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  1. . Don't worry, Chris. You found the right challenge. Every time we get on board the Barfleur even now one or other of us says "Oh how we miss Les Dunes" Was it really 2011?
  2. Pathetic performance by the Patenalls. 90% on the wines & spirits, but that's about it (not vodka drinkers). Having travelled well over 100 times on Barfleur, I had no idea the self service even had a name. . . One query. Is there not a newish shipping forecast area called Fitzroy (previously Finisterre)? Or has that been dropped/ Thanks for your efforts Chris.
  3. Merci. M Le Quizmaster. Wendy and I are still deliberating. Hoping to do better than 10% by the morning. Thanks for your efforts, Chris.
  4. Whilst TWA pointed a finger at 9/11, they were also skewered by SouthWest developing the new East Terminal at St Louis into a significant hub around that time. The East terminal is vastly more user friendly than Lambert Main.
  5. When my Chartered Accountancy results came out, they were posted to my parents' house. I was in a flat in London, without 'phone. My girlfriend was in her flat, with 'phone (how times change!!). So my Mum opened the envelope and excitedly phones GF in spite of the early hour. "Roger's passed," she said. GF says that she is not sure she wants to know about Roger's past. But soon sorted out.
  6. My local port is Dielette. Oh well, never mind. Next challenge.
  7. A bunch us, mostly schools athletes, went to Russia in 1961. (stayed in Moscow at the Ostankino hotel - not recommended). We arrived at Leningrad by ship having called at Denmark, Sweden and Finland on the way, so we had a fair assortment of currencies - and lots of pounds and dollars. We faithfully filled in our currency declarations, and then of course, exchanged significant sums on the black market whilst there. Arriving back at Leningrad for the ship home we realised we had to get our currency declarations stamped by showing the currency. Anyway, by finding an out of the way table, we pooled all the currency that we had, then took it in turrns to take enough currency to the desk to get our forms stamped before taking the cash back to the pool. We all got out!
  8. If it had been a half, Jim, I would agree non -essential, but a pint . . . I Was in St Louis. Went to the airport early for a flight to a meeting in Kansas City, the plan being an evening flight from KC to Memphis (about 250 miles). By lunch time blizzards and snow drifts were piling up, so, aborting the post meeting lunch and later meeting, went to the airport. Both TWA and NorthWest said all flights today to Memphis now cancelled. Try Delta. At the Delta desk they said that, if I flew to Cincinnati I should get a late connection to Memphis. Got to Cincinnati - lots of head shaking, but, if I get to their hub at Atlanta, there may be a late flight to Memphis. Flew to Atlanta, and hallelujah, the midnight flight to Memphis was expected to go. Left for Memphis - then diverted to Nashville to pick up some aircrew, and arrived at Memphis at 2am. But the highlight was getting to the Peabody Hotel and finding at reception a note from my boss (who was upstairs) asking me to phone his room when I got in. So I did - at 3am. Delta declined to honour my request for 2,200 airmiles, but per mile my $56 airfare was a stonking deal.
  9. rogerpatenall

    BFE and BF

    I will never post anything anonymously on any site. Always full name. Anyway, being a big coward, I will usually give controversy a wide berth. wider even than a 4 berth commodore cabin with picture windows.
  10. Do they sometimes serve Gorey rather than St Helier? For tidal reasons they certainly used to do that. There are things to do in Gorey (the castle for instance) and a few nice restaurants, but the greater choice and the shopping is in St Helier which is a bus ride away and that eats into the time on a day trip. Perhaps this is no longer a route - but worth checking. I also second Colin's Chausey option - and an opportunity for a long, languid, liquid picnic. Last time we went to Chausey we ran aground on re entering Granville harbour. Fortunately the incoming tide sorted us out - eventually!
  11. More from Downing Street. The date of rescheduling is extended from 1 to 2 years.
  12. I am confused. I thought that all the vouchers were now for 2 years? And, I suspect that, when things settle down, and they have time to consider matters, they will be amenable to extending that first batch of 12 month vouchers if you really can't make a booking within the year. (Remember that booking can be for up to a further 5 or 6 months ahead - assuming they (and we) are still around.) EDIT - seems a bit of duplication here, sorry - you can ignore my comments. However, I definitely have vouchers for both 1 and 2 years.
  13. Once this has settled down, I am sure that BF will address the problem, and, no doubt, make an appropriate gesture. At the moment I expect that they have plenty of more pressing problems.
  14. That's right. My first voucher is valid for one year, but subsequent vouchers are valid for two years. I am happy with that - and this increase in validity suggests that, even in these difficult times, they are listening.
  15. Thanks for comments - it was indeed a very reasonable and pertinent question, and whilst there is sorrow, there is no deep grieving. So far as I am aware there are no family members showing symptoms - he lived alone (next door to Sara and his son), and fended for himself and I hadn't seen him since last Summer (in fact, it seemed to be only at family funerals that our paths crossed!). If I hear more of the chain of contamination I will come back on this.
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