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  1. Not just foot passengers. For those with longer journeys to and from Scotland, changes to hotel bookings and planning will probably be required. Wonder when a revised timetable will be issued? Do the current Plymouth to Santander timings not assume that speed will be 23/24 knots rather than the proposed 20 knot max? Malc
  2. They were round on Pont Aven and Armorique too!!
  3. Coming back through Roscoff on Monday evening, there were 3 lads (looked quite well dressed) hanging around the vehicle waiting area when we arrived. They scarpered when the gendarmes arrived. The gendarmes checked under and in each artic and caravan/motorhome as well as keeping a weather eye open for return of the lads.
  4. Looking at the FSG Hall webcam, there is certainly no work going on there. The Hall has not been drained since the last launch a few weeks ago.
  5. Has anyone got more details about what actually went wrong on PA? As someone who was on the crossing, I must say how professional the crew was during the incident. It was good and very comforting to see. They must have been worried too. The first indication that something was wrong was when we were wakened by extreme vibration of the boat. Much, much more than the usual thrusters operating! Then an announcement that smoke had been detected in the engine room and to await further announcements. Then the emergency sounded and we had to dress and go to our Muster Stations. A crew member checked each cabin and fitted a red 'evacuated' card into the keyslot to show that it had been checked empty. At the muster station we were issued with lifejackets. When put on, they were individually checked by a member of crew. After a while, we were advised that the fire had been extinguished and we could remove the lifejackets and return to our cabins. Then the long 11-hour haul at half speed back north to Brest. Rather than the 1000 mile journey to out destination in NW Spain we opted to get the Roscoff to Plymouth ferry back to UK that evening. This was very efficiently organised at Roscoff and we then set off on the long journey back to Edinburgh. An interesting 6-day journey to nowhere. Now we must plan the trip again for a future date. Malc
  6. Malc

    Pont Aven - Problem?

    Pont Aven was running slowly (12 knots) north of Santander yesterday and is now heading at more normal speed for Plymouth, not Portsmouth. Was there a medevac or was it a technical problem? Going to Plymouth is understandable to catch up the normal schedule. Malc
  7. Looking at the shape of the bow on the ship currently being built in the FSG Hall, it is so different from Honfleur's bow. Is this because it is a different class of vessel or perhaps has been designed for totally different sea conditions?
  8. Looking at the FSG webcams over the weekend and in evenings, there would appear to be very little work going on in the Hall on Honfleur's successor there or on Honfleur on the Pier. Has overtime, nightshift and weekend working stopped?
  9. Looks like Pont Aven is returning quite slowly to St Malo. And Commodore Goodwill is just docking in the usual berth according to MarineTraffic.
  10. Don't think so. In the morning with very different lighting, you can see a big difference in the colour of the rest of the hull and those last bow sections. They are so bright that they are saturating the webcam. They will have to paint over the weld lines as well. I seem to remember that for the last launch the whole hull was painted along with the ship name on the bow before the launch.
  11. The structures at the bow are brilliant white. When will they paint the rest of the hull? There's not much time before launch next Thursday.
  12. Pont does a Plymouth to Roscoff leg on a Thursday before its Cork trip. I assume that this is when the crew change is made.
  13. MagicSeaweed indicates that it will be much less rough after the weekend.
  14. Could be the extent of the open deck area on the Baie de Seine (and on the Etretat) compared with that on the Cap. I remember being on the Mont in a bad crossing with the car exposed at the stern. It was covered in salt and driving was virtually impossible until the windscreen was thoroughly washed. Looking at the BF Tracker, I wouldn't want to be on a boat in the Western Channel or Northe Biscay just now.
  15. Etretat is not appearing on the list of ferries on the Fleet Tracker. Or onthe Tracker itself.
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