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  1. rogerpatenall

    Guess where!

    The Normandie? But they have horses in reception. But these are surely reindeer, n'est ce pas? Chris, I remember you well, and I remember meeting your wife chez Mark and Fiona B at Mont d'Epinguet, many moons ago. I saw Mark a few weeks ago - They don't change. . .
  2. rogerpatenall

    Guess where!

    Having checked into the hotel at Poole, 15 minutes before the message from BF saying the Barfleur is cancelled today (at 510pm yesterday), this is the festive alternative. . .Guess where I am. We did enjoy the excellent breakfast in the restaurant after the early drive from Poole.
  3. rogerpatenall

    French road blockades

    The La Manche Libre website has a fairly comprehensive daily listing covering Manche and Calvados. But that isn't giving much advance notice, of course.
  4. rogerpatenall

    BF Contact for a ship visit

    Yes, Neil. It is nice to welcome back BA14. A long time since we have had the benefit of his posts.
  5. rogerpatenall

    New Border control technology

    I travelled through St Pancras this weekend and the UK Border guys had new technology. It is like a mobile card reader. They just swiped the digits from the long number on the bottom of the passport page, and the approval was almost instantaneous. Unfortunately the French, just a few yards further on were still using the old scanners, so we had to wait for the bunching to clear. But potentially, this could make a big difference at Portsmouth. Does anyone have any knowledge of any changes in the pipeline? On the other hand, double the speed, and they will probably only man half the kiosks . . .
  6. rogerpatenall

    New Terminal for Santander

    Yes. Half the charm of sailing to or from Dieppe was lost when the ferries left the town centre.
  7. rogerpatenall

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Don't know enough to agree or not, Tony. Presumably she and her family are not particular ferry fans. If she is stranded with - let us say - three 'under fives', or however many fractious kids the family may consist of, then I think it is quite restrained. When my family was growing up they were remarkably tranquil, but with one being quite severely handicapped any sort of change to routine became a major headache, particularly if kept in the dark as to immediate plans. I won't judge.
  8. rogerpatenall

    New onboard entertainment for 2019

    Makes me nostalgic for the Stena Normandy. A great December Friday night when the cabaret was The Platters. I asked the Purser, standing beside me, if they were genuine and he said "I hope so. They are costing us a fortune". They put on a brilliant show. Dates me, I suppose.
  9. or joysticks (sometimes with a small dummy wheel)
  10. rogerpatenall

    Two Condors in Poole

    Super photos, Brigitte. Well done for them and well done for spotting and taking advantage of the rare opportunity.
  11. rogerpatenall

    The dangers of Airbnb.

    Only used Airbnb once, in Manchester. It was a self contained 1 bed flat (the owners had a flat 'nearby'). First impressions were not good, and late evening we were disturbed by the very noisy arrival of the bailiffs beating on the front door. Back to Premier Inn sharpish !
  12. rogerpatenall

    Routing to Spain

    Speaking "personally" I don't expect you do. But speaking "personally" for myself, and everyone else in London and the south east, we may disagree. My UK base is in SE London / North Kent, a mere 105 comfortable minutes from Portsmouth. 150 minutes to Poole, and, what ? 5 hours to Plymouth, and reading this site it seems that every driver has their own pet way of trying to avoid the traffic in Plymouth. Portsmouth? Straight off the motorway without needing to go near the city. Edit - Sorry Halfcrown. Didn't see your response. You make the point, only far more concisely than I !!
  13. rogerpatenall

    QM2 - Le Havre / New York crossing

    Well, MS, so how come you are not at the bar - everyone else is, it seems! Are you missing out? Enjoy yourself, anyway. The problem I have with these packages is that I have a wife who drinks almost exclusively champagne - which is not covered.
  14. rogerpatenall

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Yes. I have certainly seen her at both link spans. I seem to remember being told when I took the photo (2011 or 12, I can't be bothered to go back to check the exact date, unless it is of particular interest to anyone), that the old, inner, linkspan was going to be decomissioned shortly afterwards. Whether or not that actually happened, I don't know. I only use Ouistreham about half a dozen times in the year (usually in winter) and cannot recollect ever having seen any sort of craft moored there since.
  15. rogerpatenall

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    You have certainly put my filing system to the test. Best that I can find . . .