Polferries’ Nova Star in port - didn’t realise till now that the berthing location has moved across to the other side of the river. Currently making my way to Gdynia for Stena Line’s overnight crossing to Karlskrona with the Stena Vision, which was built at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk during the Solidarnosh era. The Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci museum located at one of the entrance’s to the shipyard is worth visiting, even if just to access the roof top terrace for views of the shipyard, although sadly no ferries apart from the roro Finnsea appeared to be in dock today.
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