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  1. rogerpatenall

    Two Condors in Poole

    Super photos, Brigitte. Well done for them and well done for spotting and taking advantage of the rare opportunity.
  2. rogerpatenall

    The dangers of Airbnb.

    Only used Airbnb once, in Manchester. It was a self contained 1 bed flat (the owners had a flat 'nearby'). First impressions were not good, and late evening we were disturbed by the very noisy arrival of the bailiffs beating on the front door. Back to Premier Inn sharpish !
  3. rogerpatenall

    Routing to Spain

    Speaking "personally" I don't expect you do. But speaking "personally" for myself, and everyone else in London and the south east, we may disagree. My UK base is in SE London / North Kent, a mere 105 comfortable minutes from Portsmouth. 150 minutes to Poole, and, what ? 5 hours to Plymouth, and reading this site it seems that every driver has their own pet way of trying to avoid the traffic in Plymouth. Portsmouth? Straight off the motorway without needing to go near the city. Edit - Sorry Halfcrown. Didn't see your response. You make the point, only far more concisely than I !!
  4. rogerpatenall

    QM2 - Le Havre / New York crossing

    Well, MS, so how come you are not at the bar - everyone else is, it seems! Are you missing out? Enjoy yourself, anyway. The problem I have with these packages is that I have a wife who drinks almost exclusively champagne - which is not covered.
  5. rogerpatenall

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Yes. I have certainly seen her at both link spans. I seem to remember being told when I took the photo (2011 or 12, I can't be bothered to go back to check the exact date, unless it is of particular interest to anyone), that the old, inner, linkspan was going to be decomissioned shortly afterwards. Whether or not that actually happened, I don't know. I only use Ouistreham about half a dozen times in the year (usually in winter) and cannot recollect ever having seen any sort of craft moored there since.
  6. rogerpatenall

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    You have certainly put my filing system to the test. Best that I can find . . .
  7. rogerpatenall

    QM2 - Le Havre / New York crossing

    Yes. Westbound is far better because you get 25 hour days, and only 23 hour days Eastbound. Believe me that hour (or two) makes a big difference.
  8. rogerpatenall

    Busiest ferry port in La Manche

    You have to be brave and negotiate some very narrow and winding shipping lanes for about 3 miles out of town off the road to Brix / Sottevast. It costs two euros to drive a ship for 15 minutes, avoiding the crocodiles. And 50cents for a bottle of iced water. I think it is a hobby for the family there as they can't make much profit and they seem to enjoy making an equal fuss of two old folk like us as they do of the children. A lovely spot.
  9. rogerpatenall

    Busiest ferry port in La Manche

    My wife at the helm of Barfleur, at the port of Bricquebec, the busiest port in the region.
  10. rogerpatenall

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Depends where you are going. From Cherbourg to Pontorson, for Brittany and the west and south west of France, is probably no longer than Ouistreham to Pontorson.
  11. rogerpatenall

    10/07/18 - Plymouth-Roscoff - 22:00 - Armorique

    We just happened to be in Paris last year for the finish. I am very proud of this picture - scrabbling to get the camera up in time (what with me having poorly elbow and wrists!) and pointing it vaguely in the direction that the noise was coming from.
  12. rogerpatenall

    Grumps corner

    Probably a conversion from a New York fire tender. Some airports (Washington Dulles and Montreal Mirabel come to mind) have buses that take you out to the aircraft and then the whole body lifts until you have a level walk into the aircraft. Scope for development here - although you would probably need an access into the ferry on a lower deck, which all cruise ships have anyway.
  13. rogerpatenall

    Ouistreham Disruption 11/12 March 2018

    MSM is in Cherbourg, and plenty of people were already queuing in their vehicles for the 11pm sailing, when we arrived at 530 (CET) for the Barfleur. A long night awaits.
  14. rogerpatenall

    Poole/Cherbourg 6/1/2018

    Didn't know where to make this little post, so forgive me, Imprimerie, if I piggy back on your post. Had a great moment on the Barfleur this morning when boredom led me to browsing through the 'I Spy on a Ferry' book in the shop. I was pleased to notice that spying the radar installation on the ship is worth 10 points, but that spotting a souvenir toy of the ferry company in the shop is worth 20 points. As someone who loves 'tat', that seems a most appropriate differential. Also a clear statement of the priorities of the ferry companies and has quite made my day. Little things . . ..
  15. rogerpatenall

    Club Voyage

    Priority loading and disembarking? Piece of cake on the NEx. (edit - just seen that the point has already been made - sorry)