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  1. rogerpatenall

    Ouistreham Disruption 11/12 March 2018

    MSM is in Cherbourg, and plenty of people were already queuing in their vehicles for the 11pm sailing, when we arrived at 530 (CET) for the Barfleur. A long night awaits.
  2. rogerpatenall

    Poole/Cherbourg 6/1/2018

    Didn't know where to make this little post, so forgive me, Imprimerie, if I piggy back on your post. Had a great moment on the Barfleur this morning when boredom led me to browsing through the 'I Spy on a Ferry' book in the shop. I was pleased to notice that spying the radar installation on the ship is worth 10 points, but that spotting a souvenir toy of the ferry company in the shop is worth 20 points. As someone who loves 'tat', that seems a most appropriate differential. Also a clear statement of the priorities of the ferry companies and has quite made my day. Little things . . ..
  3. rogerpatenall

    Club Voyage

    Priority loading and disembarking? Piece of cake on the NEx. (edit - just seen that the point has already been made - sorry)
  4. rogerpatenall

    Ferry Viewing Spots in Ouistreham

    This probably won't help you, Brigitte, but I always find it very dramatic watching an arrival from a mile or more west of the canal. The ship appears to just plough onto the beach - a bit like Alang, I suppose.
  5. rogerpatenall

    Favourite French films

    When I was at University (early sixties) we had a brand new 'Theatre, Maison de la Culture' in Caen and there were frequent top concerts. But the Jacques Brel evening stands out in my memory, in spite of the wealth of singing talent in France. Very privileged to have been there. As it happened, it was just a couple of days before Johnny H and Sylvie V were appearing at the Trianon theatre (a cinema with a stage). Probably explains why I was never a great fan of those two, still being on a high from JB.
  6. rogerpatenall

    Favourite French films

    Another vote from me for Les Vacences de M Hulot, but I don't disagree with any of the above (I don't know the first two in Gardian's post above - nor Betty Blue!). My wife votes for that Anglo American classic 'Chocolat', but I say it doesn't qualify in spite of its excellence and lovely French small town atmosphere.
  7. rogerpatenall

    SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Cherbourg - Poole is now arriving 45 minutes late at 2230. A bit choppy, needless to say.
  8. rogerpatenall

    Best (French) beef cut for Christmas roast?

    As a rule we do not transport food from one home to the other (apart from 'les restes/leftovers). However, raw horseradish from Waitrose is an exception.But, specialist Epiceries do tend to have it for sale in La Manche..
  9. rogerpatenall

    Complaint handling _BF

    Over the last 25 years I have always found BF to be very Fair on the rare occasions that I have contacted them. Just a couple of weeks ago I emailed following a minor hiccup when their bank charged the credit card fee on my debit card. Very minor and not their fault, I guess, but I had a few moments so pointed this out. Within a couple of hours I had a comprehensive note ("aware of problems with this bank"), a refund (for all of £3!) and complimentary seats in the lounge on the Barfleur there and back. Much appreciated, not just the gesture, but that they took what was a very minor comment about one of their suppliers that seriously.
  10. rogerpatenall


    Get thee behind me, Satan!
  11. We finally got round to giving the new lounge on Barfleur a try last night. I have to say it is a pleasant, colourful space with plenty of room for the number of seats there. I didn't count but would say that there are about 20 seats. Far superior to the offering on Normandie Express. The seats are very comfortable, there is a Nespresso coffee machine, which I find as dire as all the other coffee offerings on BF ships. A few copies of the Daily Telegraph, which maybe says something about how the French regard their British premium lounge clientele. No desks or anywhere to work so it is back to the self service for that, but the seats are fitted with USB charging points.There were also a few excellent books which may well have come from a jumble sale in the 1950's, but nevertheless some fascinating historical documents. A 'welcome' glass of Prosecco or Cremant would have been a nice touch (a la P&O and DFDS), but overall an excellent space. Will I use it again? Probably not. At £72 return for the two of us, it can be a nice touch when taking a once a year trip, but on a regular basis it is too much of an on-cost. Could the space be improved? Well. a nice waiter service Restaurant would be really welcome or has someone already thought of that? . . .
  12. rogerpatenall

    MSM Tuesday 24 October

    I agree with the comments regarding bizarre traffic flow measures at Portsmouth. No where else seems to get in such a mess. Back in the 80s/90s that you refer to, Gareth, I was using Southampton mostly, and passport checks were usually done during the crossing which would solve the queue back that seems to be an ever present at Portsmouth. Around the channel ports there are probably quite a few retired professional Brits who, with training, could work a few hours for the Border Agency, carrying out checks as at Dunkerque & Calais - similar to those who wok part time for the Maritime coast guard agency around Britain.
  13. rogerpatenall

    Apple card reader

    Yes. I have an Apple one that is simple to use, and does what it says on the tin. I assume that you will need to buy a 'carrier' if trying to use a small Sony card as there is just one standard size slot on mine (bought 5 years ago and rarely used these days).
  14. rogerpatenall

    Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    It could work well on the Express, as well.
  15. rogerpatenall

    Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    I agree with the 'we are all going to get on anyway' brigade, and you win some you lose some. I realised that all the BF talk about it being a highly planned exercise is probably wishful thinking. At Portsmouth, when it is busy, they often call on a lane, and, because it is busy, the marshals send the new arrivals onto the end of that lane as it goes down, and they sail straight on the boat. But they don't get to France any sooner, and may well be on an upper or less accessible area that is slow to disembark. Swings and roundabouts.