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  1. Just travelled on the Pont Aven and the rolls at breakfast were......TRIANGULAR!!! Chap on the cash desk said that sometimes they are round, sometimes triangular. They tasted great!
  2. Just been advised that on and after 28 September in Spain I must have a 'UK' sticker on the back of my car and not the 'GB' one. Anyone else heard about this? Do you think that BF will provide one? Looks like https://www.gov.uk/displaying-number-plates/flags-symbols-and-identifiers applies.
  3. I am due into Plymouth from Santander at 10.45am on 1st October. Then driving to a Premier Inn in Pontefract for the night. Next day, driving up to Edinburgh. Plymouth to Edinburgh in one hop is too far for us now! Being fully vaccinated, I need to book a PCR test for Day 2 after arrival. Without a booking reference I won't be allowed on to the boat. But do I have to follow the rules for England with multiple suppliers of the test or the different rules for Scotland which has a sole supplier? Help please! Malc
  4. Found it! I use Chrome and logged in to my account and it was there, in the list right at the top of the page, quite small.
  5. It's a long trek in a car too! And with a further 400 miles on to Vigo it is why we decided to sail back to Plymouth from Roscoff that night with a further 500 miles back home to Edinburgh next day.
  6. Malc

    2021 Timetables

    Interesting that the link in Andy's post has Galicia available in the 'Cruise Ferries' Mine doesn't - is he using an advance version of the BF website?
  7. Malc

    2021 Timetables

    Where is the info about Galicia?
  8. Funnel is just as bad as Pont Aven's! Not a pretty vessel in my eyes.
  9. It has been several months since you could access your account and check payments and balance on line. I emailed brittany.ferries@exelaonline.com and they emailed back my balance. I aim to ckeck the card in an ATM soon!
  10. Has anyone tried their BF Eurocard since the overall FCA suspension was lifted? BF Eurocard website still saying 'suspended'.
  11. That ETA was rubbish! CF now (17.00) approaching Santander. Malc
  12. Has CF had a medevac overnight or a problem? Left 20 mins late but ETA (Marine Traffic) is 21.40 rather than 17.30.
  13. Yes, BF MasterCard Euro Card site is showing 'card payments temporarily suspended'. Malc
  14. Pont Aven currently (10am BST) on linkspan in Le Havre according to Marine Traffic.
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