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  1. on three occasions when I have been on the bridge exiting Cherbourg with experienced Captains / First Officers they have explained that pilots have joined us so they ( the pilots ) can either be trained or refresh their knowledge of the various craft that use the harbour. And also, it seems, renew old friendships.
  2. Help! I lost my wife. Anyway, come morning I found her on the lawn. In amongst the ant hills. I had to take off the first 6 ft of growth with a rechargeable strimmer machine, and there she was! Well, the story goes something like that. By the weekend, I hope to have something worthy of the title of lawn. The smell took me back to the 1950s when, as small children, we used to 'help' with the harvest in Somerset. Magical times. Perhaps , in time, I will look back on 2020 and 2021 on the lawn in Bricquebec and think 'magical times' . . . The good news is that everything works - corkscrew included.
  3. Some friends in the Bricquebec area were tested a few days ago at the pharmacy in Brix. We arrrive Tuesday (after La sainte Anne) and I shall get up to date on the arrangements. However, it seems that it was quick, cheap and efficient (and going back to a recent post) not too far from Port Bail. And their return to the UK was without drama.
  4. Just to follow up my mild rant at BF of last Friday. Finally got to speak with a human first thing this morning. An instant admission that they have been having problems with the booking system and CV membership. This coupled with the usual pleasant, friendly and helpful assistance which enabled me to complete my booking - and all is well again with the world, I think. But will the ferry run? We shall see. I didn't catch your name at Reservations, but thank you.
  5. I have a ticket with special instructions (9C or something), so need to phone following the cancellation of Barfleur. I twice got through this morning. The first time I had 4 minutes 20 seconds of music, and then the 'call failed'. The second time that i got through, I had 2 minutes 55 seconds of music - and then, again, the call failed. I don't use social media. I then made a new booking. This was easily done and showed my cv discount. I then entered a voucher code before paying, and the price reverted to the full price, with a message saying that they do not recognise my cv number and name. This after 25 years of uninterrupted cv membership. I despair. I have sent a couple of emails and have received an acknowledgement that they hope to respond within 3 weeks. All of sudden the drive from Dieppe to Bricquebec is looking considerably less unattractive. Sadly, I also realise that in goodness knows how many years of BFE membership, this is the first time I have posted a comment that is in any way less than complementary about BF.
  6. . . . a good burgundy what (or who)?
  7. Pick the bones out of that one, then😁
  8. There have been a couple of (very) short lived attempts at Portsmouth - Braye (Alderney), I believe.
  9. Yes - there is some availability (or was at Christmas time), but don't get too excited. Reminds me of when I organised a dinner for 40 at the Chateau in Bricquebec. I asked if there could be three vegetarian meals. With a horrified look the patron at the time said "well, yes - but I don't think that they will enjoy it". (but they did . . .)
  10. Yes - but Antwerp is not a big cruise destination. 15 calls booked in 2021 (but how many will actually happen??), and 10 booked to date for 2022.
  11. 935 is one (generous) double bed - not a 'two-berth' in the traditional sense.
  12. I agree that 80 sounds a lot in the restaurant, although remember that there are two full crews working alternate weeks - so double what you can see at any one time.
  13. We were unable to access any wi-fi in 935, not that it was a priority!
  14. Well, David. We didn't actually spend a lot of time on 'our balcony'. But I had a quick look out of the door, and it is a fairly bland area. I can't remember seeing seating, but there may be some fixed benches. As far as the Cherbourg crossings are concerned, the area is not likely to become a major selling point.
  15. An update to my earlier notes - following our return from Cherbourg on December 28th in a Commodore Suite. Well. Wendy is not a fan of overnight travel - particularly on a ferry. But within minutes of entering suite 935 she bounced on the bed, saying "I want to live here for ever". A pretty good start. The bed and bedding is luxurious, and the space and fittings are great. We both slept well, and could find nothing to dim our enthusiasm. We declined the in-room breakfast as the offering does not suit her wheat and dairy allergy, but the restaurant breakfast was fine. If you guys out there have been really naughty - say you have just killed her Mother, or even worse, you ate the last Marron Glace - then treating her to a night in the commodore suite will ensure instant forgiveness. Save up and try it.
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