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  1. There is a 'hut' which is habitable. But there are no organised trips, as such - you have to make arrangements through the States Office
  2. You are right about the unpasteurised milk in the butter. If buying cheese, always try and go for any cheese that is 'au lait cru'. Some English cheddars are also made with such milk - my Somerset heritage tells me to look out for Montgomery's or those made by the Ducketts (Westcombe Dairy). Unfortunately, not cheap, but for a treat . . .
  3. Takes a bit of planning, but a trip to Burhou can be magical. They won't take you over during the breeding season, but a couple of years ago they installed a webcam in the puffin breeding area. May still be there, I don't know. I suppose that Burhou is probably the most northerly of the accessible islands.
  4. I meant to conclude by saying that i hope that their navigation department is not as sloppy with charts as their marketing guys seem to be with words.
  5. 1,000 passengers and crew doesn't sound many. Less than half the capacity of the P & O Spirits, I believe. Doesn't look like any significant open air space either. Another ship to avoid, I suspect. I also suspect that it will not be the longest ship on the channel. Longest ferry, maybe, but dwarfed by the length of the Maersk carriers and various VLCCs that are continuously on the channel.
  6. 'bought' or 'brought'? Are they not free? We weren't charged for ours.
  7. "When I was over in April I got chatting to a woman on the harbour arm and she told me that occasionally the tenders can't bring the passengers ashore as it's too rough." Cherbourg seems to get several unforeseen visits a year from ships unable to fulfil their Guernsey scheduled call.
  8. Well. I don't know what it used to be. But if it was previously a Grand Marnier thrice cooked souffle, then I agree with you.
  9. The beginning of the end was when the mini ice cream cones ceased to be served with the coffee. Oh! halcyon days. . . I actually quite like the triangular sourdough rolls - and they kept my dentist's filling replacement programme in business.
  10. I presume you are excluding the Christmas / New Year ports from this discussion?
  11. We were there on Wednesday. Heartbreaking.
  12. Had my first sighting today of the WBY. Quite impressive.
  13. We were on the 145pm from poole yesterday - an ideal sailing time for us, and there were about 100 cars on board. Not a bad load for a Sunday afternoon, I would think. Excellent service delightfully offered all round - bar, shop and self service as well as loading and unloading. Our return is booked for an 845am departure - again, an excellent timing for us. Thankyou Brexit.
  14. Somebody in reservations - whose initials I can't read - is watching over us. Thank you very much BF.
  15. Quite apart from the content of the response from BF above (which, by the way, I think is a very appropriate and positive response) the fact that they have responded says everything about the class and standards of the company. They want it to be excellent in all respects as we do. I could save a lot of money by travelling from Newhaven at Senior rates (even over Club Voyage rates) - but I don't want to. We know where we are looked after. The occasional (very occasional) surly reaction of a member of staff is rare enough to be commented upon in these columns, and if I was spending my working week away from home doing that job, I am sure that I would have bad mornings sometimes. I'm retired and still have those mornings sometimes! I do travel by an alternative carrier to Dieppe, Dover or Dunkerque a couple of times a year, just keeping an eye on the alternatives.
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