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  1. Funnel is just as bad as Pont Aven's! Not a pretty vessel in my eyes.
  2. It has been several months since you could access your account and check payments and balance on line. I emailed brittany.ferries@exelaonline.com and they emailed back my balance. I aim to ckeck the card in an ATM soon!
  3. Has anyone tried their BF Eurocard since the overall FCA suspension was lifted? BF Eurocard website still saying 'suspended'.
  4. That ETA was rubbish! CF now (17.00) approaching Santander. Malc
  5. Has CF had a medevac overnight or a problem? Left 20 mins late but ETA (Marine Traffic) is 21.40 rather than 17.30.
  6. Malc

    Fair FX card suspended

    Yes, BF MasterCard Euro Card site is showing 'card payments temporarily suspended'. Malc
  7. Pont Aven currently (10am BST) on linkspan in Le Havre according to Marine Traffic.
  8. I remember coming back from Spain on the Pont Aven at the Icelandic Ash-Cloud emergency. We were 3 hours late leaving Santander as they drip-fed exhausted foot passengers and their suitcases onto the ship. There were people everywhere! Don't know if they used the kennels as cabins!!!
  9. My first memory of a ferry was of the St Ola in 1953 which sailed from Scrabster to Stromness in Orkney, although I must have been on a ferry from Weymouth to Jersey in 1949 when I was a toddler. Was the St Ola a sister ship of the St Clair. Cars were craned on board. It was an extremely rough crossing and i was very sick. In fact rather than sailing as usual to the West of Hoy, we sailed to Stromness through Scapa Flow. That crossing did not put me off ferries!
  10. Perhaps this is why deposits for crossings have been substantially increased - to increase cash flow over lean winter months. And changes to our booking habits, leaving it till much nearer the proposed date of travel, doesn't help either.
  11. Pont Aven has turned back from her leisurely transit to Le Havre and is now heading at speed to Roscoff. Where then?
  12. How deep is the Channel between Cornwall and Brittany? That would be some dam! How many locks would be required to accommodate the volume of traffic using this stretch of water - just look at MarineTraffic! And compare the suggested cost with Crossrail and HS2. Perhaps there should be a 'b' after the numbers rather than an 'm' with at least another '0'. The proposal is a figment of imagination just as a bridge from Scotland to N Ireland is.
  13. What matters more than duration, 24hours or 28 hours, are timings, especially if coming to the departure port from a distance or with a caravan in tow. And does the arrival time give a reasonable time to get to my destination or to a convenient stop along the way?
  14. Has anyone else had a look at the FSG shipbuilding hall webcam? No shipbuilding building going on and everything tidied away. Have all the workers been laid off? Usually the next build follows on immediately from the last. Not this time.
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