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  1. Nor have I, and I made our Christmas booking yesterday . . . Although, in fairness, a fully flex booking to Cherbourg on December 12th was only £68, so not too hard a pill to swallow - it may even incorporate the higher rate of discount. It is difficult to spot on the new website.
  2. 9 months? - More like years and years ago.
  3. I thought to myself - there seems to be an echo on my computer this morning, Brigitte!
  4. Well, No. It isn't right and it isn't what BF intend. It is purely a glitch in the new system, which they are aware of, and look to rectify asap But they will make any booking beyond the expiry date over the phone and, hopefully, as in my case, waive the booking fee, unasked. The kindly agent also said that the phone traffic had lessened over the last few days and there had been times in the afternoon when there was no queue of incoming calls.
  5. Going back to the problem I wrote about which is now resolved. I spoke with an, as ever, helpful agent who confirmed that the new website is not accepting bookings for a date later than the expiry of the cv membership. But the booking is made and the fee is waived and the commodore suite was still available. I asked if I should renew the cv membership now and she advised against saying that further extensions to the expiry were unlikely, and they had heard nothing to suggest any in the pipeline, but, just in case, it makes sense to leave renewal as late as possible. Wise words, gratefully received.
  6. Still beset with problems - and can't get through to them. I make a booking, and, before paying, I get a message 'please review all mandatory fields'. Every field is completed, mandatory or not. Am I missing something obvious? Any experts out there to help me? The only thing that appears slightly odd is that the boxes with my name are shaded, with the name quite faint - but I can't overwrite them.
  7. Again - the key just below and to the right . . .🤣
  8. Tried again this morning Just the same problem. I could not scroll down the box of choices of crossing. So I spoke with a kind Lady at BF who said I should use a different browser. Perhaps not a problem unique to me. So I tried on the iPhone (still using Safari) and it worked just as you guys said it should. Technology and I are not happy bedfellows. My two most used phrases on the phone are, first, "Hello" and second "Help me, please. I seem to be out of my depth with your web-site".
  9. I agree, David, with the 'two singles' approach. However, I do not see on the current site any method of making a single journey from France to England. Maybe, if you log in not using a cv number it might be possible ( I haven't tried it), but then you would lose your cv benefit. Have you cracked that one?
  10. Glad you had a good time, VOB. Our washing machine died on day 3. Of course, not only was the washing machine centre in Bricquebec just starting his Conge, but so were most other local tradespeople. However, we struck lucky with a local guy, and within 5 days were €600 lighter, but with a sparkling new machine. (the replacement part for the 10 year old would have been €350 plus labour). We were charged €25 and 1 cent for our tests at the chemist. I still haven't worked out what the extra cent was for.
  11. We are satisfied with the Express Medical experience - we've just completed them which is a bit of a tiresome process. Cost of £28pp. Only negative point is that our local 'village' chemist is now offering them cheaper still, so, next time . . .
  12. Yes. I have booked Expert Medicals for our day 2 tests next week. Found the web site very easy to use. Their map seems to indicate that you can use virtually any Royal Mail postbox for the return, and the price is now down to £28 each. Still a nuisance, but not the daunting hassle that I had feared. And the pre departure tests are booked at the Pharmacie a two minute stroll through the Chateau. Again, far simpler than I had feared - if it all goes to plan, of course.
  13. Yes David, Before I saw your post I posted on another thread, that the UK app was working fine in France today.
  14. Not sure about all this 'scanning' and copying onto the French app that some say is required. We re-downloaded ( or up-dated) our covid certificates on the NHS app this morning and were automatically offered a travel version. This travel version worked fine in the PMU in Bricquebec and this afternoon in St Vaast. All so simple.
  15. on three occasions when I have been on the bridge exiting Cherbourg with experienced Captains / First Officers they have explained that pilots have joined us so they ( the pilots ) can either be trained or refresh their knowledge of the various craft that use the harbour. And also, it seems, renew old friendships.
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