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  1. I noticed that when arriving at Southampton on a large ship that a portable A board (Like an easel) was placed on the dockside to mark the 'Bridge Position'. From where I was, on quite a high deck, I couldn't see if there were permanent markers on the dock showing the location for each ship, or whether it is measured up each time. Either way, I was imp[ressed with the willingness to employ old technology where appropriate. A promos of nothing at all - apart from a commentary on modern technology, I attach the following - to lighten up the mood of much of the posting recently . . . .
  2. Cousins was the Liverpool based shop bakery brand and was part of the group that I worked for (for 35 years). Along with all the other regional bakery shop companies (ABC, Wilkins, Broomfields, City Bakeries and lots more) they became Bakers' Oven shops before Allied sold them to Greggs (who used to work for Allied Bakeries) and became the major part of Greggs as we know it today. An early marketing coup of the ABC shop company (Aerated Bread Company) in London was the publication of the first London street map - the forerunner of ABC guides as we know them.
  3. I seem to remember that QM2 changed her port of registration from Southampton to Hamilton, as Bermuda regulations allowed marriages to take place on board. Did that happen? and has it changed back?
  4. Thanks, Ed. I was at work and thought that there was no way I was going to see it, but then had to drive from London to Hull on the day. Unfortunately I could not stay until the take off, but it was very exciting, and close access was allowed for photos such as mine. At the risk of boring everyone - here is the other photo that i have in the 'album'
  5. Here is a not v good photo I took of the space shuttle at Stansted back, possibly, in the late 1980's.
  6. Whilst the (currently suspended) New York to London City flights were non-stop, the westbound flight called at Shannon to top up the fuel (which, on the morning flight enabled us to take advantage of the US border controls at Shannon and arrive at JFK domestic arrivals). Back in the days when I was employed, many of my trips to smaller cities in South America were 'round-robin' multi stop flights. Hence, for example, Santiago to Valdivia took 2 to 3 hours, whilst the return was less than an hour.
  7. The technology exists. It used to be employed very successfully on my penny gobstoppers way back when . . .
  8. "Excellent. That's from my home town in Somerset" Yes, Jim. I credited you with being a fellow Son of Cary in a post on this subject a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Yes. (and believe me, if I've done it, it must be simple and straightforward, and it takes just a few seconds to be up and running.) And, going back to B's point about signing in - it includes a very simple to use QR reader.
  10. 'Wycke Farm is the brand) and it’s about €20 / kilo.' As Jim and I know from childhood - it is Wyke Farm. One of the lovely sounding village names from the area which it is always a delight to hear since I moved away aged 16 - Wyke Champflower. Sorry - I say this not to be pedantic, but just for nostalgia sake. If you can afford it, far superior are the unpasteurised cheddars from Keanes at Wincanton, Jamie Montgomery at North Cadbury and Tom at the Westcombe dairy at Evercreech (each within 5 miles of the other). And probably available in France at Laurent Dubois' fromagerie sh
  11. When I was, what i considered myself to be, a major shipowner, I could achieve the same result by just winding up the elastic band a bit tighter. That wake through the soap suds! What joy! What memories! And heaven help any rubber duck that got in the way. But then, that was all pre-covid, in the days of plastic submarines and baking powder..
  12. Is this crew/passenger ratio not the reason that Barfleur passenger numbers have been capped for some years at well below the levels previously seen?
  13. Ken - re your booking for next March - we have a booking for Cherbourg - Portsmouth on December 28th, and have just received the email this morning concerning the change of ship. So you need to be patient for a while yet.
  14. Knowing that we were coming back to two weeks quarantine (which we observed pretty scrupulously), we went to Super U on the Friday armed with our 'one day a month, 20% off fruit and veg' voucher and stocked up for two weeks - and lots of other goodies too. So we left home at 3pm Saturday for the Connemara, and got beck home in England at before midnight. Everything was in perfect condition (even milk, etc) and saw us through the two weeks without needing to ask any favours of neighbours for emergency shopping. Sell by dates have always puzzled me. In England you go to Sainsbury or M
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