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  1. rogerpatenall

    Brittany Ferries BETA site - Closed

    The copyright of this picture probably rests with either of those named. If so, My thanks to him
  2. rogerpatenall

    Should Stena Line come back to the Channel?

    And would Stena honour all those Compass Points accumulated between Southampton and Cherbourg that they persuaded us that there was no rush to use them up, because they 'would be valid on the soon to be launched HSS service on the route'? Some hope!!! Motto. Never Trust a Corporate.
  3. rogerpatenall

    Condor Clipper crew accommodation

    Yes. Good luck. Sounds as though the crew accommodation is better than that for passengers on the old Stena Normandie! (But I still miss Antonio's restaurant). Things change fast.
  4. rogerpatenall

    Seaborne Freight contract

    looks like a spot of over-manning there, unless the picture includes the crew for their second ship on a training exercise.
  5. rogerpatenall

    Normandie not sailing as economie

    I note the smiley, HF - but the catering on board, the lounges at both LHR and JFK, the ease of boarding from both those lounges and the efforts of BA staff at LHR and (less so) Air France at CDG to expedite the passage through immigration were all true class. I was lucky enough to travel quite frequently on her - particularly eastbound, and I do not approach a NEx crossing with the same sense of excitement. And really it isn't that much faster in time than the Stena Normandy on its (daytime) Summer schedule from Southampton in the old days.
  6. rogerpatenall

    Normandie not sailing as economie

    The price may not reflect it, but the facilities on the Normandie Express make a pretty good stab at being 'economie' class.
  7. rogerpatenall

    Mercure Roscoff

    The old and run down Mercure by the docks at Cherbourg was replaced by a new Mercure by the inner harbour. Very nice it is, with excellent prices for coffee and at the bar, and, without exception, great staff. I hope that Roscoff is equally lucky. By the way, I do not think that the Cherbourg one is a franchise, but is Accor owned and operated.
  8. rogerpatenall

    Government charter

    Barfleur is quite capable of running two return trips per day (with perhaps a 'missed' sailing or two per week for any catch up to the schedule).
  9. rogerpatenall

    Guess where!

    The Normandie? But they have horses in reception. But these are surely reindeer, n'est ce pas? Chris, I remember you well, and I remember meeting your wife chez Mark and Fiona B at Mont d'Epinguet, many moons ago. I saw Mark a few weeks ago - They don't change. . .
  10. rogerpatenall

    Guess where!

    Having checked into the hotel at Poole, 15 minutes before the message from BF saying the Barfleur is cancelled today (at 510pm yesterday), this is the festive alternative. . .Guess where I am. We did enjoy the excellent breakfast in the restaurant after the early drive from Poole.
  11. rogerpatenall

    French Road Blockades - Gilets Jaunes

    The La Manche Libre website has a fairly comprehensive daily listing covering Manche and Calvados. But that isn't giving much advance notice, of course.
  12. rogerpatenall

    BF Contact for a ship visit

    Yes, Neil. It is nice to welcome back BA14. A long time since we have had the benefit of his posts.
  13. rogerpatenall

    New Border control technology

    I travelled through St Pancras this weekend and the UK Border guys had new technology. It is like a mobile card reader. They just swiped the digits from the long number on the bottom of the passport page, and the approval was almost instantaneous. Unfortunately the French, just a few yards further on were still using the old scanners, so we had to wait for the bunching to clear. But potentially, this could make a big difference at Portsmouth. Does anyone have any knowledge of any changes in the pipeline? On the other hand, double the speed, and they will probably only man half the kiosks . . .
  14. rogerpatenall

    New Terminal for Santander

    Yes. Half the charm of sailing to or from Dieppe was lost when the ferries left the town centre.
  15. rogerpatenall

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Don't know enough to agree or not, Tony. Presumably she and her family are not particular ferry fans. If she is stranded with - let us say - three 'under fives', or however many fractious kids the family may consist of, then I think it is quite restrained. When my family was growing up they were remarkably tranquil, but with one being quite severely handicapped any sort of change to routine became a major headache, particularly if kept in the dark as to immediate plans. I won't judge.